Baboon Bone Throws More Doubt on Lucy, and Point to Presuppositions as Source of Evolution

It is very hard to deal with an irrational person. No matter what you say, or what evidence you provide, they will not hear what you have to say. They almost seem to be talking past you. Constantly going back to talking points rather than the evidence or reason. If you have ever dealt with an evolutionist, this might be how you felt. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the recent discovery concerning the missing link?

Christian News reports      

A team of scientists has announced that the famous “Lucy” skeleton, a specimen long heralded as proof of man’s evolutionary descent, likely includes at least one bone from a baboon.

Now, this is not that big of a deal for those of us who believe that the Bible is the word of God. We know that this kind of discovery will change few minds. In fact, the more that science proves that evolution is impossible, the crazier the evolutionary theories become. Yet, it does help us to understand why this is true. How can this discovery do this, well let’s see.

Christian News continues

Last week, scientists announced that the famous skeleton includes at least one bone that likely came from a baboon. According to New Scientist, Gary Sawyer and Mike Smith at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, along with New York University’s Scott Williams, came to this conclusion after they analyzed the Lucy specimen and “noticed something odd.”

Now, for starters, the scientific community has had access to these bones since 1974. For at least forty years, these experts have had access to study these remains. Now, I know that it is possible for anyone to make a mistake. How likely would you say it was that these scientists, over all these year failed to recognize this out of place bone? And this is the rub here.

What many have said for years is true. The problem with the evolutionist is that he is starting with his conclusion and working backwards. He has established in his own mind that evolution is, in fact, the origin of life on earth. He then sets out to prove that this conclusion is correct. This causes evidence blinders. No matter what he finds or what others discover, he can twist that finding to fit what he has already determined was true.

We as Christians must also confess we do something very similar. We begin with an assumption as well. We start with the assumption that there is a God and that He has brought about man. That God has done this just as He has told us in His word. Now, the difference is that we are not seeking this assumption from within ourselves. This is not something that we have discovered through our own intellect or abilities. Rather, this knowledge comes completely apart from those natural capacities.

And though this knowledge cannot be understood or accepted apart from the saving grace of God, it is not an unreasoned hoping. It is a thoughtful and evidential faith. There is truly reasons for us to believe.   We see these reasons all around us, as God is the only thing that can make our universe make sense.

For the scientist, there is simply too much that he cannot explain for him to believe that his worldview works. Where does personality come from? What exactly is life? How is it that man can communicate with one another? Why do dogs not talk as well as humans? What determines how, when, and who evolves; and does it happen in the womb or the DNA reproduction? Not to mention ethics.

Though it is fun to watch the scientific community run around seeking to explain away the importance of this find, it is neither helpful nor needed. The world we live in proves that there is a God and that He created and saved us. Who cares what bone goes where?