Rep. Steve Scalise: ‘Every Single Day’ at Least 10 Known Terrorists Are Captured Trying to Cross Our Border

This is what the Democrat party of treason wants for our families, our children, this country.


During an interview with “Life, Liberty and Levin” host Mark Levin, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) discussed the importance of securing the United States borders.

Scalise noted the large number of criminals in the migrant caravans that are attempting to come into the country, applauding President Donald Trump’s efforts to strengthen border security.

“It’s incredibly important that we secure our border, ” Scalise told Fox News Channel’s Levin. “I applaud President Trump for being willing to do it.”

He continued, “[E]very single day in this country, at least ten known terrorists are captured trying to cross into America through our border. Why are we trying to secure the border? To keep America safe.”

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Hamas-CAIR Opposes Nomination of Heather Nauert to be UN Ambassador: “Unqualified & Islamophobic”

Heather Nauert… If CAIR opposes her, she must be spectacular. The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is routinely presented in the mainstream media as a civil rights organization. Its consistent pattern of encouraging Muslims not to cooperate with law enforcement is never mentioned. Reporters citing CAIR as a source or authority almost always fail to mention that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. During that case, a captured internal document of the Muslim Brotherhood was released, naming CAIR’s parent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine, as one of its allied groups, and explaining that the mission of Brotherhood groups in the U.S. was “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

“CAIR Opposes Nomination of U.N. Ambassador Nominee Heather Nauert”, PR Newswire, December 7, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the Trump administration to withdraw its nomination of Heather Nauert for the position of U.N. ambassador, saying she is “Unqualified and Islamophobic.”

Early next year, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold a nomination hearing for Nauert. CAIR is urging the Senate and members of the Foreign Relations Committee to oppose and vote “NO” on Nauert’s nomination for the position of U.N. ambassador.

CAIR said Nauert promoted Islamophobic smears while employed as a Fox News anchor.

In 2013, she criticized special swim classes for a group of Somali-American girls, describing the classes as the “minority becoming the majority at one community pool. Sharia law is now changing everything.”

In a 2009 Fox special on “stealth jihad,” she interviewed Islamophobic panelists, including notorious Islamophobes like Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney and Nonie Darwish, who claims that “Islam should be feared, and should be fought, and should be conquered, and defeated, and annihilated.” Nauert has also defended Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Nauert previously bashed refugee students in Pennsylvania for wanting “an even better” public education and falsely claimed that child migrants from Central America were “an illegal health risk.”

Other than her current position as State Department spokesperson, Nauert has no apparent diplomatic or government experience or expertise.

“Heather Nauert does not represent our nation’s diversity or its commitment to treating all Americans with equality and respect,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

“Such an important post should not be occupied by someone who is clearly unqualified and Islamophobic,” said CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw. “There are many other individuals who do have the knowledge and background necessary for this post. Ms. Nauert’s nomination should be withdrawn.”….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

“Hate Crime” Hoax: Drake University Student Kissie Ram Admits to Sending Racist Notes to Herself & Others

The left has constructed an elaborate myth of rising “white supremacy,” and just as Muslims do in order to buttress their claims of widespread “islamophobia,” has resorted to fabricating “hate crimes” to compensate for the fact that there very few, if any, real ones. Kissie Ram is by no means the first leftist to fabricate “racist hate crimes,” and she likely won’t be the last, because there is hardly any downside. She had the whole Drake University campus on her side when she faked the hate crimes.

She had international media attention.

Her fakery will be noted only here and in a few other places, and quickly forgotten, as the left continues to insist that racism is on the rise.

“Hate Crime Hoax: Drake University Student Admits to Sending Racist Notes to Herself, Others,” by Alana Mastrangelo, Breitbart, December 6, 2018 (thanks to Todd):

A Drake University student is facing charges and possible expulsion after it was discovered she sent racist notes to herself and others, in what turned out to be an elaborate hate crime hoax.

The student, identified as Kissie Ram by the Des Moines police, has been charged with making false police reports regarding the racist notes found by students on campus in November, according to the Des Moines Register.

Student Keith Walker found the first racist note on November 7, which had been slid under his dorm-room door, demanding that the student leave the school due to the color of his skin.

In the following weeks, four additional racist notes had surfaced around campus, accelerating a widespread concern among students and staff across the university. On November 12, the university announced that white supremacist robocalls had been made throughout the campus community.

“We still have a lot of work to do to create the welcoming and supportive community” stated the university president, Marty Martin, in a memo, “The forces of hate are mobilized, but they don’t control us or what happens on our campus.”

The following day, thousands of concerned Drake University students, staff, and alumni rallied against racism on campus.

One day after the rally, more racist notes were discovered on campus.

“Two more racist notes have been slipped under students’ doors,” announced the university, “The person behind these acts continues to show us the corruptness of his or her soul. The individual’s goal is to sow fear and anguish, and to then sit back and watch us flight among ourselves over what he or she has done.”

On November 16, the university held a “Paint it Black” event on campus, in response to the white supremacist robocalls made earlier that week.

The purpose of the event was to “demonstrate shared commitment to Drake University’s students of color,” according to the event description on Facebook.

“The campus community will join together to paint the Painted Street black, a powerful statement of solidarity and anti-racism.”

“This historic action is to demonstrate a shared commitment to Drake University’s students of color in a powerful statement of solidarity. Together, campus united to fight racism and say, ‘You will not win,’” tweeted the university.

Then, on November 30, the university announced that a student, later announced as Kissie Ram, had been identified and confirmed to be the sender of the racist notes, one of which was sent to herself.

The university added that the additional notes were likely “copycat hoaxes” of the first racist note that was found on November 7, and that an investigation into who sent the first note was still being conducted….

Drake University student body president, Jose Garcia-Fuerte added that concerns for safety should not be dismissed, despite most of the notes having been discovered were hoaxes.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller 

US Muslima Stole $85,000 in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies to Support Islamic State

Even people who are relatively informed these days are generally unaware of how much jihad activity there is on an ongoing basis in the United States. The jihad groups have changed their strategy away from spectacular attacks such as 9/11, at least for now, and ISIS has largely been defeated in Iraq and Syria, but as this story shows, it still has support among some American Muslims.

Nonetheless, the enemedia says nothing.

They seem determined to keep people ignorant and complacent regarding the jihad threat. And so this is yet another story that will be largely ignored.

“US Woman Stole $85K in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Used to Support ISIS,” by Tammy Waitt, American Security Today, November 26, 2018:

Zoobia Shahnaz, 27, of Brentwood, New York, pleaded guilty on Monday committing bank fraud and laundering over $85,000 in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to support the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)….

Shahnaz fraudulently applied for and used over a dozen credit cards, which she used to purchase approximately in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online….

Specifically, Shahnaz obtained a loan for approximately $22,500 by way of materially false pretenses, representations and promises.

She also fraudulently applied for and used over a dozen credit cards, which she used to purchase approximately $62,000 in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online.

She then engaged in a pattern of financial activity, designed to avoid transaction reporting requirements, conceal the identity, source and destination of the illicitly obtained monies, and, ultimately, benefit ISIS – by culminating in several wire transactions totaling over $150,000 to individuals and shell entities in Pakistan, China and Turkey that were fronts for ISIS.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

More Fake Hate In Georgia? Muslim Family Claims Driver Made Obscene Gestures, Swerved Into Their Lane Because They Were Muslim

As you can see, the video shows nothing. This is an absurd story. There are bad drivers everywhere. There are angry drivers everywhere. Every day cars swerve into lanes and drivers flip each other off. Only when it involves Muslims does it become a hate crime.

There is nothing to this story, but nonetheless it gets major coverage here as a hate crime.

And note that terror-linked CAIR is using this trumped-up incident to try to compel Georgia to institute hate (sharia) laws.

Hamas-CAIR needs anti-Muslim hate crimes to buttress its claim that Muslims are victims in the US and thus deserve special privileges and accommodation.

But since real ones are so few, they have to make a great outcry over nothing incidents such as this one.

“Family says driver made obscene gestures, swerved into lane because of their religion,” by Alyssa Hyman, WSB-TV, December 3, 2018:

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. – DeKalb County detectives are investigating after a local family says a driver targeted them because of their religion.

The family captured part of the I-85 incident on cellphone video, They told Channel 2’s Alyssa Hyman the two men were swerving into their lane and making obscene gestures only after making eye contact with the mom who was wearing a hijab.

We’ve blurred the men’s faces because they are not yet charged with a crime.

“What they’re doing is just harassment. It’s profanity,” one of the family members told Hyman. They are so afraid, they have asked to remain anonymous.

The Council on American Islamic Relations helped the family file a police report this week.

“First of all we believe that this crime, incident, was absolutely sparked by anti-Muslim bias,” said Murtaza Khwaja.

Khwaja is an attorney for the Council on American Islamic Relations (also known as CAIR).

“This isn’t a typical road rage response. It’s usually there’s a triggering factor or triggering event. That wasn’t the case here. There was just eye contact between a woman who was wearing a hijab and the two men on the left,” he said.

Khwaja said he believe at the very least the men should face aggressive driving charges or even possibly disorderly conduct. He believes in some states, it could be considered a hate crime, but not in Georgia because the law doesn’t exist.

“This is where our state legislature really needs to look at putting forth a really comprehensive hate crimes bill that doesn’t disproportionately affect minorities or vulnerable communities as it has in other states,” he said….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Propaganda: Australia’s Current Affair Runs Islamic Dawah – Claims Australians Converting To Islam In Record Numbers

Facebook features this video from Australia’s Current Affair on Australians converting to Islam. Meanwhile, my posts and many, many other posts and pages from conservatives have been taken down from Facebook.

Facebook is happy to feature this whitewashed and misleading dawah, but ruthlessly suppresses the truth about Islam.

It also must be asked why Current Affair chose to produce and broadcast this hagiographical disinformation about Islam.

Have they ever broadcast a puff piece this cloying about converts to Christianity or any other religion?

Why does the media continue endlessly to proselytize and cover for Islam?

Why Australians Reverting to #Islam?

Have ever thought, why Islam is in rising and the fastest growing religion in the world?

Posted by Ask A Muslim on Monday, February 5, 2018

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Black Muslim Memphis City Code Enforcement Supervisor Rants Against “White Peckerwood Crackers” & “Those Wicked Jews”

Note that Anthony Muhammad is employed by the city of Memphis. Imagine if he had said about Muslims what he has said about white people and Jews. Hamas-CAIR would be mounting a campaign to get him fired, the local newspapers would be attacking him, and he would very likely lose his job.

But most likely no one will care about this.

Jew-hatred is being normed in American society today so quickly, thanks to the left, that this hateful racist is more likely to get a medal of commendation than he is to get fired from his job.

I received this email from a concerned reader:

Mr. Anthony Muhammad is a City of Memphis Official who works as a Supervisor in the Public Works Department in Code Enforcement. He has made or been in a few posts online that are racist, homophobic, and anti-semitic. The City is well aware of his posts online as well. On his personal Facebook page,, he made a post on August 20, 2015 saying “white people can’t count,” and on December 22, 2017 he shared a post from Louis Farrakhan with a video entitled “should we love white people?” He is the head minister or student minister for the Nation of Islam sect in Memphis, Tennessee, and he has some videos with some racially charged language in his sermons, including: S.O.S Synagogue of Satan 4 of 4 – He talks about preparing for a fight smiling and laughing about going on Facebook, and referring to people as “Wicked Peckerwood Crackers” about 2 minutes and 20 seconds into that video.

S.O.S. Synagogue of Satan: 4 of 4

Student Minister Anthony MuhammadS.O.S. Synagogue of Satan: 4 of 4Speaks on: DECEPTION & THE CHALLENGE

Posted by Muhammad Mosque #55 Memphis TN on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 Up With Jesus Vol-1: 2 of 3 – Anthony Muhammad makes reference to us as “Those Wicked Jews” about 3 minutes and 48 seconds into the video.

Up With Jesus Vol-1: 2 of 3

Student Minister Anthony MuhammadSpeaks on: UP WITH JESUS; DOWN WITH SANTA 2 of 3Why Random Acts of Kindness?Who is NIMROD?

Posted by Muhammad Mosque #55 Memphis TN on Thursday, November 29, 2018

There are more questionable and racially charged videos, like one where he invited Mr. Nuri Muhammad from Indianapolis, I think, and he says some eye-raising things and racist metaphors, comparing colored humans to ants and white people to termites. Along with other things, and you can see Anthony Muhammad laughing and smiling.

A few YouTube videos of him are as follows: :  This video is titled Anthony Muhammad Exposed Jewish Lies and the Synagogue of Satan, and even has the subtitle White Jews are not Semitic and he distorts and mocks our holy books.  : In the time frame from 5 minutes and 50 seconds until 8 minutes and 13 seconds its nothing but n-words, and profanity, with homophobic slurs towards the end. He even mocks African Americans who sing the National Anthem.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

DHS: Feds Catch Convicted Murderer In Migrant Caravan – 600 Criminals Identified In Caravan

Immigrant-rights agitators dissemble and deceive about “caravan” invaders, calling them asylum-seeking families fleeing violence back home, but the Trump administration has said those cases are a small minority within the 8,000 to 10,000 migrants. And the majority are men, young fit, and military age.


By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times, November 30, 2018

Homeland Security said Friday that a convicted murderer was among the members of the migrant caravan, and was caught trying to sneak into the U.S. late last week.

Until four months ago Miguel Angel Ramirez, 46, was in a Honduran prison serving time for murder, authorities said. On Saturday he was nabbed near the San Ysidro border crossing along with two other Honduran illegal immigrants, having just crossed without permission.

Mr. Ramirez told agents he’d traveled with the migrant caravan that has seen thousands of people from Honduras bust into Guatemala, then Mexico, and arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border plotting their entry.

While immigrant-rights advocates have called the caravan members asylum-seeking families fleeing violence back home, the Trump administration has said those cases are a small minority within the 8,000 to 10,000 migrants.

Homeland Security says it has identified 600 identified criminals within the caravan.

“The fact that Border Patrol arrested a murderer within the first caravan-related apprehensions at our southern border proves how real the threat of the caravan is to our national security and public safety,” said department spokesman Tyler Q. Houlton.

A self-admitted MS-13 gang member also traveling with the caravan was arrested Saturday.

Homeland Security said he and the two men he was caught with are being processed for deportation.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Minnesota Representative-elect Ilhan Omar: “Like members of the Jewish community, I know how it feels to be hated because of my religious beliefs”

What a lying hypocrite. Ilhan Omar has accused Israel of “evil doings” in Gaza and called Israel an “apartheid state.” It isn’t surprising that Ilhan Omar would think this way. She is a hijab-wearing, devout Muslim, and Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran.

What is shameful about this is that her views are mainstream in the Democrat Party today.

She should never have been chosen as a candidate for Congress with hateful views of this kind, but this is the way the Democrat leadership, and the Democrat base, thinks.

That’s why she won.

The left wants candidates like Ilhan Omar.

This is their base today.

“Ilhan Omar lauds Jewish-Muslim cooperation in fighting bigotry”, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, November 27, 2018:

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, lauded Jewish-Muslim cooperation in combating bigotry.

“Like members of the Jewish community, I know how it feels to be hated because of my religious beliefs,” Omar, who has stirred controversy in the Jewish community for attacks on Israel and suggesting she backed the boycott movement against the Jewish state, wrote Monday in an op-ed for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “But we know that we are stronger when we stand united against bigotry and hate.”

Omar, until now a state lawmaker, has come under fire for calling Israel an “apartheid regime” and for saying it had “hypnotized the world” to ignore its “evil” treatment of Palestinians.

Her oped notes a spike in reports of hate crimes on Muslims and Jews, and last month’s massacre at a synagogue complex in Pittsburgh.

She cited instances where the communities stood up for each other.

Muslim organizations “raised more than $200,000 to support the victims and their families from the Tree of Life Synagogue,” she said. “I remember how, less than two years ago, Jewish Americans stood with their Muslim-American neighbors against the administration’s cruel travel ban. Eighteen rabbis were arrested as they protested the ban outside Trump Tower in New York.”

Omar correlated the spike in hate attacks, reported by the FBI, to Donald Trump’s presidency.

“The culture of intolerance spread by President Donald Trump has clearly emboldened racist individuals to acts of violence,” she said…..

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Prosecutors: Killer-Cop Mohamed Noor ‘Shot To Kill” Unarmed Pajama-Clad Justine Damond

Prosecutors accused Minneapolis Somali Muslim cop Mohamed Noor of using “tragic accuracy” to shoot dead Australian life coach Justine Ruszczyk Damond.

Finally, justice for Justine.

Minneapolis Somali-Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shot unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond to death at point-blank range. He is described by neighbors as “jumpy,” “ill-tempered,” “strict” and “disrespectful of women and blacks.” What was he still doing on the force?

In his short time with the Minneapolis Police, Mohamed Noor has had three complaints filed against him – two that are still open. The other was closed and Noor wasn’t disciplined.

Hijab-wearing Mayor Betsy Hodges instituted hiring policies in the police department to prioritize the hiring of Somali Muslims. This at a time when more than 22 young men from the community had left the state to join al-Shabab in Somalia, and roughly a dozen people have left in recent years to join the jihad in Syria, including the Islamic State group. The area in Minneapolis where Muslim killer-cop was recruited and fast-tracked for police work is a notorious hot spot for jihad recruitment.

Typical of jihad operatives, the lawyer of the Muslim police officer who shot dead Justine Damond in cold blood is smeared and defamed the victim. Exactly what they do to us for opposing jihad terror. Police officer’s Mohamed Noor lawyer caused controversy for reportedly asking for a review into Justine Damond’s autopsy report to see if she had taken sleeping pills. “It was absolutely sickening, and that’s the game these lawyers play, to try to attack the victim,” family spokesman Tom Hyder said.



By AAP, December 1, 2018:

Prosecutors are trying to bolster the murder charge against the former Minneapolis police officer accused of using “tragic accuracy” to shoot dead Australian life coach Justine Damond Ruszczyk.

Mohamed Noor initially was charged with third degree murder and manslaughter in the second degree, but prosecutors have asked a judge in Minneapolis to add a more serious second degree murder count.

Ms Ruszczyk, 40, formerly of Sydney, was shot dead as she approached Noor’s police vehicle in an alley behind her Minneapolis home just before midnight on July 15 last year.

“There is probable cause to believe the defendant committed second degree intentional murder and the State respectfully requests that the court grant the State’s motion to amend the complaint,” prosecutors wrote in Thursday’s filing.

Ms Ruszczyk had called police after hearing a woman’s screams near the alley.

Prosecutors alleged Noor “knew exactly what he was doing and that he intended to do it” when he shot from the passenger seat of his police vehicle, across his partner in the driver’s seat and out the car window hitting Ms Ruszczyk in the stomach.

“That is probable cause for second degree murder,” prosecutors wrote.

“The circumstances surrounding the crime show that the defendant acted with the intent to kill.

“He fired at Ms Ruszczyk from no more than six feet (1.8 metres) away.

“He fired with tragic accuracy, managing to send a 9 millimetre bullet across his partner’s body and through the narrow space of the open driver’s side window.

“His bullet struck Ms Ruszczyk in her torso, five inches above her waistline, and caused nearly immediate death.

“As a trained police officer, the defendant was fully aware that such a shot would kill Ms Ruszczyk, a result he clearly intended.”

Noor, no longer a police officer, is scheduled to face a jury on April 1 in Minneapolis.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Merkel’s Germany: 8-Year-Old German Girl Bullied & Stabbed By Arab Child At Migrant Majority School – Teacher Covers It Up

Heil Allah.  Chancellor Angela Merkel staked her legacy on welcoming millions of Muslim migrants into Germany.

Another fuhrer who destroyed the country.


By Voice of Europe, 

A news item from German broadcaster Sat 1 tells about the traumatic experience 8-year-old Yara had at a migrant majority school. She became an outcast, was bullied and even stabbed.

Little Yara was the last person in her classroom who spoke German at home. Her school can be characterised as a migrant majority school with Turks and Arab migrants as students.

“They needed to employ an interpreter to translate from German to Turkish or Arabic in order for the Turkish, Arabic people to even understand what was going on. I felt a bit lost and that’s when I realised how it must feel for my daughter,” the girl’s father, Mike F., tells Sat 1.

The bullying of Yara increased and it even ended with her being stabbed by an ‘Arab child’.

“She was just pushed down by an Arab child that she didn’t even know. This child slit her abdomen with a sharp object,” her father says.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

George Soros’ “Open Society” Driven Out Of Turkey Amid Probe Into Terrorism Ties

Thrown out of Hungary and Poland, Soros is now being driven out of Turkey, but he continues his quest for the destruction of America and individual freedom.

Nazi collaborator and woman-beater George Soros has financed election rigging, the hijrah into Europe, Antifa, quislings in the EU, open borders, mass migration, “Palestinianism,” anti-Israel groups, anti-Americanism, funding jihad murderers’ legal expenses, the boycott of Israel, anti-Trump groups, violent Berkeley rioters, et al — every evil group and cause has some element of Soros funding.

Behind every dark, ugly global scheme, he lurks — like Dracula — waiting to pounce on the good, the decent and the free.

His org has targeted me and other colleagues who dare oppose him.

I have long documented the malevolent activities (scroll link) of Soros’s evil empire all the way back to his Nazi youth, when he was confiscating the property of the Jews. Soros has said that helping the Nazis was “the happiest time of my life.”

Why Don’t We Hear About Soros’ Ties to Over 30 Major News Organizations?

“Soros’ “Open Society” Driven Out Of Turkey Amid Probe Into Terrorism Ties,” Zero Hedge, November 27, 2018 (thanks to Christian):

Six month after Hungarian President Viktor Orban succeeded in driving his former mentor, and current neemsis [sic] George Soros out of Hungary, the Hungarian-born billionaire financier and his “Open Society” Foundation that has financed an army of liberal NGOs across Europe and the US has been driven out of yet another country.

According to the Guardian, Soros’ Open Society Foundation is formally withdrawing from Turkey after the founder of its Turkey organization was arrested and charged with supporting an opposition figure accused of trying to overthrow the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The organization announced its decision to withdraw from Turkey amid an interior ministry investigation seeking to uncover links between the organization and protests at Gezi Park in Istanbul in 2013. One of the founders of the Turkish OS branch, Hakan Altinay, was arrested along with 12 others two weeks ago and accused of supporting jailed Osman Kavala, an opposition activist accused of trying to overthrow the Hungarian government with mass protests. Kavala has been accused of supporting terrorism within Turkey, and Open Society has been accused of supporting Kavala.

Back in May, OS closed its Budapest Office and moved its operations to Berlin after the country passed an “Stop Soros” law aimed at making it more difficult for foreign NGOs to operate in the country.

In a speech last week, Erdogan accused Soros of trying to sow instability and discord in Turkish society, and of organizing destabilizing protests.

One of its founders in Turkey, Hakan Altinay, was among 13 people detained 10 days ago. They were accused of supporting jailed rights activist Osman Kavala in trying to overthrow the government through mass protests.

In a speech last week, Erdoğan linked those arrests to Soros. “The person [Kavala] who financed terrorists during the Gezi incidents is already in prison,” he told a meeting of local administrators.

“And who is behind him? The famous Hungarian Jew Soros. This is a man who assigns people to divide nations and shatter them. He has so much money and he spends it this way.”

Though it denied links to the protests, Open Society told the Guardian that it would nevertheless seek to close its office in Istanbul and liquidate its Turkish operations as swiftly as possible. The organization added that it was unsure whether it will be able to continue its Turkish operations….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

DHS: 110 Percent Surge in Migrant Men Using Kids to Enter US, ‘Rampant Fraud’

It worked for the invaders in Europe, why not use it to bring down the greatest country in the world?


“The mainstream media and Democrats have criticized the Trump administration’s response to the migrant caravans storming the nation’s southern border. However, many of the critiques either don’t provide full context or are factually incorrect,” Fred Lucas writes in The Daily Signal. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen explained that historically, less than 10 percent of those claiming asylum from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are found eligible. “Most of these migrants are seeking jobs or to join family who are already in the U.S.”

In the Idaho Statesman, Cynthia Sewell writes that students at Wilder Elementary School were greeted yesterday by two special guests: Apple CEO Tim Cook and Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump. The two guests “embarked on a nearly hourlong tour of the school, visiting classrooms and watching students demonstrate their technological skills on the handheld devices Apple provided the school district nearly three years ago,” Sewell reports.

“The Trump administration on Wednesday announced new sanctions against the vice president of Nicaragua and a top national security adviser to President Daniel Ortega. The sanctions were imposed through an executive order signed by President Trump Tuesday and follow similar escalations against officials from Cuba and Venezuela,” Rafael Bernal reports for The Hill. “This Administration is committed to holding the Ortega regime accountable for the violent protests and widespread corruption that have led to the deaths of hundreds of innocent Nicaraguans and destroyed their economy,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Money Linda Sarsour Raised for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Victims Went To An Islamic Center With Terror Ties

No one should be surprised by this. Sarsour has done it before. She staged a narcissistic publicity stunt when hundreds of Jewish gravestones were desecrated and destroyed at various cemeteries (most likely by her coreligionists); Sarsour glommed onto the news story and made it her own. She jumped on a campaign to raise money to repair the vandalism (and her reputation due to her long history of antisemitism).

Sarsour hijacked the horror for her own personal aggrandizement, and the elite media ate it up.

The campaign — named “Muslims Unite to Repair Jewish Cemetery” — had raised $162,468 through the Muslim crowdfunding site LaunchGood, far beyond its set goal of $20,000. But only 30% of the proceeds were disbursed, while designated cemeteries pleaded for promised funds.

Their calls were met with deafening silence.

And even before that, she defrauded people before with hoaxes, but exploiting dead Jews, that was a new low, even for that lowlife. Now she has done it again. And she will likely do it again in the future, and the enemedia will once again laud this vicious and hateful hoaxster as a hero.

“WOW: Money Raised After Pittsburgh Shooting Went To An Islamic Center With Terror Ties,” by Matt Vespa, Townhall, November 27, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

In late October, Robert Gregory Bowers, a vicious anti-Semite, walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and shot and killed 11 people. Several people were injured, four of which were police officers. It was tragic—but of course, everyone blamed President Trump for reasons only morons understand. There were protests when he visited the site. Everyone was creating controversy when there needed to be none. But now, we have another controversy that could be brewing that isn’t related to Trump. It centers on anti-Semite Linda Sarsour. The anti-Israel activist seems to have been exposed for cheating the Tree of Life synagogue from money fundraised after the tragic shooting.

Now, some money was given to Tree of Life, around $10,000, but that was part of an effort to repair Jewish cemetaries [sic] that were vandalized. Since the shooting, around $240,000 were raised, but it appears little, if any, has been sent to Tree of Life. Of that $240,000-figure, $155,000 went to the the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.

Hen Mazzig of The Jerusalem Post initially said that $400,000 was raised for Tree of Life, but then offered a correction, noting that $160,000 was raised by Sarsour as part of an effort to fix Jewish cemeteries and $240,000 was raised after the shooting. The corrected tweet is in the thread above.

Tree of Life received just $10,000 from the cemetery campaign, but doesn’t appear to have received a dime from the post-shooting fundraising effort, but now the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh says they will supposedly send its six-figure check ($155,000) to Tree of Life. According to Conservative Review’s Jordan Schactel [sic], the other $83,634 will go “to vague ‘projects that help foster Muslim-Jewish collaboration, dialogue, and solidarity. Oh, and as for the money raised for Jewish cemeteries, several never received the funds that were promised (via CR):

According to the left-wing The Forward, the Islamic group Celebrate Mercy has already funneled $155,000 — of over $238,634 that was raised supposedly for the victims of the shooting and the greater Jewish community of Pittsburgh — into the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh. Though the Forward article states that a document was posted signed by a representative of Celebrate Mercy, the director of the Islamic Center, and a “Tree of Life representative detailing exactly how the funds will be distributed to victims and their families,” the link to the document is dead.

As for the remaining $83,634, raised above the fundraiser’s $150,000 goal, it will go toward the vague goal of “projects that help foster Muslim-Jewish collaboration, dialogue, and solidarity,” Celebrate Mercy director Tarek El-Messidi told The Forward.


The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh is a mosque with deep ties to Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States. A former imam there was an overt anti-Semite who blamed Jews for the rise of ISIS, and he was ultra-cozy with anti-Semitic hate preacher Louis Farrakhan….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

UK: Social Workers Aid Jailed Muslim Rapist To Be Involved In Child’s Upbringing That He Fathered With His 15-Year-Old Rape Gang Victim

And what would he teach the boy? This is insane, but that’s Britain today. There seems to be no low to which British authorities will not stoop in order to appease and accommodate their increasingly aggressive Muslim population. After all, they let tens of thousands of their girls be raped and their lives destroyed by these Muslim rape gangs in the first place, so afraid that they would be called “racist” if they stopped them that they willingly sacrificed their nation’s future.

Britain, as a free society, is in its last days.

The ones who have destroyed it still occupy positions of power.

“Fury as jailed rapist who fathered a child with his 15-year-old grooming-gang victim is invited by social workers to be involved in the boy’s upbringing – leaving the girl ‘angry and scared,’” by Zoie O’brien, Mailonline, November 27, 2018:

A traumatised woman who was raped by a member of a grooming gang and became pregnant with his child was left ‘extremely distressed’ after social workers tried to help him get in contact with her son.

In the ‘perverse’ decision by the unnamed local authority, staff approached a jailed sex attacker and offered him help to be involved in his son’s upbringing, without notifying his mother.

An investigation by The Times found the council notified the man he could seek visits from his child in jail and could apply for his family to have custody of the boy.

Campaigners said the offer could ‘retraumatise’ his victim who lives in Northern England.

Details over her location have been withheld to protect the mother whose case featured in the trial of several men of Pakistani origin were found guilty of dozens of sex offences.

The victim told The Times she was informed she may have to face him in court next year….

The boy’s father was listed as a ‘respondent’ in the case, despite having in no contact with the parental family and the child himself not indicating an interest in knowing his father.

The Ministry of Justice is investigating whether or not this was a systematic failing – or an error by a social worker.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

FBI Announces $3 Million Reward For Help Finding Iranian Jihadi Who Sourced IED Parts From Minnesota

The enemy among us. President Trump’s national security ban addresses these kinds of threats.

The reward is part of the program offered by the U.S. State Department in concert with the FBI. Public service ad campaigns announcing the program were banned from Seattle transit systems because Muslims found them “disparaging and offensive to Muslims.”

We sued Seattle. We won.


Stripes, By Stephen Montemayor | Star Tribune | Published: November 23, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS (Tribune News Service) — Federal authorities are offering up to $3 million for help arresting an Iranian national who has been on the run for eight years since an indictment accused him of illegally procuring technology from Minnesota that was fashioned into roadside bombs used to target U.S. military personnel in Iraq.

The FBI in Minneapolis announced the reward, being offered by the U.S. State Department, on Tuesday. Agents have sought Hossein Ahmad Larijani, 55, since his 2010 indictment by a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., on multiple charges related to the shipment of radio transceiver modules made in Minnesota. Larijani is believed to be living in Tehran, the FBI said this week.

According to charges, Larijani relied on companies in Singapore and Iran, and several co-conspirators, to illegally send about 6,000 of the Minnesota company’s devices to Iran.

Referred to only as Company A in court documents, the Minnesota firm thought it was sending the devices to Singapore to be used in a “local telecommunications project.” Instead, authorities said, the products were illegally transshipped to Iran and later used to make remote detonation systems for improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

According to a 49-page indictment in the case, IEDs caused about 60 percent of all American combat deaths in Iraq between 2001 and 2007 and were the top threat to troops in Iraq. Between 2008 and 2009, U.S. and coalition armed forces retrieved numerous remote detonation systems in Iraq that had been assembled using the modules shipped from Minnesota.

The company’s modules had encryption capabilities and the ability to transmit data wirelessly from as far away as 40 miles, according to charges.

“In addition to commercial uses, these same modules have other lethal and destructive applications,” the indictment said.

Three other co-conspirators have since been arrested and extradited to the U.S., where they completed federal prison sentences and were deported back to Singapore. One other co-conspirator remains at large in Singapore, the FBI said.

The FBI this week described Larijani as an “international flight risk” and is asking anyone with information to call the bureau’s toll-free tip line at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Lying Accused Rapist Tariq Ramadan Claimed He Didn’t Know Accusers Then Claimed Rapes Were Consensual

Tariq Ramadan is out on bail now, and the judges are under extraordinary pressure from Muslims worldwide to dismiss all the charges against him. The women who have accused him are extraordinarily courageous. Ramadan counted on their silence because of the subclass status of women under Islam. And he knew he had the power of the Muslim Brotherhood behind him — a ruthless machine that now has sent his first accuser, Henda Ayari, multiple death threats, requiring her to seek police protection.

Tariq Ramadan is a Muslim. He holds the same beliefs and attitudes toward women that the Muslim rape gangs in the UK and the Muslim migrant rapists in Germany and Sweden and elsewhere hold. This is the behavior toward women that Islam inculcates in men. Even a silver-tongued snake such as Ramadan can’t hide his true demeanor forever. His contempt for the West makes him all the more revered by leftist elites. He was an Oxford professor, and even after Ayari came forward, his position was not in jeopardy until an outcry required Oxford to put Ramadan on “leave.”

Ramadan was named by Time magazine as one of the seven religious innovators of the 21st century and as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and by Foreign Policy readers (2005, 2006, 2008-2010, 2012-2015) as one of the top 100 most influential thinkers in the world and Global Thinkers.

How has the left elite handled these allegations? Largely with silence. So once again we see it: Islam trumps all — women’s rights, homosexual rights, Jews, Christians…. everything. Just look at how the media has treated jihad Tariq juxtaposed to their treatment of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and the rest.

“Tariq Ramadan admission sparks fresh row over rape claims,” by Angelique Chrisafis, Guardian, October 31, 2018 (thanks to Vikram):

It is the biggest repercussion of the #MeToo movement in France: the influential Swiss-born academic Tariq Ramadan, a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University, has spent the past nine months on remand in prison after two French women accused him of raping them in hotel rooms in Paris and Lyon.

Ramadan denies rape, the women stand by their allegations, but in recent weeks the case has increasingly played out in the public arena. Supporters of the well-known academic, who has spoken out against restrictions on the Muslim headscarf in France, say the justice system there is biased against him. They say the 56-year-old father of four is the victim of a conspiracy, has not been given due process and should not be on remand in jail, where he is being treated for multiple sclerosis in a hospital wing.

Lawyers for the Muslim women who accuse him insist it is a case of vulnerable women being raped by a powerful man.

Henda Ayari, 41, a former Salafist Muslim who is now a feminist activist, went to police last November and accused Ramadan of rape, sexual violence, harassment and intimidation. She said he raped her in a hotel room in the east of Paris in spring 2012 during a conference where he was speaking. “He choked me so hard that I thought I was going to die,” she told Le Parisien newspaper.

Another woman, known as Christelle, who is a convert to Islam and was left disabled after a car accident, later told police Ramadan raped her in a Lyon hotel room in October 2009 during another conference. Media reports have said her lawsuit describes blows to the face and body, forced sodomy, rape with an object, and being dragged by the hair to the bathtub and urinated on.

A third woman, in Switzerland, has since accused Ramadan of raping her in a Geneva hotel and a formal investigation has been opened.

Ramadan, who has advised successive British governments on Islam and society, denies all charges, saying his accusers are “compulsive liars”. Since February, he has consistently told police and investigators that no sexual encounters took place between him and the women.

But the inquiry took a turn last week when Ramadan changed his story, admitting to investigating judges that he did have sexual relations with the women, but saying they had sought the encounters and fully consented to the “dominant-submissive” relationship.

This change happened after computer experts extracted hundreds of text messages from an old mobile phone belonging to Christelle. Ramadan had earlier said he only met her in a hotel bar. But text messages from him – which have been quoted by lawyers and published in the media – give her instructions to come up to his hotel room. The text messages detailed Ramadan’s sexual fantasies of domination before the alleged attack. A leaked report prepared by computer experts working on the investigation shows he texted her after their encounter saying: “I sensed your unease … apologies for my ‘violence’”.

The texts are now the topic of a public row between the legal teams. Ramadan’s lawyer insists that the messages show Christelle was consenting, that she sent Ramadan many sexual messages and that one of them, sent on an unknown date, stated: “I missed you as soon as I left”.

Christelle’s lawyer, Eric Morain, said the messages were not dated, and that she could explain every message to the investigating judges. He said Christelle had been in contact with Ramadan for a period before the alleged attack.

“For 11 months, Tariq Ramadan has lied, and all that time he was calling the complainants liars and taking the judges to task,” Morain said. “His gamble – and it was a failed gamble – was to think it would be impossible for us to prove our case. His gamble was that my client wouldn’t be believed.”

Asked whether women had deliberately colluded against Ramadan, Morain said: “When a man is accused of rape by several women – even if he isn’t famous – it’s common for the man to claim the women have deliberately got together to damage his reputation. That’s a classic. But when you look at the disruption and devastation to a victim’s life – the police interviews, interrogations, questioning and so on – what would they have to gain from this? It has been 11 months of hell for my client.”

Ramadan’s defence have said they also found text messages sent by Ayari to Ramadan of an explicit sexual nature showing that she was consenting and wanted to have sex with him.

Ayari’s lawyer, Jonas Haddad, said he had submitted all available information on communications between his client and Ramadan at the start of the investigation. “We have nothing to fear. We just want this case to progress to trial.”

Ramadan’s lawyer, Emmanuel Marsigny, said his client was relieved to have told investigating judges that encounters did take place but were consensual.

Asked why Ramadan had not said this from the start, Marsigny said: “Because he wanted to protect his private life, he wanted to protect his family. He had the feeling that, whatever was said, he’d be seen as guilty anyway – he felt as if he’d already been condemned by the media, which was engaged in Ramadan-bashing. By recognising the sexual relationships, he also now has the proof it was all consensual.”

He said Ramadan would file legal complaints against the women for slander and for making a complaint about “an imaginary crime”. He said he would appeal for the investigation to be dropped….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Asia Bibi Family Hunted ‘House To House’ In Pakistan

Horror.  These Muslims are so mad for the blood of one poor Christian woman, who has already suffered on death row for eight years, that they are taking out their bloodlust on random Christians within the country. This is a human rights abuse of monumental proportions, but you won’t hear a word about it from the United Nations or the world “human rights” organizations or Airbnb. They’re too busy looking for new ways to condemn Israel.

Her lawyer has fled Pakistan in fear for his life.

Asia Bibi spent eight years on death row for a bogus charge of “insulting the prophet Muhammad.”

Asia Bibi was convicted of “blasphemy” after she went to get water for her and her fellow farm workers. Two Muslim women refused to drink from a container used by a Christian, and a few days later she was accused of “blasphemy.” She was convicted and given the death penalty.


Harriet Sherwood Religion correspondent, The Guardian, November 21, 2018:

The family of Asia Bibi, the Christian woman who spent eight years on death row in Pakistan for blasphemy before being acquitted three weeks ago, claim they are being hunted by extremists going house to house with their photographs to try to track them down.

Bibi’s family have been in hiding since her acquittal by the country’s supreme court. She is in protective custody as part of a deal between the government and a hardline Islamic party, under which violent protests were called off while a review of the court ruling was undertaken.

Bibi’s lawyer, relatives and supporters have appealed for the family to be given asylum in a European or north American country. Several countries have indicated their willingness to offer a home, but nothing concrete has emerged.

John Pontifex, of Aid to the Church in Need UK (ACN), which has campaigned on Bibi’s behalf since she was convicted and sentenced to death in 2010, said he had been in almost daily contact with her family over the past three weeks and they were very frightened.

“They have told me that mullahs had been reported in their neighbourhood going from house to house showing photos of family members on their phones, trying to hunt them down,” he told the Guardian.

“The family have had to move from place to place to avoid detection. Sometimes they can only operate after sundown. They have had to cover their faces when they go out in public. They have had to remove the rosary that hangs from their car rear-view mirror for fear of attack.”

Pontifex said the family’s faith was “sustaining them in this time of acute danger”. He added: “They say that if they are not allowed to find a future outside Pakistan, the fear is that sooner or later something terrible might happen to them.”

Bibi’s lawyer, who fled Pakistan shortly after the court ruling saying his life was in danger, said this week that talks on asylum were under way with several European countries. “I hope the western world is trying to help her,” Saiful Malook told reporters in Frankfurt.

Canada, Spain and France are thought to have offered asylum to Bibi. Germany and Italy have reportedly held talks with Pakistan on the issue.

The UK government has declined to answer questions about whether it is considering an offer of asylum, saying it does not want to further endanger Bibi and her family.

The former foreign secretary Boris Johnson and many other MPs and peers have called for the UK government to act. Some reports have suggested that the government fears a backlash among British Muslims of Pakistani heritage if it offers Bibi asylum.

On Tuesday, Sayeeda Warsi told the House of Lords: “There have been press reports that Asia Bibi, if granted asylum in the United Kingdom, would potentially not be safe from some communities here … As someone who is deeply connected to British Muslim communities, I assure her that they are fully supportive of any asylum claim that Asia Bibi may have and that our country may afford her, and that she would be supported as she would be by all other communities in this country.”

The Muslim Council of Britain said in a tweet: “There are unfounded media reports that Pakistani national Asia Bibi is being denied asylum into the UK because of concerns from British Muslims. We find such insinuations to be as nonsensical as they are divisive. We see no reason why Asia Bibi should be denied asylum into the UK.”

After Bibi’s acquittal, Islamic hardliners called for her and the judges in the case to be killed, and they mounted protests that brought cities to a standstill. Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, has been accused of capitulating to their demands.

Bibi, a farm labourer, was accused by Muslim villagers of insulting the prophet Muhammad in a row over a cup of water. The supreme court judgment said there was no evidence to support the charge.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Judge Orders Feds To Release Nearly 100 Illegal Immigrants From Iraq

There is more to this case than is being reported by the Washington Times. The Detroit Free Press has this: “Many of the Iraqi detainees are Christian and so being released in time for the Christmas holidays after being separated from their families is significant, advocates say.” Others have reported that most or all of these detainees are Christian, so this is likely not to be a story about an activist leftist judge recklessly releasing potential jihadis into the general population.

The advocates for these Christians have argued that they would be in danger from jihadis in Iraq, and so should be granted asylum. That may be. Still, illegal is illegal, and they should either be deported or their status legalized in the U.S.

“Judge orders feds to release dozens of illegal immigrants from Iraq,” by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, November 20, 2018 (thanks to Christian):

A federal judge ordered the government Tuesday to release nearly 100 migrants from Iraq who were awaiting deportation, finding that there’s little chance they will be sent back home any time soon, so keeping them in detention now violates their rights.

Judge Mark A. Goldsmith also found the Trump administration repeatedly misled his court during the case, and said he’s ordering serious sanctions against the government for that behavior, delivering a legal spanking to the Homeland Security officials he said were underhanded in detailing their dealings with the Iraqi government.

“Families have been shattered,” the judge wrote in his ruling, saying the government has kept illegal immigrants locked up for two years or more, away from their relatives, claiming they were about to be deported to Iraq after decades of delays.

In fact, though, the judge said the U.S. government had only vague promises of cooperation from Iraq, not the hard-and-fast agreements that federal officials had claimed to the press last year and to the courts over the ensuing months of legal wrangling.

“Petitioners’ only crime is being caught between the United States and Iraq’s diplomatic tug-o-war over repatriation. Nonetheless, more than half of the detainees are being held in penal institutions under the same conditions as those convicted of crimes,” ruled Judge Goldsmith, who sits on the bench in the Eastern District of Michigan. “The public interest overwhelmingly favors freedom over mass detention in these circumstances.”

Mr. Goldsmith was an Obama appointee to the federal courts. So was U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar, who ruled hours earlier Tuesday that President Trump’s new asylum crackdown policy violates federal laws.

The decisions continue a losing streak for the Trump administration on immigration cases, stretching from their efforts to curb sanctuary cities to ending Temporary Protected Status for hundreds of thousands of migrants from El Salvador, Haiti and other disaster-stricken countries.

The Iraqis case is actually one of the after-effects of Mr. Trump’s original travel ban policy early last year.

Iraq was one of the seven countries on the president’s first list in January 2017, but it was dropped from the updated list in March of that year after the U.S. said Iraqi officials agreed to start taking back deportees as part of a deal to get out from the travel ban.

The Washington Times has repeatedly tried over the last 21 months to get the Iraqi Embassy in Washington to detail the terms of that agreement, but the embassy has rebuffed every attempt.

According to documents the U.S. finally provided to the court, it turns out there never was a formal written agreement. And in fact the Iraqi government is still deeply resistant to taking back deportees from the U.S. or anywhere else unless those deportees actively want to be sent home.

That turns out to be a rare case when talking about people living in America.

The Justice Department didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the new ruling Tuesday. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it wasn’t able to say much about the effects of the ruling.

But the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan said there about 95 Iraqis who will be eligible to be released over the next 30 days under the ruling….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Detroit: Federal Judge Orders Female Genital Mutilation Charges Against Muslim Doctor Dropped

This is one of the most appalling decisions to be issued by an American court since the Dred Scott decision. If the law that’s being used to prosecute her is unconstitutional, then is it even possible to criminalize FGM in the United States? This far-left, activist judge apparently has no concern whatsoever for the girls who are going to suffer intense pain and have their lives destroyed because of his ruling.

The number of women and girls at risk for female genital mutilation (FGM) in the United States has more than doubled in the past 10 years.

More than half a million women and girls in the U.S. are at risk of undergoing FGM in the U.S. or abroad, or have already undergone the procedure, including 166,173 under the age of 18, according to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

This judge should be impeached and removed from the bench.

“Federal judge orders female genital mutilation charges dropped in Detroit,” WJBK, November 20, 2018:

DETROIT (WJBK) – A federal judge has dismissed six charges of female genital mutilation against a doctor, declaring the nation’s female genital mutilation law as unconstitutional.

The federal judge in Detroit ruled in the historic case on Tuesday, ruling the law that prevents female genital mutilation (FGM) is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that congress does not have the authority to make FGM illegal, which it had been classified as illegal under the Necessary and Proper Clause or the Commerce Clause.

The case involved Dr. Jumana Nagarwala who had been awaiting trial on female genital mutilation charges. She was arrested in the summer of 2017 and was released on a $4.5 million bond.

According to the opinion filed by Friedman, congress had banned FGM under a statute that states “whoever knowingly circumcises, excises, or infibulates the whole or any part of the labia majora or labia minora or clitoris of another person who has not attained the age of 18 years shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

Prosecutors said she did that with at least six girls at a clinic in the Detroit area, including two girls from Minnesota. The doctor denies that she committed a crime and says she performed a religious custom from her Muslim sect, the India-based Dawoodi Bohra.

The doctor, through her attorneys, argued that the law that the federal government had been using to charge her was passed through Congress without proper vetting.

Her attorneys argued that the act of FGM had no bearing on commerce, which judge Friedman agreed with in his opinion:

“That clause permits Congress to regulate activity that is commercial or economic in nature and that substantially affects interstate commerce either directly or as part of an interstate market that has such an effect. The government has not shown that either prong is met.”…

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Hungary Bans Gender Studies Because It Is ‘An Ideology Not A Science’

Finally. Someone with stones and title said it. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been consistently brave and uniquely singular in stating the obvious and for this, he is scorned, derided and smeared (much like President Trump).

But he is right.

Academia all over the West has become politicized and serves a far-left agenda.

Orban is standing for the truth and reality.


“Hungary bans gender studies because it is ‘an ideology not a science,’” by Caleb Parke, Fox News, October 17, 2018 (thanks to Christian):

Hungary’s populist government has banned gender studies degrees citing low enrollment numbers that waste taxpayer money and because it is “an ideology not a science.”

Left-wing critics say it’s academically problematic, politically unheard of in a democratic society, and argue gender studies degrees do lead to jobs.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has been called the Donald Trump of Europe, signed the decree, which went into effect Saturday, removing gender studies from a list of approved master’s programs, though students already enrolled will be grandfathered in.

“The Hungarian government is of the clear view that people are born either men or women,” Orban’s chief of staff said in August. “They lead their lives the way they think best, but beyond this, the Hungarian state does not wish to spend public funds on education in this area.”

Central European University blasted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s decree banning gender studies degrees as “a major infringement on academic freedom and university autonomy.”

Central European University (CEU), founded by Hungarian-American liberal billionaire George Soros and one of two universities in the country that teaches gender studies, blasted the decree as “a significant loss to the Hungarian scholarly community and for democratically-minded public policymakers.”…

Editor’s Note:  And if you disagree, just trying sitting through this utter rubbish from college students trying to fight their way past their Creator, logic, biology, science and reason.  Seriously, listening to nails on a chalkboard is almost preferable.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Incestual Muslim Congresswoman Wants To Lift Ban On Hijab In DC Capitol

Editor’s Note: I use the term “incestual” in the title due to the fact that this corrupt, anti-American, Somali Muslim married her own brother. If the rules don’t apply here and she is just going to “annul” them without a single Republican or Democrat decrying her and punting her to the curb, then what good are their rules?

Hijabs in Congress and Jewish boycott — new Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar went right to work. Ilhan Omar has accused Israel of “evil doings” in Gaza and called Israel an “apartheid state.” It isn’t surprising that Ilhan Omar would think this way. She is a hijab-wearing, devout Muslim, and Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran. What is shameful about this is that her views are mainstream in the Democrat Party today. She should never have been chosen as a candidate for Congress with hateful views of this kind, but this is the way the Democrat leadership, and the Democrat base, thinks. They want candidates like Ilhan Omar. And they win because this is their base today.

“Muslim congresswoman wants hijabs in Capitol,” by Jack Gold, World Israel News, November 18, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

Democratic Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has set her sights on several issues she wants to change after taking office, the first possibly being the end of an 1837 ban on head coverings in House of Representatives.

Omar, the first Somali American woman to be elected to the House, wears a hijab. She will be joined by Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib as the first two Muslim women in Congress.

Congress’ current regulations prohibit any kind of head covering, but Omar plans to annul the 181-year-old ban.

“No one puts a scarf on my head but me. It’s my choice—one protected by the first amendment. And this is not the last ban I’m going to work to lift,” Omar tweeted Saturday….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

US Votes for Israel’s Right to Golan Heights

The most pro-Israel President since the State of Israel was founded in 1948 has done it again, for the first time having the US delegation to the United Nations affirm Israel’s right to the Golan Heights, a strategic necessity for Israel.

Before Israel took the Golan in the Six-Day War, Syrian Muslims would stand on the Heights and fire down upon farmers in Israel.

The right of the victor in war to take territory from the aggressor is as old as history itself and universally recognized, except in Israel’s case.

Trump is once again to be commended.

“US opposes for first time UN resolution attacking Israel’s right to Golan,” World Israel News, November 17, 2018:

The United States has voted for the first time against a U.N. resolution in favor of Syria’s possession of the Golan Heights, which it lost after attacking Israel in the the 1967 war.

The United Nations General Assembly’s “decolonization committee” voted 152-2 in favor of a resolution attacking Israel’s control of the Golan Heights, with 14 abstentions.

The U.S. previously abstained on the resolution, but on Friday it voted “no” for the first time, joined by Israel, which has retained control of the area since Syria and three other Arab nations attacked Israel in 1967’s Six-Day War.

The Golan Heights remains a strategic linchpin for Israel, protecting it from the Iranian military, which operates freely in Syria and is sworn to Israel’s destruction, and Islamic terror groups such as ISIS.

The resolution, which passed along with eight other anti-Israel resolutions, declares Israel’s jurisdiction and administration of “the occupied Syrian Golan” to be “null and void.”

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley announced in advance that the U.S. would vote “no,” calling the resolution “biased against Israel.”

She added, “[T]he atrocities the Syrian regime continues to commit prove its lack of fitness to govern anyone.”

The resolution is virtually certain to be adopted by the 193-member General Assembly in December, which is dominated by nations that are hostile to Israel….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Federal Prosecutors Called In After Florida Democrats Caught Altering Election Documents

Florida should be called and called now unless the GOP wants to Florida and Georgia stolen the way they are stealing House seats. Photo: Elections staff load ballots into machine as recounting begins at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office on Nov. 11, 2018, in Lauderhill, Florida

Fed. Prosecutors Called in After FL Democrats Caught Altering Election Documents.

By Karista Baldwin, Conservative Tribune November 15, 2018:

Last week, the Florida Department of State asked federal prosecutors to look into alterations made on official election documents from the 2018 midterms.

Politico reported that the department points to the Florida Democratic Party for changing dates on forms used to amend absentee and mail-in ballots. These ballots would have been flagged for missing information or for being filled out with incorrect information.

The amending forms, called “cure affidavits,” were due at 5 p.m on Nov. 5, the evening before Election Day, at the latest.

During pre-Election Day absentee and mail-in voting, political parties have access to lists of people whose mail-in ballots were rejected for errors. Meanwhile, cure affidavits are publicly available and anyone can send them to voters to prompt them to “fix” their ballots.

According to Politico, the DOS released affidavits on Tuesday, which demonstrate that four different counties said the ballots could be returned by 5 p.m on Thursday, Nov. 8, past the official due date.

Among the counties involved with the altered affidavits is Broward, which has been a hotspot for controversy as many Florida races have led to a recount. Some people point to Brenda Snipes, Broward’s Elections chief, for her troubling history of election transgressions.
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Politico reported that they received audio of a Florida Democratic party volunteer leaving a voicemail to a voter in Palm Beach County to revise their mailed ballot after Election Day. Palm Beach County failed to make Florida’s recount deadline on Thursday.

Matt Dixon, bureau chief of Politico, tweeted on Wednesday that the Democratic party volunteer call came during Florida’s ballot recount after ballots were allowed to be amended.

“We are now doing a recount, so we want to make sure you let your vote be counted,” Dixon quoted from the voicemail.

It seems that Democrats may have called absentee voters about supplying them with cure affidavits after the permitted date. It also looks like whoever sent out the cure affidavits physically changed the due date to say Nov. 8, instead of Nov. 6.

Bradley McVay, DOS interim general counsel, asked attorneys in Florida to investigate the conflicting dates.

“Altering a form in a manner that provides the incorrect date for a voter to cure a defect … imposes a burden on the voter significant enough to frustrate the voter’s ability to vote,” McVay wrote in a letter, sent on Nov. 9 and publicly released on Tuesday.

According to DOS officials, they are less concerned with the inaccurate dates, and more concerned with the fact that the cure affidavits appear to have been deliberately altered.

State officials turned over the altered forms to federal investigators. Of the many allegations of ballot mishandling in Florida, this is the first that has been referred to the federal government.

While Democrats seem to have told voters they could fix ballot errors up to the Thursday after Election Day — these votes could not count.

It looks like Democrats may have hurt their own interests by misleading their voters. They may have believed that they were supplying the correct information, but they still should not have altered official documents without verifying that they were right, which they weren’t.

It is yet to be determined whether the federal investigation will find Democratic ineptitude or deception in this case.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Top Florida County Election Official Illegally Let People Vote Over Fax & Email

This happened in “heavily Republican Bay County,” and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is outraged.  Meanwhile, Democrat election officials are marking ballots themselves and “finding” boxes of them everywhere to try to get him to victory, and when confronted about that, Gillum says, “Every vote must be counted.”

This is a disgrace.

Have you ever heard of a close election in which a recount and “found” ballots gave the Republican victory?

Of course not.

This massive Democrat voter fraud could be the end of our free republic.

“Top FL County Election Official Illegally Let People Vote Over Fax, Email,” by Randy DeSoto, Western Journal, November 13, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

The top election official in heavily Republican Bay County allowed residents displaced by Hurricane Michael to vote by email and fax, contrary to Florida law.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and others are expressing outrage at the special provision made for these voters.

The Miami Herald reported that Bay County Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen said on Monday that 11 ballots were accepted by email and 147 were faxed in, though Florida law only permits those serving in the military overseas to use these methods….

According to the Herald, Gov. Rick Scott issued an executive order on Oct. 18 allowing election supervisors in Bay County and other counties impacted by the storm to extend early voting days and designate more early voting locations, but did not make provision for voting by fax or email.

Speaking at an African American church in Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County, north of Miami, on Monday night, Gillum expressed outrage that Anderson broke election laws and allowed these approximately 150 Floridians to vote by fax or email, The Associated Press reported.

“These are the stories that we know,” Gillum said. “Imagine the ones that we don’t.”

Meanwhile, Gillum along with Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson continue to call for all the votes to be counted in heavily Democratic Broward and Palm Beach counties, despite election officials in both missing state mandated deadlines in providing vote tallies.

President Donald Trump tweeted late last week, “Mayor Gillum conceded on Election Day and now Broward County has put him ‘back in play.’ Bill Nelson conceded Election — now he’s back in play!? This is an embarrassment to our County and to Democracy!”

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Altered Election Documents Tied To Florida Democrats Reviewed By Federal Prosecutors

It is high time that this begin. The Democrats are committing voter fraud on a massive scale, and not only in Florida, but in Arizona, Georgia, California and elsewhere. In Arizona, it is already over, and a pro-jihad Marxist Democrat who lost the election will be going to the Senate. In Florida, the Democrats are likewise working feverishly to overturn the will of the people. They are insane in their lust for power, and will destroy even our democratic system to get it.

“Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats,” by Matt Dixon, Politico, November 14, 2018:

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Department of State last week asked federal prosecutors to investigate dates that were changed on official state election documents, the first voting “irregularities” it has flagged in the wake of the 2018 elections.

The concerns, which the department says can be tied to the Florida Democratic Party, center around date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots sent with incorrect or missing information. Known as “cure affidavits,” those documents used to fix mail ballots were due no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 5 — the day before the election. But affidavits released on Tuesday by the DOS show that documents from four different counties said the ballots could be returned by 5 p.m. on Thursday, which is not accurate.

Audio of a Florida Democratic Party caller leaving a voicemail message asking a Palm Beach County voter to fix their vote by mail ballot after Election Day, which is not allowed, was also sent to POLITICO separately. It was not part of the information turned over to federal prosecutors.

Among the counties in question is Broward, which emerged as the epicenter of controversy as three statewide races and three local legislative races went into recounts following the Nov. 6 elections. Republicans have pointed to embattled Broward Elections chief Brenda Snipes’ record of past election gaffes in arguing that the largely Democratic country is tilted against them — perhaps fraudulently so.

DOS officials have repeatedly told the media that the monitors they sent to Broward County saw no election fraud. It wasn’t until Tuesday that the office revealed publicly that it had turned over information to federal prosecutors.

The information was sent on Nov. 9 by Bradley McVay, DOS’ interim general counsel, who asked that the altered dates be investigated.

“Altering a form in a manner that provides the incorrect date for a voter to cure a defect … imposes a burden on the voter significant enough to frustrate the voter’s ability to vote,” McVay wrote in a letter that was sent Nov. 9 and released publicly on Tuesday. The letter was sent to U.S. Attorneys Christopher P. Canova of the Northern District of Florida, Maria Chapa Lopez of the Middle District of Florida and Ariana Fajardo Orshan in the Southern District of Florida.

The records released by DOS, which is part of Gov. Rick Scott’s administration, point the finger at the Florida Democratic Party. Political parties can get daily lists of people who had their mail-in ballots rejected. Political parties — or anyone else — can also get the publicly available cure affidavits and send them to voters who had a mail-in ballot rejected to encourage them to fix the ballots.

In an email chain released as part of the Department of State’s Tuesday document dump, Citrus County Supervisor of Elections Susan Gill last week told DOS officials that a voter who received one of the cure affidavits with the wrong date had also received a call from a number identified as the Tallahassee office of the Florida Democratic Party, an indication the party was reaching out about her vote by mail ballot.

“When I called it, it is the Democratic Party of Florida,” she said in a Nov. 8 email to DOS officials.

She went on to write that she thinks the incorrect date was used because whoever sent the cure affidavit mixed up the deadline for cure affidavits with the deadline for provisional ballots. But, she said, “a bigger problem is the fact they actually changed one of the DOE forms.”…

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Obama Judge Rules To Upend Georgia Election

Who didn’t see this coming? The fix is in.

They stole Arizona. One down three to go.


FOX News,  November 13, 2018:

A federal judge on Monday ordered Georgia take steps to protect provisional ballots and to wait until Friday to certify the results of the midterm elections that include an unsettled race for governor.

Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams campaign manager, announced Judge Amy Totenberg’s decision late Monday. reported that the judge’s 56-page ruling could affect thousands of provisional ballots. Groh-Wargo called the ruling “good news.”

Brian Kemp, her Republican challenger, issued a statement a day earlier calling for Abrams to concede. Kemp has declared victory and said it is “mathematically impossible” for her campaign to force a runoff.

Abrams’ campaign did not immediately respond to a phone call from Fox News late Monday night.

Abrams, 44, a Democrat, has maintained that she will not concede until every vote has been counted, and pointed to the 5,000 votes tallied over the weekend that favored her.

Totenberg, who was appointed by President Obama, ruled in connection to Common Cause’s lawsuit filed on Nov. 5. Totenberg’s order doesn’t change the Tuesday deadline for counties to certify their results.

Common Cause, a nonpartisan group, claimed in the suit that Kemp, while secretary of state, failed to maintain “the security of voter information despite known vulnerabilities” leading up to the midterm. The suit blasted the state’s “provisional ballot scheme,” that could disenfranchise a registered voter at the ballot box.

The suit pointed out cases where voters were turned around after computer glitches and cases where voters were not offered provisional ballots. One man voted for decades and was “disturbed” to learn his registration history was erased.

The court ruled that the secretary of state’s office must establish a hotline and publicize it on its website for voters to see if their provisional ballots were counted. Totenberg also ruled that Georgia must not certify the election results before Friday at 5 p.m., which falls before the Nov. 20 deadline set by state law.

“I am fighting to make sure our democracy works for and represents everyone who has ever put their faith in it. I am fighting for every Georgian who cast a ballot with the promise that their vote would count,” Abrams said in a statement explaining her refusal to end her bid to become the first black woman elected governor in American history.

A total of 21,190 provisional ballots were cast in the state during the midterm, 12,151 were cast in 2014. Four Democratic-leaning counties with the largest number of provisional ballots — Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett – “had not yet reported their numbers to the secretary as of November 11,” the suit said.

The lawsuit also asked that provisional ballots cast by a voter registered in another county be counted as if the voter had shown up at the wrong precinct. The lawsuit says that of the 1,556 provisional ballots Fulton County reported having rejected by Nov. 9, nearly 1,000 were disqualified because they were cast by voters whose registration records showed them registered in another county.

Edgardo Cortes, who currently works as an election security adviser at New York University, said these uncounted provisional ballots could sway the election and, despite Kemp’s claims, his unofficial vote total is so close to 50 percent, a runoff is possible.

Kemp was up 50.2 percent to Abrams’ 48.7 percent early Tuesday. More than 3.9 million votes were cast in the election, and Abrams would need to acquire more than 20,000 additional votes to force a runoff.

Abrams’ campaign filed a lawsuit Sunday asking a federal court to push the deadline for counties to certify their results to Wednesday, while also requiring that elections authorities count certain provisional and absentee ballots that have been or would be rejected for “arbitrary reasons.”

“This ruling is a victory for the voters of Georgia because we are all stronger when every eligible voter is allowed to participate in our elections,” Sara Henderson, executive director for Common Cause Georgia, which filed the lawsuit, told

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Corruption: Palm Beach County Likely Won’t Make Recount Deadline In Florida Governor, Senate Races

Unbelievable. The corruption is open, brazen, blatant, and off the charts, and the enemedia, of course, is acting as if it’s all business as usual and even claiming that Republican charges of election fraud have been “debunked,” since the fraud is giving them what they want.

But Rick Scott is obviously right: Bill Nelson — and Andrew Gillum as well — is clearly trying to steal the election, as Democrats move to overturn the will of the people also in Arizona, Georgia, California, and elsewhere.

The Democrats are mad for power, and they will do anything, anything at all, to get it.

After election fraud, watch for even more violence.

“Dem-leaning Palm Beach County says it likely won’t make recount deadline in Florida governor, Senate races,” by Gregg Re and Samuel Chamberlain, Fox News, November 11, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

The supervisor of elections in Florida’s heavily Democratic Palm Beach County said Sunday that she did not believe her department would meet a Thursday deadline to complete recounts in the Sunshine State’s historically tight gubernatorial and Senate races, threatening to further confuse an increasingly chaotic and politically fraught process.

The supervisor, Susan Bucher, told reporters that she did not expect to meet the deadline due to aging equipment. Florida Department of State spokeswoman Sarah Revell told Fox News that under state law, if a county does not submit their results by the deadline, then the results on file at the time take their place. Revell added that Florida’s Secretary of State has no authority to grant extensions.

“Supervisors of Elections are independent officials and they are responsible for deciding when to upgrade or modernize their equipment,” Revell added.

The recount in most other major population centers, including Miami-Dade and Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in the Tampa Bay area, were taking place without incident on Sunday. Smaller counties are expected to begin their reviews Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Bucher spoke hours after the campaign of Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott — which secured an early legal victory against Democratic-leaning Broward County officials over the weekend — went back to court with a fresh salvo of emergency complaints against both Broward and Palm Beach counties. One complaint requests that state sheriff’s officers “impound and secure all voting machines, tallying devices and ballots when they are not in use until the conclusion of the recount.”

In a separate lawsuit, Scott’s team is asking a judge to throw out votes tallied by the Broward County Canvassing Board after Saturday’s noon deadline, in apparent violation of state law, which requires that “[t]he canvassing board shall submit … unofficial returns to the Department of State for each federal, statewide, state, or multicounty office or ballot measure no later than … noon on the fourth day after any general or other election.”

“The Broward and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections has already demonstrated a blatant disregard for Florida’s elections laws, making it more important than ever that we continue to do everything possible to prevent fraud and ensure this recount is operated responsibly,” Chris Hartline, a Scott spokesman, said in a statement.

Lawyer Marc Elias, who is representing the campaign of Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, fired back on Twitter.

“Lets [sic] be clear about what we are witnessing in Florida,” Elias wrote. “The sitting Governor is seeking to throw out lawful votes and seize the voting equipment in order to win an election.”

“Somebody needs to cut down on the Red Bull,” a Scott spokesperson wrote on Twitter, in response to a statement by Florida Democrats Executive Director Juan Penalosa that compared Scott to a Latin American dictator. “We requested that ballots and voting machines be protected when not in use. The only reason not to protect the integrity of the ballots and the voting machines is if you are actively promoting or hoping for fraud.”

But Democrats continued to bash the Republican’s effort. “If Rick Scott wanted to make sure every legal ballot is counted, he would not be suing to try and stop voters from having their legal ballot counted as intended,” Nelson said in a statement. “He’s doing this for the same reason he’s been making false and panicked claims about voter fraud — he’s worried that when all the votes are counted he’ll lose this election. We will not allow him to undermine the democratic process and will use every legal tool available to protect the rights of Florida voters.”

Unofficial results show that Republican former Rep. Ron DeSantis led Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum by 0.41 percentage points in the election for governor. In the Senate race, Scott’s lead over Nelson is 0.14 percentage points. State law requires a machine recount in races where the margin is less than 0.5 percentage points. Once completed, if the differences in any of the races are 0.25 percentage points or below, a hand recount will be ordered.

The litigation threw yet another wrench in an increasingly chaotic process reminiscent of the 2000 presidential election recount fiasco. In Broward County, the scheduled start of the recount was delayed Sunday because of a problem with one of the tabulation machines. The Republican Party accused Broward’s supervisor of elections, Brenda Snipes, of continuing to compromise the process with “incompetence and gross mismanagement” following the delay, which was resolved within two hours.
Election workers place ballots into electronic counting machines, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, at the Broward Supervisor of Elections office in Lauderhill, Fla. The Florida recount began Sunday morning in Broward County. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

Election workers place ballots into electronic counting machines, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, at the Broward Supervisor of Elections office in Lauderhill, Fla. The Florida recount began Sunday morning in Broward County. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

Broward County election planning director Joe D’Alessandro told Fox News that machines in Broward are currently resorting some 3.5 million pages of ballots, and officials said that process could take more than 30 hours alone before any actual counting begins.

Broward County, the state’s second-most populous, is emerging as the epicenter of controversy in the recount. Broward officials said they mistakenly counted 22 absentee ballots that had been rejected, mostly because the signature on the return envelope did not match the one on file.
Brenda Snipes, Broward County supervisor of elections, speaks with officials before a canvassing board meeting Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, in Lauderhill, Fla. (AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

Brenda Snipes, Broward County supervisor of elections, speaks with officials before a canvassing board meeting Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, in Lauderhill, Fla. (AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

It is a problem that appears impossible to fix because the ballots were mixed in with 205 legal ballots. Snipes, who has long been accused of mismanaging county elections and has been sanctioned by a judge for destroying ballots in a 2016 congressional race, said it would be unfair to throw out all the ballots.

“#BrowardElections office admits the vote count they submitted to state includes 22 illegal votes,” Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter Sunday. “We know about these 22 because they got caught breaking law in reviewing 202 ballots. How can anyone trust more illegal votes aren’t in their final count?”
Election workers place ballots into electronic counting machines, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, at the Broward Supervisor of Elections office in Lauderhill, Fla. The Florida recount began Sunday morning in Broward County. (Joe Cavaretta /South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

Election workers place ballots into electronic counting machines, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018, at the Broward Supervisor of Elections office in Lauderhill, Fla. The Florida recount began Sunday morning in Broward County. (Joe Cavaretta /South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

Undervoting — a phenomenon in which voters don’t cast votes in all the races on the ballot — has become a prominent issue in the race. Rubio pointed out that Broward County is showing that approximately 25,000 fewer votes were cast in the Senate race than the gubernatorial contest — a significant undervote that could be explained by Snipes’ ballot design, which placed the Senate contest directly below the ballot’s instructions, out of line with other races.

In 2006, the last time Nelson was on the ballot alongside a gubernatorial race, only 4,100 fewer people in Broward voted in the Senate race than in the election for governor. (However, at the statewide level this year, 34,051 fewer people voted in the Senate race than the gubernatorial race, a lower figure than the 35,736 undervote in 2006 — even though 3 million more votes were cast in 2018 compared to 2006.)

“How ironic would it be if those who are now bashing our criticism of Snipes in the end wind up arguing that a ballot design error made by her is the reason the Democrats lost?” Rubio said Sunday.

Other Republicans suggested that Democrats shouldn’t get their hopes up as the recounts get underway.
A crowd protests outside the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, in Lauderhill, Fla. A possible recount looms in a tight Florida governor, Senate and agriculture commission race. (AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

A crowd protests outside the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, in Lauderhill, Fla. A possible recount looms in a tight Florida governor, Senate and agriculture commission race. (AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

“Scott trails DeSantis by 10,754 votes in Broward, and Nelson trails Gillum by 10,343,” a Scott campaign source told Fox News. “The idea that the undervotes in Broward County is an opportunity for Nelson to significantly close the gap is not and has never been based on anything but fantasy.”

The recount in most other major population centers, including Miami-Dade and Pinellas and Hillsborough counties in the Tampa Bay area, was ongoing without incident on Sunday. Smaller counties are expected to begin their reviews Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Republicans have repeatedly cried foul throughout the process, both in court and outside Florida election offices. On Saturday, GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz compared Broward County to a “banana republic” and posted video apparently showing him being denied access to election facilities on “safety” grounds.

Protesters chanted, “Lock her up” outside the building earlier in the day, referring to Snipes.

Rubio and other Florida officials have posted numerous videos and images on social media apparently showing boxes of ballots being left behind in public spaces or improperly loaded onto private trucks.

At an emergency court hearing on Friday, state Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips ruled there has “been a violation of the Florida Constitution,” as well as the state’s public records act, by Broward officials who had not turned over requested records about the number of votes to be counted. But, Gaetz said, Florida officials were still blocking Republicans from monitoring how they were handling boxes of ballots.

“We have very specific laws in the state to try to prevent fraud,” Scott, the incumbent Florida governor, told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “We had to go to court to force the supervisor of elections in Palm Beach County and Broward County to comply with the law, which is there to prevent fraud.”…

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Criminals: Lawyers for Democrat Gillum, Nelson Campaigns Objected To Non-Citizen’s Vote Being Denied

For years, the GOP and millions of independents have talked about voter fraud, knowingly shaking our heads but always assuming that good would prevail and our numbers would overwhelm the Democrat fraud and skulduggery.

How did those with the power to do something not see this day coming?

This is almost certainly not an isolated incident.

How many of the “voters” of the tens of thousands of newly found ballots are non-citizens?

How many even really exist at all?

The Democrats are stealing numerous crucial elections before our very eyes, and destroying our free republic.

“Lawyers for Gillum, Nelson campaigns objected to noncitizen’s vote being denied,” by Adam Shaw, Fox News, November 10, 2018:

Lawyers for the Florida Democratic gubernatorial and Senate candidates objected Friday to the rejection of a provisional ballot cast by a noncitizen, according to a transcript obtained by Fox News.

The incident occurred during a canvassing meeting Friday in Palm Beach County, where provisional ballots were being examined. According to the draft transcript of the meeting, taken by a court reporter hired by the Florida Republican Party, a provisional ballot was ordered excluded from the count, as it came from a non-U.S. citizen.

“First one of these we’ve seen,” said Judge August Bonativa.

“Not a U.S. citizen, not counted.” said Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, according to the transcript.

It was at this point where lawyers representing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., issued objections — although they did not give reasons for those objections. The objections were noted, but the vote was still not counted.

The Nelson campaign distanced itself from the objections, which it said that it had not authorized.

“The lawyer who was present was not someone we had authorized to make such an objection. Noncitizens cannot vote in U.S. elections,” Marc Elias, recount attorney for the Nelson campaign, said in a statement. The Gillum campaign did not respond to a request for comment….

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Corrupt Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes Mixed Invalid Provisional Ballots Into Valid Batch

Senior Democrat leadership, all the way up to President Obama, spied on Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and then tried to cover it up with some bogus Russia story. Put nothing past these usurpers. Evil.

How is a clown with a history of illegal vote tampering in charge of this circus?


Broward County’s elections supervisor mixed 20 invalid ballots with a pile of 205 valid ballots, giving more fuel to Republicans who have alleged Democrats are trying to steal the U.S. Senate election from Gov. Rick Scott, R-Fla., who faces incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson.

The mistake was discovered after Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes agreed to turn over 205 provisional ballots to the county’s canvassing board for inspection, according to the Miami Herald.

County officials collected more than 600 provisional ballots on Election Day, a majority of which were deemed invalid for reasons such as registering to vote too late or voting at the wrong precinct.

However, a couple hundred provisional ballots were set aside because of a connectivity issue with the system used to look up voter registrations. Precinct workers had 205 voters fill out provisional ballots when the system at the precincts showed they weren’t registered voters, which differed from information at Broward election headquarters.

Upon reviewing those provisional ballots, the canvassing board found 20 of those 205 votes had mismatched signatures and said they were illegal. Those votes have already been counted in a voting machine, but have not been added to the final vote count.

“The ballots cannot be identified,” Snipes confirmed when a lawyer for the Republican Party asked, according to the Miami Herald.

It’s unclear what happens next, but both parties cried foul upon hearing the news.

“This process doesn’t exist. The process is that the ballots aren’t opened. I would suggest to the board that this process would stop,” said Leonard Collins, a lawyer for the Florida Republican Party.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio called the matter “lawlessness.” Democratic lawyer Marc Elias said he expected some of the voters affected to “fight for their votes.”

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Democrats Stealing Elections In Florida, Arizona & Missouri – Feds May Get Involved In Recount

I am not familiar with legal procedure on this, but when immoral partisan criminals, a longtime Democrat tradition (see Tammany Hall), declare war on the Americans’ free and fair elections, there must be recourse.

Hannity, November 9, 2018:

President Trump addressed the ongoing election issues plaguing south Florida Friday morning; saying Broward County has a “horrible history” and officials are suddenly “finding votes out of nowhere.”

The Commander-in-Chief was speaking with reporters on the White House lawn when he was asked to comment on allegations of widespread corruption during the midterm elections; saying “it could be.”

“Because if you look at Broward County, they have had a horrible history. And if you look at the person, in this case a woman, involved, she has had a horrible history, and all of a sudden, they’re finding votes out of nowhere and Rick Scott, who won by…a comfortable margin but close every couple hours it goes down a little bit.”


By Joseph Hoft, November 9, 2018:

With voter fraud and integrity issues in Florida, Arizona and across the nation – the entire US election system requires review and repairs.

Yesterday, we found out that voter ballots in Florida’s Democrat led Broward County were being transferred between vehicles and loaded on a rental van during the election. Every day new votes are added to Democrat candidates in close races nationwide.

Florida, Arizona and Montana all had tight Senate races with Republicans holding the lead on election night and then just like that, days later, Democrats miraculously pull out victories.

Dan Bongino commented that in Florida there is early and now late voting. But only Democrats are allowed to vote in the after election ballots.

Democrats complain but only in situations where they lose (see 2016 Presidential election for example).

In tight races, Democrats are always the party who magically (fraudulently) obtain thousands of late votes –
A Gallop Poll that was reportedly correct since 1946 predicted Republicans to win the House. This year, after 80 years of being spot on, it is suddenly incorrect:

Hillary Clinton protested the results of three states after the last Presidential election, because those states would put her over the top. The problem was that President Trump won by too many votes. God only knows how many fake ballots were in the results already.

In one recent election, Philadelphia had more votes that electors in a district. In Detroit in 2016 some votes were so overstated in the inner city they could not be recounted which meant the original and fraudulent vote totals were used. God only knows what goes on in big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis and more. These are the only strongholds for Democrats. Are they all fraudulent?
Republicans have to wake up and smell the coffee. They will never win elections if this continues. As it is, Republicans have to win by supermajorities to outright win elections.

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Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Democrats’ Path To Ruin In 2020: Subpoenas, Investigations, Even Possible Impeachment Talks

This is the Democrat party platform? To investigate the President because the Dems still have not gotten over 2016? Incredible.

The important power is in the Senate — judicial nominees, SCOTUS, etc. — and so the gains for us in the Senate are crucial. The Democrat House will be a pain in the ass. The Democrats will work to undermine the President. Perhaps impeachment. What else is new? My money is on Trump.

“Those that worked with me in this incredible midterm election, embracing certain policies and principles, did very well,” Trump tweeted. “Those that did not, say goodbye! Yesterday was such a very Big Win, and all under the pressure of a Nasty and Hostile Media!”

The party out of power generally takes the House. In a historical context, Trump fared very well. Obama lost 64 House.seats and 12 Senate seats. George Bush lost 30.

As for the Republican party, the blame lies with the anti-Trumpers. We had the House and still Trump couldn’t repeal Obamacare or pass immigration reform because of the different factions in the Rep party.

The 2018 midterm election wasn’t a disaster for Donald Trump like it usually is for the president’s party: Republicans strengthened their control over the Senate even as the lost command of the House for the first time in eight years.

How unusual is that? It’s only the third time in the past 104 years that the party holding the White House has gained seats in the Senate in a mid-term election while losing seats the House. The same split outcome also occurred in 1970, 1962 and 1914.

Historically, the party in the White House has lost a badly in midterm elections, especially when a president’s job-approval rating was below 50%, as it is now with Trump. The president’s party has lost an average of 37 seats since the end of World War II.


By Gregg Re, FOX News, November 7, 2018:

The incoming Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has the power to open a slew of investigations into the White House and President Trump when the new Congress is seated in January, and early indications are that Democrats plan to aggressively take advantage of their new authority.

But the president fired a warning shot early Wednesday morning, declaring he would turn the tables and leverage his party’s Senate majority to investigate Democrats if they go that route.

“If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!” Trump tweeted.

Bogging down the Trump administration with burdensome document requests and subpoenas could indeed backfire, political analysts tell Fox News, but there is little doubt that the strategy — made more viable by heightened partisanship and loosened congressional norms — would impair Republicans’ messaging and even policy goals for the next two years.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who aims to reclaim the position of House speaker when her colleagues vote on leadership roles in the coming weeks, recently seemed to threaten to use congressional subpoenas as a cudgel against the White House.

“Subpoena power is interesting, to use it or not to use it,” Pelosi said at a conference in October, referring to the authority of House committees to summon individuals and organizations to testify or provide documents under penalty of perjury. “It is a great arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects.” She added that she would use the power “strategically.” (Trump has flatly called Pelosi’s plan “illegal.”)

On Tuesday night, as it became clear Democrats would retake the House, Pelosi appeared to double down on that rhetoric, declaring that the midterms were about “restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration.”

“In sharp contrast to the GOP Congress, a Democratic Congress will be led with transparency and openness, so the public can see what’s happening and how it affects them. … We will have accountability,” Pelosi said.

“A Democratic Congress will be led with transparency and openness.”
— House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Pelosi has said that unearthing Trump’s personal tax returns would be “one of the first things we’d do” in an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, calling it the “easiest thing in the world” to obtain them using statutory authority granted to congressional committees under the Internal Revenue Service code. Democrats made several efforts to obtain Trump’s returns while in the minority, only to be rejected by House Republicans.

Trump would likely seek to stall those requests with legal challenges, and it remains unclear whether Democrats could publicly release his tax returns even if they obtained them for investigative purposes.

Before a rally in Indiana on Monday, Trump brushed off the threat. “I don’t care,” he said. “They can do whatever they want, and I can do whatever I want.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler, the Democrat who was projected to win New York’s 10th congressional district, warned Trump in a tweet his administration would be “held accountable.”

“Tonight, the American people have demanded accountability from their government and sent a clear message of what they want from Congress,” he wrote. Trump “may not like it, but he and his administration will be held accountable to our laws and to the American people.”

House committees can effectively hold in statutory contempt anyone who refuses to fully comply with a subpoena relevant to the committee’s legislative purpose and pertinent to its investigation. While criminal penalties, including fines and even imprisonment, are then possible with a judge’s approval, separation-of-powers issues emerge when the House tries to penalize a member of the Executive branch.

In 2014, a federal judge denied House Republicans’ efforts to hold then-Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of court, saying the move was “entirely unnecessary.”

But even fruitless investigations can beleaguer and derail administrations, and historical evidence suggests they are becoming a popular partisan tool in the lower chamber for that reason.

Research conducted by Cornell University political science professor Douglas Kriner, who co-wrote the 2016 book “Investigating the President: Congressional Checks on Presidential Power,” underscores how important control of the House, as opposed to the generally less partisan and slower-moving Senate, is to these congressional probes.
Adam Schiff pledges to continue Russia investigationVideo

“We examined every congressional investigation from 1898 to 2014 – more than 11,900 days of investigative hearings,” Kriner told Fox News. “What we found is that divided government is a major driver of investigations in the House. This is particularly true in periods of intense partisan polarization. For example, from 1981-2014, the House averaged holding 67 days of investigative hearings per year in divided government, versus only 18 per year in unified government.”

Kriner added that modern congressional probes seem geared towards “maximiz[ing] the political damage on the White House,” rather than producing more substantive results. “Investigations are less likely to trigger new legislation than in previous, less polarized eras,” Kriner told Fox News.

President Trump has repeatedly derided the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into possible illegal Russian collusion and obstruction of justice as a “partisan witch hunt,” saying it’s fueled by Democrats upset that he won the 2016 election. But it’s not clear how effective those attacks have been: An August poll showed that 59 percent of registered voters approve of Mueller’s investigation.

The House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Adam Schiff, already has warned his party would relaunch the Russia probe in the House with Democrats in charge.

“We will be able to get answers the Republicans were unwilling to pursue,” he recently told CNN.
Maxine Waters renews calls to impeach President TrumpVideo

Democrats have an array of potential avenues of investigation to pursue aside from Russia. In September, a federal judge ruled that Democrats have standing to sue Trump over potential violations of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which ostensibly precludes the president from accepting certain foreign favors. While the legal argument that Trump is violating this clause by maintaining lucrative and profitable overseas investments is far from settled, Democrats’ pursuit of this line of argument offers some clues into what their investigations might focus on.

University of North Carolina Law Professor Michael Gerhardt, a constitutional expert who testified during impeachment proceedings of former President Bill Clinton, told Fox News in an interview that Democrats might focus on Trump’s financial ties to Saudi Arabia.

“It is possible — would not be a surprise — if there were some interest in exploring the president’s Saudi connections or finances,” Gerhardt said, before adding: “It would also not surprise me if the Democrats did not pursue these things.”

The killing of dissident Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Turkey last month led to heightened scrutiny of the past connections between Trump’s business empire and the Islamic country. The president initially condemned what he characterized as a rush to judgment against the Saudi government, before saying that its agents had apparently engaged in the “worst cover-up ever.”

Trump has tweeted that he has “no financial interests in Saudi Arabia,” and there is no evidence that he currently does. However, he has repeatedly touted his real estate deals with the country, saying at a 2015 rally that “they buy apartments from me” and “spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.”

In August, Axios published a spreadsheet circulating among Republican circles on Capitol Hill documenting possible areas of focus for Democratic investigations. They include the White House’s revocation of top former officials’ security clearances, Trump’s unreleased tax returns, and the administration’s proposed travel ban and a prohibition on transgender individuals in the military. Other topics on the list, which Axios said originated in the office of a senior Republican lawmaker, are Trump’s personal iPhone use and his personal payment to porn star Stormy Daniels — a move that implicated, but did not appear to definitively violate campaign finance law.

Frequent Trump critic Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., said in an interview last week that Democrats intend to “exercise oversight over the executive branch the way the Framers intended.”

He went on to mirror Pelosi’s threat: “We would be able to get Donald Trump’s tax returns to see if he’s being influenced by foreign entities. … We can call in the secretary of Homeland Security [to] ask her why she still has hundreds of children she has not reunited that she ripped away from parents at the border. There are a lot of things that we can do with our oversight responsibility.”

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings, D-Md., who is poised to become the committee’s chairman, offered another possible angle in an interview with The Hill. “I want to look at what President Trump has done, aided and abetted by the Republicans in Congress, to tear down the foundations of our democracy,” he said.

Republicans who control the Oversight committee have rejected more than 50 Democratic requests for subpoenas of Trump administration documents, covering everything from the White House’s decision not to defend key provisions of ObamaCare in court, to perks used by Cabinet members.

A particularly prominent possible investigation would revolve around Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, which critics have cited as potential obstruction of justice in part because Trump acknowledged that Russia-related matters were on his mind at the time.

“The cover-up is always worse than the crime, and this one is very shady,” Andrew Hall, who represented a top adviser to then-President Richard Nixon during Watergate, said in an interview. Hall has maintained that Trump will “undoubtedly be impeached.”

However, legal experts, including emeritus Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, have said that penalizing the president for firing an FBI director who serves at his pleasure would be unconstitutional, and others have pointed out that Comey’s firing would have done little to halt the Russia probe generally.

Mueller’s findings, which are expected to be submitted to Congress in a matter of months, might provide a launching point not only for further investigations but for even impeachment proceedings.

“Impeachments tend to be driven by particular events that are instances of grave misconduct — not liking someone or being an opponent is not likely to be enough to get the whole process started,” Gerhardt told Fox News.

Such an escalation, analysts warn, would potentially pose a risk to Democrats. “I don’t think there is something as well developed as a tradition not to seek an impeachment when it appears conviction is unlikely or unthinkable,” Gerhardt added. “Nonetheless, I think there is always awareness of the possible risks of seeking an impeachment when conviction is impossible.”

Handling many of these congressional inquiries will be the new White House Counsel, veteran high-powered Washington lawyer Pat Cipollone, who will oversee an office that dwindled from a staff of approximately 50 to fewer than 30 in recent weeks. That headcount is expected to expand significantly in the wake of Democrats’ House takeover.

“He’s very talented and he’s a very good man,” Trump said last month, referring to Cipollone. In a campaign email in the days leading up to Tuesday’s vote, the president made an impassioned effort to cut down on Cipollone’s workload, saying Democrats are interested only in “vicious obstruction and mindless resistance.”

“We can only imagine what they’d do with legitimate power in our government,” Trump said. “We can’t hand Democrats the keys to Congress. We can’t go back.”

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

George Soros Partners With #MASTERCARD To Hand Out Money To Migrants

The left have amassed immense resources and corralled corporate  philanthropic fortunes (Amazon, Apple, et al). Collectivism vs the individual. That’s you and me.

“I fancied myself as some kind of god …” he wrote. “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.” When asked by Britain’s Independent newspaper to elaborate on that statement, Soros doubled down: “It is a sort of disease when you consider yourself some kind of god, the creator of everything, but I feel comfortable about it now since I began to live it out.”

Soros fast facts:

Soros was flatly opposed to the War on Terror after 9/11 and declared the U.S. response to al Qaeda to be morally equivalent to the terrorist attacks: “We abhor terrorists, because they kill innocent people for political goals. But by waging war on terror we are doing the same thing.”

In 2006, Soros said that “the main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States.” Not Iran, not Russia, not China, not Islamist terrorist groups, not transnational crime . . . the United States.

In 2010, he declared that China has “a better functioning government than the United States.”

He has generously donated to groups that call on governments the world over to sever or downgrade their diplomatic relations with Israel and calls for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. He’s made several comments that some interpreted as blaming Jews for anti-Semitism, such as, “I don’t think that you can ever overcome anti-Semitism if you behave as a tribe . . . the only way you can overcome it is if you give up the tribalness.”

He wrote in 2007, “I do believe that attitudes toward Israel are influenced by Israel’s policies, and attitudes toward the Jewish community are influenced by the pro-Israel lobby’s success in suppressing divergent views.”

Soros’s comments either deliberately or inadvertently feed into the notion of Jewish control of American politics:

The pro-Israel lobby has been remarkably successful in suppressing criticism. Politicians challenge it at their peril because of the lobby’s ability to influence political contributions. . . . Academics had their advancement blocked and think-tank experts their funding withdrawn when they stepped too far out of line. Anybody who dares to dissent may be subjected to a campaign of personal vilification… Some leaders of the Democratic Party have promised to bring about a change of direction but they cannot deliver on that promise until they are able to resist the dictates of AIPAC.

Soros is not a fan of national borders or border enforcement. When criticizing Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban in 2017, Soros said, “[Orban’s] plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.” In many interviews, Soros has decried nationalism and national identity as a menace.

He contended that withdrawing from the Iran deal is “effectively destroying the transatlantic alliance.”



Billionaire investor George Soros has repeatedly denied rumors that he is helping to finance the migrant caravans making their way up from Honduras and Guatemala through Mexico with the ultimate aim of reaching the US.

But that’s about to change, as the “Open Society” founder – who famously financed much of the opposition to Trump SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh – is now partnering with Mastercard to hand out money (in the form of ‘investment capital’) to migrants, refugees and “others struggling within their communities worldwide,” according to Reuters. Through their partnership, Soros is effectively providing open financial support for migrants and refugees seeking to enter the US and Europe.

The partnership between Soros and Mastercard, which they are calling Humanity Ventures, is the result of a pledge that Soros made in September to spend $500 million to address “the challenges facing migrants and refugees.”

In a statement, Soros and Mastercard declared that government aid programs haven’t been enough to solve the issues facing refugees, suggesting that this is a problem that only the private sector can solve.

Migrants are often forced into lives of despair in their host communities because they cannot gain access to financial, healthcare and government services,” Soros said.

“Our potential investment in this social enterprise, coupled with Mastercard’s ability to create products that serve vulnerable communities, can show how private capital can play a constructive role in solving social problems,” he added.

Right away, Soros plans to spend $50 million to provide “scaleable” health-care and education solutions. He intends to ‘invest’ the money in businesses founded by migrants.

“Humanity Ventures is intended to be profitable so as to stimulate involvement from other businesspeople,” Soros said.

“We also hope to establish standards of practice to ensure that investments are not exploitative of the vulnerable communities we intend to serve.”

Soros has said that he would prefer ‘Humanity Ventures’ to be profitable to attract “other businesspeople”, it’s unclear how, exactly, he plans to earn anything approaching a reasonable rate of return by handing out risk free loans to migrants and refugees.

This comes after Master Card back in 2016 admitted that it has handed out prepaid debit cards to migrants and refugees traveling through Europe, something the company did with the explicit blessing of the European Union and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Perhaps MSNBC and other liberals who blindly claim that Soros and his network of non-profits aren’t providing financial assistance to migrants approaching the US should consider this before they continue with their denials.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Insanely Long List Of Democrat Candidates Running On Antisemitism & Hate

Below, information about the anti-Semitic Democratic Party candidates running for office in 2018. Links and short blurbs provided, one can click for more. Scroll highlighted areas for quick overview.

These candidates are the newbies. Information about those Democratic Party anti-Semites already in office, the Democratic Party Congressional Eight Farrakhan Fan Club, as well as report on the 7o Congressional Democrats (only Democrats) that signed an snti-Israel (J Street) petition, are below the listing of the new anti-Semitic Democratic candidates.

What makes them anti-Semitic? They all trade on a narrative of lies about Israel. By omission and/or commission, lying about Israel is lying about Jews. That’s antisemitism.

Democratic Senators Gillibrand and Cory Booker have both made radical turns against Israel.  Their recent actions are blurbed at the bottom of this communication.

The Republican Party of Virginia accused the Democratic nominee for a state congressional district race of being a “virulent anti-Semite.” Leslie Cockburn received the Democratic nomination for the 5th Congressional District race on Saturday afternoon, during the Democrat’s convention in Farmville, Virginia.

The statement noted the book that she authored with her husband, Andrew, titled “Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship.”  According to the statement, Democrat “Cockburn’s book advocated for the inherently anti-Semitic belief that Israel controls America’s foreign policy.”


The foundation run by Pennsylvania Democratic congressional candidate Scott Wallace has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to organizations that promote the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.

 Memo: Dem Candidate Scott Wallace Member of Secretive Soros Club.   Wallace listed as a partner in the Democracy Alliance, the left’s biggest dark money network.. Dem candidate is a donor to the big Soros group that advocates against USA/Israel/Jews.


The primary victory of Ocasio-Cortez over Crowley may represent a broader shift in the Democratic Party towards the more progressive wing championed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has strongly condemned Israel’s actions in recent months.

7-17-18  Hot Democratic Party Congressional candidate calls Israel an “occupier” than admits she knows nothing.

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Hammered After Anti-Israel Remarks, Admitting Ignorance.

She made comments with anti-Semitic undertones that prompted even left-leaning pundits to express embarrassment over her remarks.

7-31-18   DYNAMIC DUO:  Democratic Party Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Gig Name Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour Headline Muslim Association  of America event.  New star of Democratic Party, a liar about Israel, hangs with big name anti-Semite, Linda Sarsour


8-2-18  Texas Democratic Congressman, Beto O’Rourke, now running for Senate, was one of the House Democrats to  sign on to anti-Israel Democratic Party letter to fund Hamas. O’Rourke is running for Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.  (The letter was a J St. initiative.)


8-6-18  Michigan Democratic PartyCongressional Candidate, Palestinian American Lawyer Rashida Tlaib, Pushes an Anti-Israel Agenda.  There is no Republican candidate registered in the battle for this congressional seat, so the winner of the Democratic primary will likely be the new US Representative.

Tlaib won the primary.

8-12-18  Democratic Party Palestinian Congressional Candidate Tlaib ASSAULTS Jewish Journalist at Political Event  (when asked if she would condemn Hamas and call Hamas a terrorist organization as does the US government).

8-12-18 Rashida Tlaib assaults a Jewish journalist who asked if Tlaib would condemn Hamas and label it a terrorist organization as the US government does.

8-14-18  Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib Says She Will ‘Absolutely’ Vote Against Aid to Israel


6-11-18   Anti-Israel Ellison’s Possible Replacement? Another Israel-Hater.

Democrat Ilan Omar says Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah open up the world’s eyes to Israel’s evil.  (Ilan Omar won the Democratic Party primary).

7-9-18   Muslim Democrat running for Congress blames Israel for ‘evil doings’ in Gaza.   In a November 2012 tweet, Ilhan Omar, who is currently a Minnesota state representative, said that “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

In May, Omar responded to criticism of the 2012 tweet, by accusing Israel of being an “apartheid state.”

7-9-18  Democratic Party Muslim candidate, Ilan Omar, for Congress calls Israel ‘apartheid regime’.  Minnesota Democratic Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar accuses Israel of ‘hypnotizing the world.

10-28-18  Dem Candidate Iilan Omar defending tweet on “The Evil Doings of Israel”


7-30-18  “Moderate” Muslim Gubernatorial Candidate Abdul el-Sayed Campaigns with Vile Anti-Semites, Terror Supporters and Farrakhan Followers

Fortunately, this one lost his primary.


8-27-18 The Democratic Party’s new normal:

Munich Massacre Mastermind’s Grandson, Ammar Campa-Najjar, Sets Sights on Congress

(How did his family gain entry to the US?)

9-4-18   A Dem. Congressional candidate whose entire family links to Hamas

The U.S. Democratic Congressional Central Committee endorses and funds a congressional candidate whose entire family links to Hamas.

Ammar Campa-Najjar 28, is the Democrat candidate running for congress in California’s 50th Congressional district in the San Diego and El Cajon area. He is the grandson of one of the masterminds of the Munich terror attack staged in 1972 by the PLO faction Black September. Black September was created back then to launch terror attacks not only against Jews in Israel, but to memorialize a failed PLO overthrow of Jordan’s Hashemite Arab kingdom as well as carry out attacks against the United States and EU.

The Democratic Party Central Committee in California has endorsed Ammar Campa-Najjar for the spot after a primary, sidelining Josh Bentner, another Democrat hopeful and former Navy SEAL as the party candidate who came in second and might still run as an independent.

9-30-18   Democratic candidate opens the door to Congress for Hamas

Democratic Central Committee opens the door to Congress for Hamas by running Ammar Campa-Najjar for 50th Congressional District.

10-11-18  Ammar Campa-Najjar: Black September and Munich mastermind  grandson and CAIR’s candidate in California.. His campaign has given money to anti-Semitic Hamas front C.A.I.R.

10-16-18   Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar calls his Black September grandpa a ‘legend’.


8-31-18 Mich. Dem Gubernatorial, Gretchen Whitmer, Candidate Declines to Oppose Israel Boycotts


Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer is coming under scrutiny for declining to take a stance on boycotts of Israel and congressional legislation aimed at cutting funding to groups backing such efforts, raising further questions about her support for Israel in light of her running mate’s earlier support for the Hamas terrorist group and harsh criticism of Israel’s supporters. “She couldn’t bring herself to say one word in support of Israel.

9-2-18   Democratic running mate for governor in Michigan, Garlin Gilchrist, supported Hamas, blasted politicians for ‘kissing Israel’s ass’

A 2009 Tweet reveals that Garlin Gilchrist, the running mate of Michigan Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer, wrote: “I‘m suck [sic] of politicians and Evangelicals kissing Israel‘s ass regardless of what they do in the name of ‘defense.’ ”

9-5-18 Michigan Democrat: Hamas legitimate – Israel is the aggressor

Democratic candidate for Michigan Governor refuses to denounce BDS, while running mate has history of anti-Israel statements.


Dem Candidate Ayanna Pressley Held Event With Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Members Outside Radical Mosque.   Pressley upset Capuano in primary shocker

Democratic congressional candidate Ayanna Pressley appeared outside a mosque that has played host to numerous radical figures during her primary campaign this year.    Pressley sent yet another shock to the Democratic establishment by defeating ten-term congressman Michael Capuano.

9-7-18    Dem candidate for Congress, Ayanna Pressley,  supports a House bill introduced by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) that would mandate the U.S. government cut its military assistance to Israel.

9-6-18   When talking to a Lefty podcaster, Andrew Gillum, Florida’s candidate for governor lets loose against Israel.

9-12-18 Florida Dem. Gov. Candidate Gillum Aligns With Groups That Support Boycotts of Israel

Associations fueling questions from Florida’s large pro-Israel community.

He opposes our embassy in Jerusalem, he does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal and indivisible capital, and he even criticizes Israel’s response against Hamas [militants] in May of 2018.

9-12-18  Florida Governor Candidate ‘Proud and Pleased’ With Pro-BDS Group’s Endorsement

9-13-18 Andrew Gillum Encouraged Attendees at CAIR-Hosted Conference Promoting Boycott of Israel

A CAIR-Florida press release from February 12, 2016 documents all.

9-17-18 Andrew Gillum supported by a nasty Leftists group.  The organization spent $3.5 million helping far Left Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum beat his opponent calls for an “end” to capitalism,  rants against Independence Day (July 4)  and spreads malicious falsehoods about Israel.  The organization, Dream Defenders strongly supports the extremist Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting the Jewish state. Its website labels the entire State of Israel as the “continued settler colonial project.” It pushes the false charges that “Israel was declared on top of stolen Palestinian land, with Zionist militias committing massacres and forced evictions, then immediately ethnically cleansing over 750,000 Palestinians from the lands, and internally displacing thousands more.”

9-27-18  Florida gubernatorial candidate Gillum, linked to Dream Defenders, whose founder has ties to Palestinian terror group

9-21-18  Andrew Gillum’s Running Mate, Chris King, Claimed Jews ‘Nailed’ Him To ‘The Cross’ After He Lost Student Government Election At Harvard

10-17-18  Andrew Gillum Graduated Training School That Spawned Soros Army of Revolutionaries.  Gillum attended the same Soros-funded Leftist school as the notorious Linda Sarsour.

10-26-18   Andrew Gillum throws female Jewish journalist out of an event he has holding in a synagogue.  Video.

10-30-18   Andrew Gillum’s group trained, gave award to anti-Israel Dream Defender’s founder

11-1-18  Gillum’s Ties to Anti-Israel Radicals More Extensive Than

Previously Known.

Candidate’s former employer tied toanti-israel groups, sponsored event with terror tied group.


9-14-18  Anti-Semitic pretend Jew, Julia Salazar,  wins Democratic primary for NY State Assembly.  She pretended to be Jewish but is actually a Christian  anti-Zionist activist, affiliated with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ), the pro-BDS Jewish Voice for Peace, the anti-Zionist Mondoweiss, IfNotNow, and—how could she not—Linda Sarsour?


9-14-18   Facing Off In Wisconsin: Self-Hating Jew Vs. Bible-Loving Christian

The Democratic candidate for the 6th Congressional district of Wisconsin is Dan Kohl.  Democratic Party Congressional candidate, Dan Kohl, is a founding member of J Street, an anti-Israel organization made up of Leftist Jewish Americans. Recently it has been unequivocally proven that J Street both funds and supports organizations that promote BDS – the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement against Israel.




3-14-18  The Eight Farrakhan Adoring Congressional Democrats:

Team Farrakhan in US Congress are all Democrats. Those members are Reps Keith Ellison (D-MN), Maxine Waters (D-CA), Danny Davis (D-Il), Al Green (D-TX), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Andre Carson (D-IN), Gregory Meeks (D-NY), and James E. (Jim) Clyburn (D-SC).

10-18-18   Louis Farrakhan:  Jews are termites

Nation of Islam leaders posts on Twitter: “I’m not anti-Semite.  I’m anti-termite”.  Twitter says its company policy not violated.

10-22-18  Keith Ellison says Hitler-admiring Farrakhan has some things to offer in the 1990’s, referring to civil rights movement.  In the 1990’s Farrakhan was already a well-known anti-Semitie – and Ellison was already a  Farrakhan sycophant. Ellison still does not break with Farrakhan


8-1-18   70 Democrats in Congress sign J St.’s petition urging Trump to renew aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza – while Hamas is terrorizing Israel.


10-7-18  Gillibrand makes a hard Left turn.  Now buddies with big anti-Semite Sarsour:

WATCH: Linda Sarsour Introduces Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand At Anti-Kavanaugh Event

9-25-18  Democratic Party idol (Gillibrand’s favorite) Sarsour blood libels Jews.  She says that Israel is behind US policemen shooting innocent blacks.

10-4-18   Five Reasons Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Is Dangerous for Israel

1 – Gillibrand broke from the mainstream of the Democratic party when she withdrew support from the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act,” which opposes the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel.

2 – Gillibrand provided key support for President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, which the Israeli government strongly opposed over security concerns. She also opposed Trump’s decision to leave the Iran accord in hopes of negotiating a better deal.

3 – Gillibrand glowingly praised virulent anti-Israel activist and radical Linda Sarsour.

4  – Gillibrand sided with an anti-Israel activist who claimed the Israeli government does not respect Palestinian rights. She also criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who offered the Palestinians a state on numerous occasions, as “not hav[ing] a plan for peace.”

5 – Gillibrand voted against confirming Israel supporter David Friedman as President Trump’s ambassador to Israel.




8-4-18   Democratic senator compares Israeli security to Mexico wall

Sen. Cory Booker poses with sign linked to anti-Israel movement.

8-6-18     Senator Cory Booker Pals With Anti-Israel BDS Terror-Linked Group

8-18-18    We can read the sign: Cory Booker is dumping Israel

As a Democrat with presidential aspirations, it is understandable that Booker wishes to present his bona fides to the rising left-wing of the party. But the senator took the bait when he (wittingly or not) endorsed the pairing of anti-Israel and human-rights causes.

8-3-18  UK Labour Party style anti-Semitism takes over the Democratic Party.  The latest sign of the death of moderate Democrats.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

How Linda Sarsour Exploits Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

Linda Sarsour has called for jihad against President Trump, as well as for the slaughter of Jewish families. She recently warned against “humanizing” JewsShe avidly supports the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement, an economic boycott of the tiny Jewish state, which mirrors the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in the lead-up to the Holocaust.

Preceding Kristallnacht, the Nazis held several days calling for Germans to boycott Jewish-owned businesses.

BDS is no different.

Sarsour was outraged when a police officer and an FBI agent shot and killed a young black Muslim named Usaama Rahim in Boston on June 2, 2015, when Rahim lunged at them with a military-style knife as they attempted to question him about suspected terror-related activities.

Naturally, Sarsour said: “At the end of the day, a Black man was shot on a bus stop on his way to work and we should treat this like any other case of police violence.”

Usaama Rahim was involved in a plot with two other Muslims — their goal was to behead me.

And about Sarsour, there’s much more.

Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran, and it’s propagated by Linda Sarsour.

“Opinion: How Linda Sarsour exploits Pittsburgh synagogue massacre,” by Steven Emerson, The Algemeiner, November 1, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

Expressions of grief, shock, and solidarity came from all corners as a horrified nation learned about a Jew-hating gunman’s attack on a historic Pittsburgh synagogue.

Eleven Jews were killed because they were Jews, gathered for Shabbat services at the Tree of Life synagogue. Four Pittsburgh law enforcement officers were wounded as they raced toward the gunfire and prevented the tragedy from becoming even greater.

But one person’s statements of grief and solidarity stand out, largely because it contrasts a long record of sowing enmity and antisemitism. During a vigil on Sunday outside the White House, Linda Sarsour, microphone in hand, spoke of love and solidarity with American Jews.

“I hope that you commit and you join me and my sisters and brothers who are here today, to resist hate and choose unrelenting love every single time,” she said.

Her organization, MPower Change, issued a similar statement in Sarsour’s name, expressing “solidarity with our Jewish family, especially the community in Pittsburgh, after today’s horrific shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue. In the face of overwhelming hate, we choose unrelenting love and unity. We recommit ourselves to dismantling antisemitism and all forms of racism.”

How nice. If she is sincere, however, Sarsour would do well to revisit the years of hatred she has expressed against Israel, the Jewish state, which is a vital safeguard for Jews threatened by antisemitism around the globe. And she won’t have to look back very far.

Just last month, Sarsour spoke at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)’s national convention. She called herself an “unapologetic, pro-BDS, one-state solution supporting resistance supporter.”

By definition then, Sarsour’s ultimate ambition is a world with no Jewish state. BDS has been blasted as antisemitic, including by the Berlin State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, because it seeks to isolate Israel and many BDS leaders advocate Israel’s elimination. And a one-state solution would flood Israel demographically, stripping it of its Jewish majority.

At the same convention, Sarsour blamed the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) — the most prominent Jewish advocacy group in America — for the deaths of unarmed black people at the hands of police. Why? Because the ADL runs a program that takes high-ranking police officials to Israel, where they learn about fighting terrorism and other threats. To Sarsour, that means American police officers must “come back here and do what? Stop and frisk, killing unarmed black people across the country.”

You can listen to the whole clip for yourself.

Sarsour also argued at the ISNA convention that Muslims should not defend or “actually try to humanize the oppressor,” which was a reference to Israel.

Sarsour knows that she is seen as an antisemite. She made a video last year that seemed cynically devised to shut down those concerns. But in trying to condemn Jew-hatred, Sarsour couldn’t help but minimize its severity, saying, “It’s different than anti-Black racism or Islamophobia because it’s not systemic.”

During a discussion at New York’s New School a year ago, she blamed “Jewish media” for giving her a bad reputation.

Sarsour famously tweeted, “Nothing is creepier than Zionism,” and rejected offers of solidarity from pro-Israel Jews that are similar to what she claims to offer after the Pittsburgh massacre. Those aren’t views limited to criticism of specific Israeli policies, but a wholesale rejection of a Jewish homeland.

There are about 14.5 million Jews in the world, nearly half — 6.5 million — of whom live in Israel. Another estimated 5.7 million live here in the United States, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For the sake of argument, say only half of those Jews living outside Israel consider themselves Zionists (though the available data indicates the figure is much higher).

But that means that nearly 10 million of the world’s 14.5 million Jews are Zionists. Sarsour, by her own words, is hostile toward about 70 percent of world Jewry. But she’s no antisemite?…

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

Fascist Twitter Allows ‘Kill All Jews’ to Become a Trending Topic

Twitter apologized, but only because they were called out. They still haven’t done anything about the vile Jew-hatred spewed by Louis Farrakhan, and they won’t.

I have been shadow banned and many of my followers banned for being conservative, but that vile Jew-hater is sanctioned and normed.

Twitter has silenced numerous conservative voices in the run-up to the midterms, as have the other social media giants.

They are desperate to control the public discourse so that only leftists’ voices are heard, and the Democrats win big victories. Nor will this vile censorship end after the elections.

Antitrust action is urgently needed.

“Twitter Apologizes for Allowing ‘Kill All Jews’ to Become a Trending Topic,” by Charlie Nash, Breitbart, November 2, 2018 (thanks to Todd):

Twitter apologized, Friday, after allowing “Kill All Jews” to becoming a top trending topic on the social network.

“Kill All Jews” became a top trending topic on Twitter, Thursday, after the phrase was graffitied by a vandal onto a Brooklyn synagogue.

“This phrase should not have appeared in trends, and we’re sorry for this mistake,” claimed a Twitter spokesman to the Wrap. “At times, we do prevent certain content from trending and we have now done so with this trend. This was trending as a result of coverage and horrified reactions to the vandalism against a synagogue in New York. Regardless, it should not have appeared as a trend.”

On Twitter’s help page, the company explains that sometimes it “may prevent certain content from trending,” including trends which, “Contain profanity or adult/graphic references,” “Incite hate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease,” and, “Violate the Twitter Rules.”

Twitter has faced repeated criticism for refusing to take action against anti-Semitism on its platform, most notably from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — despite the fact that Twitter frequently suspends popular conservative and libertarian accounts.

Just weeks before the fatal Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last month, Twitter refusedto take action against a post from Farrakhan which compared Jews to “termites.”

“Just in from a @Twitter spokesperson: Louis Farrakhan’s tweet comparing Jews to termites is not in violation of the company’s policies. The policy on dehumanizing language has not yet been implemented,” declared Buzzfeed News’ Joe Bernstein on Twitter in October. “So if you want to compare Jews to rats/insects — get it in while you can!”…

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller