British Courts Giving Help and Comfort to the Enemy

It was only a matter of time before the way we are expected to treat those who have differing views than us, would trickle into the way we are expected to treat our enemies. This week the British paper the Sunday Telegraph reported that the British government has instructed its soldiers and military intelligence that they are not allowed to yell in the ear of terror suspects and that they are not to touch them during interrogations.
Not only that, they are not allowed to slam their fists into tables or wall while in the interrogation room. And one court ruled that these 2012 guidelines were broken in video tapes they viewed. They said the lunging toward the suspect by an interrogator was physical intimidating
Though this is some really crazy stuff, I have to ask. How are these men even allowed to take these soldiers and military intelligence agents to court in the first place? It seems that we can do anything we want as long as we do not restrain evil. We are really going to allow terror suspects to bring these men to court?
Chopping of heads, blowing up coffee house, shooting up school kids, but do not yell at those who possibly perpetrate such things. Kill all you want, just do not hurt anyone’s feelings. Do anything but make them feel bad for their errant and murderous religious beliefs.
Well, it seems Americans are not the only ones who have wacko liberals running things. There seems to be a warp in which we have stepped through, and we came out in the twilight zone. How can we make any progress at stopping these people if we spend all our energy and resources making sure that we do not hurt their feelings?
Unfortunately, it is becoming obvious that our troops are not expected to stop them. Because, just as it is for our police, if you do your job effectively, you find yourself on trial. On trial in the media if not in a real court room.
How long will we and the British people allow our boys and girls go out to fight these people and bleed and die? How long will we allow these bleeding hearts to make it impossible for them to protect themselves and each other? When will we call this what it is, help and comfort to our enemies.
Before we hear the cries about these people having rights, we must remember something. The Geneva Convention allows no rights to soldiers out of uniform. If you fight in street clothes or commit acts of espionage, you have no rights. Terrorists captured outside of the U.S., or Britain should not afforded any rights whatsoever, much less the rights of our law system.
This is why we will never beat this enemy if we do not allow our soldiers to do their jobs without the fear of prosecution. Hopefully, we will see these terrorists refused the courts that we enjoy, and those seeking to help them to get in the courts marked as potential traders to our country.
Remember, this kind of blind commitment to so called rights of terrorist is what has freed those most responsible for the resurgence of ISIS. More of the Same is definitely not what we need.