By the Numbers – Muslim Extremism is a Bigger Problem than You Realize

Raheel Raza is a practicing Sunni Muslim who is also the president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, a group fighting against Islamic radicalism, explains for the Clarion Project why Islamic extremism is a bigger problem than our government and media are letting on.

In a stunning and very interesting video Raza tells Americans that we must put political correctness aside and speak openly and honestly about the dangers of Islam. Raza uses FACTS, data and evidence to prove that Islamic radicalism is a much bigger problem than our government, the media and others want to admit.

By the Numbers is an honest and open discussion about Muslim opinions and demographics. Narrated by Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, this short film is about the acceptance that radical Islam is a bigger problem than most politically correct governments and individuals are ready to admit. Is ISIS, the Islamic State, trying to penetrate the U.S. with the refugee influx? Are Muslims radicalized on U.S. soil? Are organizations such as CAIR, who purport to represent American Muslims accepting and liberal or radicalized with links to terror organizations?

We have to get this video out far and wide because it entirely debunks the liberal narrative on worldwide Islam and terrorism.

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