Bill Maher is Absolutely Right on Muslim Refugees Invading Europe

Liberal comedian Bill Maher is taking on Islam again, and again, he is right. I don’t often agree with Maher, but when it comes to Islam and political correctness, he’s usually right.

Bill Maher: “I so understand why moderate Muslims are fleeing their homelands, but the answer can’t really be that we empty out the Middle East of all the moderates and leave it to ISIS and the extremists. If they just come to moderate, tolerant Europe to someday make it less moderate and tolerant that isn’t the answer, right?


Salman Rushdie: I do. It is very weird that the countries where they share the language and the culture are the ones who is not letting them in. That is to say the Gulf States.

Michael Moynihan: They’ve taken zero…

Bill Maher: And it’s not just Saudi Arabia, it’s all the Gulf states — Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait — none, they will not let a single one in. And of course these are Arabic-speaking people who you think would fit in a little better there than say in Dusseldorf…

Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s a lot of young Muslim men in European cities who even though they are newcomers to the land, really are not humble about adopting to the ways of the Western world. They are, again, the newcomers and yet they bridle at the fact that women walk down the street with a miniskirt and sleeveless dresses on. Free speech we see is not something they always agree with. And often their attitude is, ‘We’re biding our time until you will do things our way.’

Can anyone really deny that element is there?

I would be more sympathetic if there was a better track record in the Muslim world of moderates standing up to extremists. I’ve mentioned on this show before — ISIS is about 30,000 guys, the countries surrounding ISIS who say they hate them have an army, if they put it together, of about 5 million. If 5 million can’t stand up to 30,000, I’m a little wary about this.

It seems like all the energy goes toward religion. Saudi Arabia, as you mentioned, not taking in anybody, but they want to build, they’re going to pay to build 200 new mosques in Germany. See, all the energy goes to the afterlife. And that’s not how Europe rolls, they’re atheists.”