A Birthday Wish to Jesus Emboldens Utica and Should Encourage Us All

There seems to be a lot of attention now going to a firehouse in Utica NY because a sign displayed in front of their building. It is not anything fancy; it is a simple hand written sign. This sign has a special message that has evoked many emotions from those who like it and those who do not.
The sign simply reads, “Happy Birthday Jesus, We Love You.” As you might imagine, this has a few people in a mighty big tizzy. They say that the sign is inappropriate for public display at a government building. They say that such sectarian sayings make certain people in the community feel as though they are somehow excluded from that community.
This kind of thinking is simply silly. We are told that such things can make people feel uncomfortable. This just shows how immature and childish our society has gotten. “Take the sign down, I don’t want to be reminded that its Jesus’ birthday.”
Luckily, we have men in our country that are not so easily intimidated by letters, phone calls and threats; men such as Fire Chief Russell Brooks. He has stated that the sign is within their Constitutional rights and that it is not coming down until the first of the year.
Chief Brooks said that there were many in the community who came out just to see the sign. He says that there has been great support from the community, and it seems to make the people around the firehouse happy.
These people are sending letters and baked goods to thank and encourage the firemen and women who made and displayed the sign. These brave people put their lives on the line for the safety of their community. They should have the right to celebrate the birth of Christ with this sign.
Uticaod.com quotes Brooks as saying: “It’s Christmas, and it’s a national holiday and it’s the birth of Christ,” Brooks said. “Ninety-nine percent of the people don’t have an issue with it, but there’s a (smaller percentage) who object to it.”
This raises a good point. Why do so many of us get so scared when people such as groups like freedom from religion threaten and make so much noise? They are and have always been in the minority. They cannot hope to out number, outwork, or outlast those of us who truly believe in our rights as listed in the constitution.
There are two other things that needs to be listed if we are to survive the attacks of the anti-religious. First, we must remember that those rights, listed in the constitution are ours as a birthright from our creator.
These rights were not created or bestowed on us by our government. This means that we should never give these rights away because they sue us or even if they imprison and kill us. These people will be silent when and only when we stand upon truth and stand up with and for each other.
Second, we have to remember that the battle is the Lord’s. Proverbs 21:31 reads, The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But victory belongs to the Lord. We cannot loose or suffer more than He allows. So Christians we must hear what God said to Joshua, Be strong and courageous.
Brooks told Fox news that the men and women of the firehouse risked their lives on a daily basis doing their job; this threatening did not sacre them. Oh that we all would be so brave. Maybe, when things get bad enough, God will make us so.