Planned Parenthood Sues CMP Over Undercover Videos

Planned Parenthood filed a federal lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress Thursday over its release of undercover videos that exposed the non-profit’s dealings in fetal tissue parts. The series of videos “did their intended damage,” reads the formal complaint, which alleges CMP and it’s project lead David Daleiden violated federal law and laws in three states, including secret taping and trespassing in the course of its years-long investigation. (RELATED: The 7 Most Outrageous Read more […]

Obama To Drop Gun Control Executive Order THIS WEEK

President Barack Obama is expected to unilaterally implement new gun control measures this week after months of deliberation over the legal and political implications of the move. The proposed executive order would reportedly require anyone who sells more than 50 guns a year to obtain a federal license and conduct background checks on potential buyers. Obama’s aides came up with the idea after Congress rejected legislation to similarly expand background checks to private sellers in 2013. Obama Read more […]

State Department Boasts Of ‘Bringing Peace’ To Syria In 2015

The Department of State boasted of “bringing peace” to Syria in 2015 in a blog post inspired by a hashtag Thursday, although the country is still being torn apart by Islamic State and a devastating civil war. Inspired by the hashtag “2015in5Words” and an email from Secretary of State John Kerry charting out the year ahead, State Department spokesman John Kirby compiled a list of “pivotal foreign policy events” for the department in 2015 that includes: “Bringing peace, security to Read more […]

GOP Will Fund Obama’s Refugee Plan In $1 Trillion Omnibus

The catch-all spending bill Congress is set to pass this week will provide President Barack Obama with the funds he needs to admit an extra 45,000 refugees in the next two years, including a minimum of 10,000 from Syria. Congressional leaders did not use the Obama administration’s annual request for funds as leverage to force him to address concerns with the resettlement program, and they did not negotiate the addition of a measure backed by conservative lawmakers that would require the Read more […]

Loretta Lynch Admits: I Haven’t Reviewed The Planned Parenthood Videos

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Tuesday she has not personally reviewed the undercover Planned Parenthood videos on which felony allegations against the non-profit turn. Lynch testified at a House oversight hearing Tuesday she is aware of news reports about the videos released by The Center for Medical Progress and that the Justice Department has received numerous requests and referrals from Congress on the matter, but she has not reviewed the videos. “Have you personally reviewed Read more […]

Obama Admin Sued For Citizenship-Push Records

Judicial Watch is suing the Obama administration for records related to a current U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services push to get as many immigrants as possible to apply for citizenship. USCIS acknowledged it received a Freedom of Information Act request from Judicial Watch in May for the records, but did not produce the records or intent to withhold the records in a timely manner, so Judicial Watch has filed suit. The FOIA requested records related to a letter USCIS sent to green card Read more […]

‘Distraught’ Bush Donor: Rubio Is A ‘F**king Jedi Master’

A Jeb Bush Donor upset about his failed attack on Sen. Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential primary debate Wednesday called Rubio a “Jedi Master,” who the Bush campaign should have known not to mess with. “Marco is a [expletive] Jedi Master,” the reportedly “distraught” Florida donor told Politico. “Hopefully these idiots learn not to [expletive] with him anymore. Not necessary.” Added another Florida Bush donor: “[Bush] got crushed.” Bush tried and basically Read more […]

Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood

Texas stripped Planned Parenthood of Medicaid funding Monday, citing undercover videos released by The Center for Medical Progress as evidence of “serious” Medicaid violations. Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas are “no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal, and ethical manner,” Texas Health and Human Services said in a letter to the non-profit’s affiliates in the state obtained by the Associated Press. Those affiliates are potentially Read more […]

Police Allegedly Find Aborted Fetuses In Abortionist’s Car

Police found 14 containers of human tissue that appears to be the remains of aborted fetuses in the trunk of a Detroit abortionist’s car. The evidence suggests the doctor may have performed illegal abortions, reported local ABC News affiliate 7 Action News. Police are investigating the man, identified as practicing OB/GYN Michael Arthur Roth, but have not pressed charges. The New York Times quoted Roth in a 1988 story about the ethics of abortions based solely on the sex of a fetus. “I Read more […]

Hillary Logic: Defunding Planned Parenthood Is BIG Government

Hillary Clinton called Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood an example of “big government” in the Democratic presidential debate Tuesday, in an effort to portray them as hypocritical. “They don’t mind having big government to interfere with a woman’s right to choose and to try to take down Planned Parenthood,” Clinton said, when asked to defend the cost of her proposal for mandatory paid family leave. “They’re fine with big government when it comes to that. I’m sick Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Abruptly Ends Compensation For Fetal Harvesting

Planned Parenthood clinics will no longer accept payment for their work harvesting and distributing aborted fetuses, the non-profit said Tuesday. Clinics will continue filling the demand for fetuses, but will “immediately” stop accepting money for the service, the group’s president, Cecile Richards, wrote in a letter to the National Institutes of Health, reported The Wall Street Journal. Planned Parenthood is battling for continued funds from the federal government, after the Center Read more […]

Guard Guns Down Knife-Wielding Psycho On Streets Of Jerusalem

An armed security guard gunned down a knife-wielding terrorist Tuesday on the streets of Jerusalem, after the man crashed the car he was driving into a bus stop and began hacking people on the street. Alaa Abu Jama hit three pedestrians when he drove his company car into the bus stop, killing one 60-year-old Rabbi, then got out of the car and started stabbing them, reported ynet news. A nearby security guard ran onto the scene and began shooting the terrorist, who is an Israeli citizen. The Read more […]

Obama ‘Seriously Considering’ Executive Action On Gun Control

President Barack Obama is thinking about implementing a new gun control measure by executive order and without the support of Congress. The proposed rule change would require anyone who sells more than 50 guns a year to obtain a federal license and conduct background checks on potential buyers, reports The Washington Post. Obama opted against changing the rule by executive order in the past, apparently for legal reasons and because it’s unpopular. His staff came up with the background Read more […]

Kim Davis Tried To Exempt Herself From ALL Marriage Licenses Before Supreme Court Ruling

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis worked for the option to refuse all couples marriage licenses ahead of the Supreme Court ruling on redefining marriage this summer so she wouldn’t be accused of discrimination. Davis wrote to Kentucky legislators five months before the ruling asking them to support a bill that would allow county clerks to exempt themselves from issuing marriage licenses altogether, “as not to discriminate anyone.” The letter was obtained by Vice in a public records request. Kentucky Read more […]