Is Milk a Symbol of White Supremacy?

It is not surprising that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has come up with another ridiculous reason not to consume animal products. That they wish everyone to share their repulsion to meat and dairy products is troubling in and of itself, but that they make up silly connections to make one turn from these beloved food items is downright puzzling.

Take, for instance, the connection the PETA people have now made between the simple glass of milk and white hate groups.

Heat Street reports:

The animal rights group today released a new video to cry over milk, equating the nutritious drink with Nazism. Following the rise in Trump Derangement Syndrome and the progressive left’s hysteria over white supremacism, PETA states:

“Did you know that milk has long been a symbol used by white supremacists?”

It’s an alternative fact accompanied by an equally ludicrous video, which they published on social media. They call milk the neo-Nazi drink of choice, stating that it has “long been” a symbol used by white supremacist groups as a “thinly veiled allegory for racial purity.”

Now this would be scary, if not laughable. The evidence that they set before us as proof of this mass conspiracy is a stupid movie no one I know has even seen. This is the end of the mind that has rejected truth and reason. The only thing left to such a mind is imaginings and fairy-tales.

Heat Street continues:

So how did the association of white supremacism to milk even come about? Perhaps the answer lies in Inglourious Basterds’ Hans Landa’s love of delicious milk.

Rather than show true White Supremacist propaganda about milk and racial purity, they turn to the affinity of a fictional character for milk.

How silly.

Article reposted with permission from Patriot Update

Will Trump Act to Have Pastor Released from Turkish Jail?

It is not surprising that a Christian minister is in jail in a Muslim country. There are very few Islamic countries that allow the preaching of the gospel. Most Islamic nations have strict penalties for proselyting their citizens. But, the reason that this Christian minister has been jailed might surprise you.

It will also surprise you to know the location of the imprisonment. Turkey has not historically been hostile to Christians. And, for many years, missionaries and mission organizations have been granted relative freedom in Turkey. So why is this minister in jail?

Christian News reports:

Brunson and his wife Norine, who have been living in Turkey for over 20 years, were detained in Izmir in October. They were accused of having “membership in an armed terrorist organization,” specifically Fetullah Gulen, which is believed to have instigated a military coup against the government in July. Brunson leads Protestant Resurrection Church in the city.

According to World Watch Monitor, Turkish authorities have detained and/or jailed thousands in their efforts to find those behind the failed coup. While Brunson’s wife was released 12 days after being taken into custody, in December, Brunson was escorted into court, being told that a “secret informant” had accused him of involvement in terrorism. He was then imprisoned and has reportedly had little connection with the outside world.

This long time resident of Turkey has been jailed, not for his faith, but for doing something in opposition to his faith. He is accused of being a member of an Islamist terror group. He has been implicated in the attempted coup of the Turkish government. He has now turned to the Trump administration for help.

Christian News continues:

“I plead with my government—with the Trump administration—to fight for me. I ask the State Department to impose sanctions. I appeal to President Trump: Please help me. Let the Turkish government know that you will not cooperate with them in any way until they release me,” Andrew Munson wrote in a statement released by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). “Please do not leave me here in prison.”

Now the question remains: what will Trump do?

Article reposted with permission from Patriot Update

Abortionist Laughs and Jokes about Crushing Babies

As I reported yesterday, there is a new video from Center for Medical Progress. Once again, CMP has recorded Planned Parenthood employees discussing the criminal procedures of the murder factory. Yesterday, we saw that a doctor all but said that they allowed babies born alive to die, rather than rushing them to the hospital as required by law.

Now, we will see this same doctor making jokes and laughing at the crushing of her victims, and how chemicals made it easier to dismember the children in the womb.

Christian News reports:

“Research shows that Dig (short for Digoxin) doesn’t make the procedure easier in someone who is well trained, but I have to tell you anecdotally my biceps appreciate when the Dig works [to kill the baby],” DeShawn Taylor of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles stated, flexing her arm and giggling.

“It does not take me any longer to complete the procedure, but it takes more force,” she explained. “I remember when I was a fellow and I was training, I was like, ‘Oh, I have to hit the gym for this. I need to hit the gym.’”

As depraved as this sounds, it is worse to think that this person would allow a child to die, rather than administer the needed medical assistance to those born alive. We know that she knows what she is doing. We are aware of this by her admission that the appearance of the extracted child can be traumatizing.

Christian News continues:

During the conversation, Taylor also stated that she has to be careful for her staff’s sake that the baby is crushed enough that he or she doesn’t look like a person when removed from the womb.

“It’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact, but I gotta worry about my staff and people’s feelings about it coming out looking like a baby,” she outlined.

This should wake this woman up to the fact that what she is doing is murder. But, instead, she suppresses the truth.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Article reposted with permission from Patriot Update

John Podesta: Trump Threatens the Planet!

Hillary Clinton’s former head Campaign adviser has stated that the world is doomed. The reason for this is that Donald Trump has scaled back Obama’s business choking environmental restrictions. This kind of fear mongering points to the fact that Podesta believes that man is in control of all things.

Breitbart reports:

“Make no mistake, the Trump administration’s rampage against the environment presents an existential threat to the entire planet,” Podesta wrote in the Washington Post on Wednesday.

This is very strong language. Podesta wants to make it seem that what Trump is doing is going to wreck everything; that to go along with Trump’s policies will push us over the brink. Therefore, he makes clear that all Americans should resist these policies.

Breitbart continues:

He urged Americans to work against the administration’s environmental agenda.

“As Americans, we need to do all we can to stop the Trump administration and Republican leaders in Congress from implementing the most anti-environmental agenda in decades,” he said, adding that “resistance works.”

Once again, we see a Democrat calling for the hindrance of the current administration. The reason that Podesta, Obama, and others are pushing this idea is because they only love our political system when they win.

Now that they are out of power, they want to push against what America has chosen. They point to the popular vote as the real voice of Americans, hoping that America will forget that she is not a democracy. They believe that they are right and will make America the Utopian fantasy of Engels and Marx.

And “democracy” would be their way into total control.

Resistance is needed, but against the false “shadow government” that is opposing the voice of the people.

Article posted with permission from Michael Ware.

Texas Looks to Jail Sheriffs of Sanctuary Cities

How far do you think the government should go to make people comply with immigration laws? For many, the idea that the federal government could force things on cities and counties is going too far. But, what about the state?

If immigration laws are a federal affair, then can states impose penalties on Sanctuary Cities and Counties? Governor Abbott of Texas seems to think so.

Breitbart reports

On Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said he will confront the issue of cities that refuse to comply with immigration law by signing legislation that could jail sheriffs of sanctuary cities.

Abbott said, “We have been pushing a piece of legislation in Texas that is going to pass that I will be signing into law that imposes even sterner penalties on counties. It will include things such as further defunding them. It will impose fines. And it could impose jail time for these sheriffs to enforce the laws. Oddly enough these sheriffs could wind up behind the very bars they are releasing these criminals from.”

The thought that these sheriffs could face jail time for not complying might seem harsh. No doubt, many on the Left will cry foul if this bill becomes law. But, once again, we see that the Left does not like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

Just a few years ago, many of those who will oppose this law were all for magistrates facing jail time for “not doing their job.” The forced conformity of magistrates like Kim Davis over the same-sex union issue was good in the eyes of most Democrats.

Now, will they show their hypocrisy on this issue?

Article posted with permission from Michael Ware

Rachel Dolezal: I Identify as Black

We all remember the white head of a NAACP chapter that was outed last year. She claimed that she was a black girl trapped in a white body. Such foolishness seems now to be normal in some groups, but wholly unbelievable by most people.

Now, this crazy woman has written a book about her life. I cannot believe that others would read this but, some have. She now claims that her issue is political, rather than ethnic.

Heat Street reports:

Promoting the book on The Today Show, Dolezal was asked by co-anchor Savannah Guthrie to justify why she insists on describing herself as a member of the African American community instead of merely identifying with the group.

Dolezal corrected Guthrie, saying “I don’t identify as African American, I identify as black.

“I am part of the Pan-African diaspora and I definitely feel like in America, even though race is a social construct and we’ve acknowledged this in academia and in science there still is a line drawn in the sand.

To me, this seems to be a twisting of words. What Dolezal is saying is that there is a race war and she is choosing to oppose her own race. But, does this type of money grubbing rhetoric only further the claims of groups like the KKK?

She is claiming that it is white verse black and she is choosing to be black. This is the same as a rapist saying that they were going to stand with the violated because that was the way he felt.  He identifies as raped.

If there is a “White Supremacy Myth,” as she claims, she is as guilty of it as I am. She may be even guiltier, as she is now using her “identity” as a means to make money.

Article reposted with permission from Patriot Update

Tech Companies Send Letter to Congress in Support of Planned Parenthood

For many, there is no way that the murder factories of Planned Parenthood should still be open. They were recorded multiple times breaking the law. They were selling baby parts for profit. What else do you have to do to earn a trip to prison?

Well, it seems that Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton have something in common: they were both too rich to serve time.

Recently, Christians have been hoping that the new Republican administration would at least defund the abortion giant. And the leftist business owners fear the same thing.

Christian News reports:

75 technology companies recently joined an open letter to the leaders of Congress in support of the abortion and contraception giant Planned Parenthood out of their concern that the organization could be defunded.

The correspondence, addressed to majority and minority leaders Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, asserts that Planned Parenthood is a vital health care provider for women.

“As business leaders committed to connecting people with the information and services they need to thrive, we urge Congress not to pursue any legislation that blocks women from accessing critical preventive care—including well-woman exams, birth control, and cancer screenings—at Planned Parenthood health centers,” it reads.

Once again, we hear the same old line about health services and cancer screenings. But, this is not what concerns me. If the left feels this strongly about Planned Parenthood, why not just fund it themselves? I mean, after all, is that not what Americans have the right to do, they have the right to support any group they want.

Well, funding Planned Parenthood, who, according to Christian News, made a profit of $61 Million in 2013, is not really a need. And of its expenditures, they blew $33 Million on lobbyists and public policy.

You see, the murder giant is doing okay. They would be doing okay even without your tax money. The thing is that they would not be killing as many poor and black babies without it.

And if you do not know that is the truth, then you have not been paying attention.

Article reposted with permission from Patriot Update

California Poised to Repeal Law that Requires Notification of HIV/AIDS Infection

When you first hear that the state of California wants to repeal the law requiring that HIV and AIDS infected people inform any potential sex partners before engaging in sex, you think that they must be out of their minds. After all, would you not think that it would be a part of the decision making process?

It seems that this is not the attitude of everyone. Some in the Senate want to repeal this law.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener has proposed Senate Bill 239 to repeal the laws, saying they do not reflect current HIV medical practices and have not helped stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

“We’re very serious about this reform, and moving away from this criminalization model around HIV and going to a more public health approach,” Wiener said. “Fundamentally, HIV is a public health problem, not a criminal justice problem, and it needs to be treated this way.”

Now, there seem to be a few points to be made concerning the difficulty in spreading the disease if properly treated. If the person infected is using his medication, then there is virtually no chance of spreading the infection.

But, what is not as clear is the reason for repeal. Is it not reasonable to think that someone would not want to become intimate with someone infected regardless of the risk? Though it is not a guaranteed death sentence as it once was, there is still the possibility that they would not want to take that chance or face the loss of a loved one from the disease.

The only reason to repeal the law is the fact of who it affects. It affects prostitutes (who are already breaking the law), and it places a stigma on others. However, this is no reason to repeal the law. Are you going repeal the law because it makes them feel bad?

Being jailed for being a pedophile makes the child molester feel bad too, does that mean that we repeal their punishment as well?

That’s probably next.

Article posted with permission from Patriot Update.

Obamacare Lite – Isn’t that just what the new GOP Bill is?

Almost immediately after the passage of the Affordable Care Act also nicknamed Obamacare, the GOP has been promising to repeal the huge entitlement program. They claimed that it was just another socialist program put forth by the left to further take the liberty of Americans.

Then as time passed, they discovered that many Americans want some kind of socialized healthcare. This led the GOP leadership to call for repeal and replacement of Obamacare. But replace with what? This has been the big problem, and several men in the Senate are calling for a break check on the fast-track method of repeal and replace.

The Washington Times reports:

Sen. Rand Paul on Friday said conservatives are being told to “take it or leave it” when it comes to the emerging House GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, setting up a major clash with leaders hoping to mark up legislation as soon as next week.

Republicans are trying to repeal and replace as much of the Affordable Care Act as they can under a fast-track budget process that allows them to avoid a Democratic filibuster.

The problem with them is the fact that much like the process that brought us Obamacare in the first place is the process being employed by Republicans to produce its replacement. There is no transparency.

The Times continued:

Conservatives have cast the plan as a new entitlement, or “Obamacare lite,” and Mr. Paul angered House GOP leaders by searching for the latest draft of the bill on Capitol Hill, saying it’s being kept under lock and key.

“When we heard it was secret, we wanted to see it even more,” Mr. Paul said.

Relevant committees have said they aren’t trying to hide anything, but rather fine-tune their legislation before it’s held out for debate and amendments.

The question is, why is the replacement itself not a problem? Paul is popular for being a Libertarian thinking politician. Why is he not asking where the Constitution gives the federal government the right to do this in the first place?

Real lovers of liberty will be as hateful toward Obamacare Lite as they were against Obamacare, as it is as hateful to their liberty as its predecessor.

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Leftist Blogger Arrested for Making Bomb Threats against Jewish Community Centers

Many get angry over breakups. They do not take well the hurt and rejection that they feel because their significant other has moved on. Many have sought to get revenge. They go on to make much of themselves. They have made it their point to be with as many beautiful people as possible. They have even put graphic pictures on the web.

But not many have gone to the lengths that Juan Thompson has gone.

Heat Street reports:

Juan Thompson, 31, of St. Louis, Missouri, has been charged with cyberstalking and making at least eight separate bomb threats against Jewish organizations. Thompson formally worked for Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept and has written for the popular liberal blogs like Daily Kos.

The FBI’s complaint alleges that the bomb threats were connected with Thompson’s anger over the breakup of a romantic relationship. Shortly after Thompson and his ex-girlfriend split, Thompson embarked on “a sustained campaign to harass and intimidate” the woman, including making bomb threats in her name, the complaint says. According to the FBI, Thompson made four bomb threats in his ex-girlfriend’s name and then four in his own name, with the intention of misleading people into thinking she was orchestrating an attack campaign against him.

This points to Juan’s hate for the Jewish people and in particular the state of Israel. He not only wanted to attack his girlfriend, but he also wanted to terrorize the Jewish community. This is not the way ordinary people think and act.

Thompson will face charges and will likely face jail time. This is followed on the heels of Trump’s acknowledgment that there have been threats against the Jewish community. This is not the first time that this man has lied, and hopefully, this will be the last opportunity that he has to spread his hate.

His former employers at the Intercept released this statement upon learning of his arrest:

We were horrified to learn this morning that Juan Thompson, a former employee of The Intercept, has been arrested in connection with bomb threats against the ADL and multiple Jewish Community Centers in addition to cyberstalking. These actions are heinous and should be fully investigated and prosecuted. We have no information about the charges against Thompson other than what is included in the criminal complaint. Thompson worked for The Intercept from November 2014 to January 2016, when he was fired after we discovered that he had fabricated sources and quotes in his articles. 

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Disney Pushes Homosexual Agenda in New Beauty & the Beast Film

Who does not remember the classic story of Beauty and the Beast? Golden Books made the timeless fairy tale the favorite of many. Then, in the late eighties, CBS came out with the soap version of the tale.

Last but not least, Disney took up the story and altered it to focus on both Belle and the Beast. It was beloved by children everywhere. My child watched it a thousand times, and I have seen it at least have that many times.

Now, Disney is releasing the live-action version of the film. It has been greeted with great anticipation. But, there is something that parents at least should know. There are homosexual overtones and possibly a kiss at the end.

Christian News reports

Director Bill Condon, who is also an open homosexual, told the outlet “Attitude” that the character LeFou, who serves as the sidekick to Gaston, will have a subplot surrounding his attraction to Gaston. Luke Evans, an open homosexual, was cast as Gaston, and Josh Gad plays LeFou.

“LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston,” Condon told the publication.

“He’s confused about what he wants. It’s somebody who’s just realizing that he has these feelings,” he continued. “And Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out of it. And that’s what has its payoff at the end, which I don’t want to give away. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.”

Not that this should surprise us, being that Disney is not shy about its support of the Homosexual agenda. It should not surprise us, being the direction that our culture is moving.

But, if we are going to be faithful to the truth, this is not something that we can support. It should be something that we warn our culture about.

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NOW Blasts Air Force for Quoting the Constitution

We are learning that the use of common language is no longer acceptable. There are some that hate the truth and want no reminders of this truth. Such things as “mankind” and the like have people up in arms.

This use of this type of language is antiquated. It reminds them of “patriarchal” society.  The leftists see this as sexist and excluding of women. Therefore, they call for the scrubbing of such language.

The Washington Times reports:

Officials at Air Combat Command have removed inspirational posters deemed “sexist” and “faith-based” by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and the National Organization for Women.

Quotes from an Air Force manual published in 1955 are at the center of a controversy for Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia. Posters that use “man” to generically refer to humanity — coupled with the idea that God is the source of all creation — sparked protests from NOW and MRFF. Maj. Malinda Singleton, a spokeswoman with Air Combat Command, confirmed to Air Force Times on Tuesday that the posters have been taken down.

Wow! So, there is no doubt that this must have been very offensive women hating overtly religious stuff to warrant such a response. What was this horrible thing that the posters proclaimed?

The Times continued:

One of the images, which includes fighter jets flying over the Statue of Liberty, cites the following from AF Manual 50-21, August 1955:

“The idea uppermost in the minds of men who founded the United States was the idea that each and every human being is important. They knew that the importance of man came from the very source of his life — because man was made in the very image and likeness of God, he had a destiny to achieve. And because he had a destiny to achieve, he had the unalienable rights and the inherent freedom to achieve it. That is the basic idea of our democracy. That is the keystone of our way of living. Discard that central thought and there is no meaning to our Declaration of Independence; there is no validity to our Constitution.”

Once again, the Left want the truth of our past and reality suppressed because it hurts them to hear it.

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2 Christians Arrested for Preaching Against Islam and Homosexuality in UK

There are no greater visions of revival outside the Scriptures than those of the open air preaching of England.  Men like the Wesleys, Whitefield, and others called their countrymen to repentance.  Many were saved, even though most of what they preached was not well accepted in their day.

It is no surprise that this situation is returning to England.  But, now the preaching is illegal. 

Open air “preaching” must be non-offensive.  Do not scare or alarm the sinner.  And two men are finding out just how expensive it can be offending someone in Britain.

Christian News reports:

Two street preachers who were arrested last July on accusations of “causing a disturbance” and engaging in “anti-social behavior” after some listeners became offended by their speech about issues such as Islam, Buddhism, homosexuality and divorce have been found guilty of “intentionally alarming” the public with open-air preaching.

The verdict against Michael Overd of the U.K. and Michael Stockwell of the U.S. was handed down Tuesday in Bristol Magistrates’ Court. They were fined $4202.98 each.

During their trial, prosecutor Ian Jackson “told the court some of the statements made by the preachers may have been in the King James Bible, translated in 1611, but that did not mean they were acceptable in 2016,” according to the Daily Mail.

What this verdict means is that there will be a second thought for those preaching.  Whether they are completely honest when asked about forgiveness will have to be weighed in their minds.  Will it be worth the cost?

The Liberal government of Britain does not want the gospel to be given, unfiltered to the people.  They do not mind that they be Christian, as long as it is in title only.  True repentance in England would likely mean the thieves/politicians would be out on their bums.

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President Donald Trump: Power Back to the States

It has been a long time coming, but we finally have a president that does not want to strip the states of their freedom. At least in word Trump is saying the right thing for those who are interested in liberty.

At the heart of the liberty that our nation enjoyed the first 150 years of it existence was the right to vote with your feet. There was not this fruitless battle with the most populated cities over liberal nut jobs. If they wanted these nutty high tax inducing policies, they could have them. But the rest of us could escape such foolishness.

Now, that day may be dawning once again.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump promised a large crowd of American governors that he would work to redirect power from the federal government to the states.

“We’re going to give you back a lot of the powers that have been taken away from states and great people and great governors, and you can control it better than the federal government because you’re right on top of it,” Trump said.

As I reported, this has already begun to happen. The president started to send these type of things back to the states. Either by dropping cases or pushing the question back to the state level.

In both cases, this will allow the state legislature and their respective governor to direct the way their states will be governed. This will not just place power back in the states’ hands, but it will bring liberty and choice back to the people.

This will make the whole country more competitive in the world market as the states will once again compete for jobs and industry.

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Man Faces Blasphemy Charges for Burning Quran

We have been told that all we need is equality. If all people were equal, then we would all get along. But, we are finding it harder and harder to reach this place of equality. The reason is not that the “oppressive” class of people do not want to share their rights with the “oppressed.” Rather, we see that to get to equal; some expect to be privileged.

One place that this can be seen in in the area of religion. In the West, Christianity would be regarded as the religion in power. The Christian religion has had no success like that found in Western culture, but now, we see that this has changed.

Breitbart reports:

A man who burned the Islamic holy book in his backyard has been charged with blasphemy, in a move his lawyer speculates was driven by fear of Muslim extremists. The attempted prosecution is the first of its kind in nearly 50 years.

The 42-year-old man from Jutland uploaded video footage of a Quran being lit on fire, which he posted to a Facebook group called ‘Yes to freedom – no to Islam’ in December last year.

“It is the prosecution’s view that circumstances involving the burning of holy books such as the Bible and the Quran can, in certain cases, be a violation of the blasphemy clause, which covers public scorn or mockery of religion,” said chief prosecutor Jan Reckendorff in a statement.

Now, this is clearly a breach of Danish law. In Denmark, no one is allowed to criticize another’s religion or beliefs. So, for me, the charge is not the point. It is that they do not say anything until the Muslim religion is involved.

Breitbart continues:

The defendant’s lawyer, Rasmus Paludan, said that his client had burned the Quran in self-defense, asserting that the Islamic holy book “contains passages on how Mohammed’s followers must kill the infidel, i.e. the Danes”.

“Therefore, it’s an act of self-defense to burn a book that in such a way incites war and violence,” he told the New York Times.

Noting that it’s “legal to burn a Bible in Denmark,” highlighting how in 1997 a Danish artist set fire to and burned a copy of the Bible on state television in Denmark but was not charged, Mr. Paludan said he is “surprised that it would be guilty to burn the Quran.”

Once again, to be equal, you must be special.

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Pre-School Teacher Suspended for Tweeting “Kill Some Jews.”

We are told that not all Muslims are anti-Semitic. But, it seems that everywhere we look, we see the proof that this is not true. But, it should be pointed out that it is not just Jews that Muslims do not like, but especially them.

We are once again shown the hatred fostered for Jewish people in the social media of a Muslim pre-school teacher. Her hate is the scariest kind. It is casual and seems, to her and her friends, to be normal.

Heat Street reports:

A pre-school teacher in Texas has been suspended from her post after an investigation was launched into her anti-Semitic remarks on social media, including encouraging people to “kill some Jews”.

Anti-Semitic remarks made online by Nancy Salem, a teacher for 2 year-olds at the the Children’s Courtyard in South Arlington, Texas, surfaced after a secretive campus watchdog group, Canary Mission, exposed her together with another 23 anti-Israel activists at the University of Texas. She’s is now subject to a pending investigation by the pre-school and is suspended from teaching, according to The Algemeiner.s

The parents of the preschoolers are now calling for Nancy’s dismissal. It is the fear that she is spreading her hate to the students. But this seems to be missing the point.

What if she was spreading her religion, which is the source of her hate? What if she was teaching the kids to think and act Islamic? Well, preschoolers are young enough to forget what she taught them, but this is the kind of thing that we must look out for in the future.

I am not opposed to Muslim immigration, but what do you do with such information?

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9 Muslim Asylum Seekers Go On Trial for Gang Rape of German School Teacher

It seems evident that there is a problem, until last couple years it was unknown or at least unreported. There is an apparent disdain within Islam for women. This disdain is not only seen in the way they treat women as property to be bought and sold, or even the sex slave passages in the Quran.

The biggest indication of this comes from the fact that Islamic men are prone to rap. This is seen in almost every place that the Islamic asylum seeker goes. Further, it should be pointed out that this holds true for every point of origin.

Whether he is from Iraq, Syria, North Africa, every place that the Muslim comes from, he brings this propensity for sexual violence with him. The reason is that in Islam, rape of non-Muslim women is not forbidden.

The recent trial of nine such asylum seekers is common practice then.

The Daily Mail reports:

The nine Iraqi men on trial for brutally gang-raping a German tourist on New Year’s Eve will not be deported from Austria even if they are found guilty – in case they are executed when they return to their home country.

The nine asylum seekers, who are all from the same family, have gone on trial in the Austrian capital Vienna accused of the New Year’s Eve 2015 gang rape of a 28-year-old German teacher.

According to Austrian media, the men, who will learn whether they have been convicted on March 2, will be allowed to stay in the country even if they are found guilty.

So, rather than send these predators back to where they came from, the Austrians are going to keep them up and care for them. For how long? Will they send these men back out on their streets?

This is foolishness. When will we learn that this is not justice?

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Bush Admin Freed Ex-Gitmo Detainee Who Was Mosul Suicide Bomber

Editor’s Note: This guy you can’t blame on Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.  This guy lies at the feet of George W. Bush, as he was “freed in 2004 after Britain lobbied for his release.”

If you ask a liberal about the detainees in Gitmo, they will go on about their human rights. That the terrorists should not have to be held without due process. Forget arguing the fact they have no right to due process. Forget the fact that they want to destroy our civilization.

All the left cares about is that they are not given the same rights as you and me. I know, it is wrong to hold someone indefinitely. However, my solution to that is execution. Barring that, and you might as well, then we have to do something. And the latest suicide bomber proves my point for me.

Breitbart reports:

A British Islamic State suicide bomber was freed from Guantanamo Bay after lobbying by UK’s left-wing government and paid £1 million of taxpayer’s money in compensation.

Ronald Fiddler, known as Abu Zakariya al-Britani, blew himself up near the Iraqi city of Mosul this weekend, in an attack targeting coalition forces containing embedded British and American Special Forces advisers.oknow that the Leftist government in Britain continued to pressure our government to release him. We know further that this terrorist was given 1 Million Pounds as compensation.

This means that the man was released after the experts had claimed he was no longer a threat. He was rewarded or compensated a ridiculous amount. This means that he was not poor. He was not mistreated at the time of his leaving the UK. Yet, he still wanted to kill Brits and Americans.

It seems that the Leftist got what they wanted; a well-financed terrorist with nothing but time, money, and hatred.

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“Islamist Takeover Plot” Exposed at Elementary School

When considering the position of teacher in any country, many pitfalls and cons could be listed. There is the constant mischief of the students. There is the endless stream of viruses to dodge. There is fighting and disrespect. Finally, there is the threat of Muslim plots and death threats.

Wait! What?

That’s right. You can now add the threat that you might get in your car one morning to teach the kids, and you get blown up. At least this is the fear of one teacher in Britain.

Heat Street reports

An alleged plot to oust the head teacher of a British elementary-level school in order to implement a hardline Islamic vision of teaching has come to light.

Parents and local politicians reportedly undertook a campaign of harassment against the headteacher of Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham, near Manchester.

According to a leaked government investigation, their aim was to remove head teacher Trish O’Donnell to make way for major changes to the school.

Among her most prominent opponents is parent governor Nasim Ashraf and his wife, Hafizan Zaman.

The two reportedly lobbied local mosques to agitate against O’Donnell, while trying to implement more Islamic teaching in the school.

Ashraf reportedly hosted an “Islamic teaching session” on his own initiative, while Zaman is said to have told female teachers that they had to start wearing the veil.

This was nothing more than passive jihad showing its true colors. These people wanted to make the British act Muslim. They did not seek to accomplish this by asking. They did not even use the usual means of playing the victim. No, they went straight for the throat.

This points to the fact that the culture in Britain is so weak that the Muslims now feel as though they can heighten the pressure with no ramifications.

This means that the Brits have failed to force assimilation. They have not evangelized these people. They have not because, for the most part, they need evangelism themselves.

We cannot make this same mistake.

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Judge: Clergy Free to “Treat” or Counsel against Homosexuality

Like many other Christian values, the idea that Homosexual desire and action is sin is going out of vogue. Many in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry have switched their positions. Though just twenty years ago, the standard practice was to treat homosexual behavior as a mental defect, now it is not even legal to treat in some states.

One of those states is Illinois.

A bill was signed into law in 2015 that prohibited the counselor from treating under aged people suffering from this defect, and this caused several pastors concern. These pastors sued and wanted to ensure that they would not be prosecuted for doing their jobs.

A judge has finally all but guaranteed that they would not.

Christian News reports:

A federal judge appointed to the bench by then-President Bill Clinton has ruled that an Illinois law banning mental health providers from providing help for homosexual youth to overcome temptation does not apply to pastors.

On Thursday, Judge Ronald Guzman dismissed the case, stating that the pastors’ “fears of prosecution are too remote to support standing.” He ruled that the work of clergy—although it involves counseling youth struggling with attraction to the same sex—cannot be considered a “trade or commerce.”

This should protect all clergy in the state who wish to help those suffering from this sin. They will be able to help those in their churches who want to be freed from these enslaving desires.

The ruling is a step forward in the area of freedom of expression and religion. It allows the clergy to deal with the issue as they believe it to be. If they are simply to do nothing while a child is still in development, then it is as if he has to operate in the worldview of the humanist until the child is grown.

Sin, like anything else, is habit forming. If allowed, unchecked to continue in the sinful patterns of our youth, the habit is much harder to break.

This will allow the pastor do the work of ministry.

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Homeschool Families Stand Against Republican School Choice Bill – Here’s Why

For many on the outside looking in, the newly purposed House bill H.R.610 looks like a win for homeschooling families and their supporters. It looks like those who have been unable to afford private, or homeschooling will now be given this option. So, why are these people opposed to the bill?

Well, there is that one lingering problem with the bill; federal involvement in homeschooling.

Breitbart reports:

Many parents who homeschool their children, as well as their numerous local and national homeschooling organizations, are protesting the bill, introduced by Iowa Rep. Steve King (R), and calling upon the members of Congress who are its sponsors to “leave homeschooling families alone.”

School vouchers created by H.R. 610, the Choices in Education Act of 2017, “would be a slippery slope toward more federal involvement and control in homeschooling,” asserts William Estrada, director of federal relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

So, why does Estrada say this? It can be demonstrated that any time a law is passed by the federal government to protect in an area that is beyond its God-ordained sphere of authority, that same law can be used to beat or control. The seeds of destruction for homeschoolers’ liberty is present in this bill in the registration of these homeschoolers.

Breitbart continues:

Estrada asserts the bill would essentially create a “federal right to homeschool.” Section 104 of the bill states, “To be eligible to receive a grant…the State will…make it lawful for parents of an eligible child to elect…to enroll their child in any public or private elementary or secondary school in the State; or to home-school their child.”
Estrada explains:

While this sounds good, HSLDA has fought — successfully—for decades to make sure that there is no “federal right to homeschool” because what could be created by a favorable Congress could be regulated by a future, hostile Congress. It is far better (and far more constitutionally sound) for education decisions—and homeschool freedom—to be protected at the state level. We ask our friends at the federal level to simply leave homeschooling families alone.

Is Estrada correct? Can this favorable bill be used by a future hostile left to control and maintain the homeschoolers? Will they be regulated into the same stupid curriculum that is destroying the minds of millions of children in our public schools?

I believe that he is, and though it is in our best interest to find a solution to the public school monopoly, this is not that solution. We need a return of liberty and not more federal regulations.

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Obama Continues to Organize Against Trump White House with Shadow Government

There is nothing more discouraging than to see all that you worked so hard for being dismantled. This must be especially hard for those who have no hope outside of this life. Your life’s work going up in flames, would be hard to swallow.

This is the future that Barack Obama now faces with a Donald Trump White House. All the socialist policies undone, all the laws and court battles won to defend the murder of the unborn. Now, with Trump doing the things he said he would do, Obama must be absolutely enraged. But as we have said, he is not standing by and watching; he is still in Washington and still in the fight.

The NY Post reports

Far from sulking, OFA activists helped organize anti-Trump marches across US cities, some of which turned into riots. After Trump issued a temporary ban on immigration from seven terror-prone Muslim nations, the demonstrators jammed airports, chanting: “No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all!”

Run by old Obama aides and campaign workers, federal tax records show “nonpartisan” OFA marshals 32,525 volunteers nationwide. Registered as a 501(c)(4), it doesn’t have to disclose its donors, but they’ve been generous. OFA has raised more than $40 million in contributions and grants since evolving from Obama’s campaign organization Obama for America in 2013.

OFA, in IRS filings, says it trains young activists to develop “organizing skills.” Armed with Obama’s 2012 campaign database, OFA plans to get out the vote for Democratic candidates it’s grooming to win back Congress and erect a wall of resistance to Trump at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

You thought it was bad that the outgoing president was campaigning for Hillary. That we saw a tax-payer supported Democratic campaign seemed unbelievable to us. Now, we have a former president organizing against the current government.

The question is, how much of America is Obama willing to march through and burn down to get his way?

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Feminist Utopia Promised to Draw Jihadi Brides

We have all experienced the feeling of being duped. We have all felt the excitement of something new, only to discover that you have been sold a pig in a poke.  However, there are clearly times when those duped go into the situation with their “Eyes Wide Shut.”

This does not mean that those who fool them are any less evil for the trick, but some people just believe anything. Not surprising, these dupes are also feminists.

Heat Street reports:

Australian women are being lured by the Islamic State using a “warped version of feminism” promising empowerment and liberation, a report claims.

According to a report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the Isis propaganda portrays women as empowered, but in reality they end up in a misogynistic world where they are forced to stay at home to cook, clean, and breed future Jihadi fighters.

This is a real surprise. The problem is that those in the leftist media have failed to accurately report the treatment of women in Islam. This treatment is even worse in Islamic-only nations such as Saudi Arabia. However, that women are not “liberated” in the ISIS Caliphate is even less true.

Heat Street continues:

“[Islamic State] … has portrayed women’s involvement in its mission under the guise of female empowerment and liberation,” the report claims.

“The roles and responsibilities it promises women on social media and via its propaganda are interlaced with notions of divine responsibility and duty, the promise of liberation and an idealized, utopian existence in the caliphate.

“However, (that is) vastly different from the reality of life in the caliphate … IS really sees women’s worth as predominantly to maintain the numbers of male mujahideen.”

With this lack of accurate information and ignorance preventing a real understanding of the female role in Islam, these ladies are now baby factories for these jihadists.

As the old saying goes, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire.

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BLM Leader: White People are Sub-human

If you want to get rid of a race or class of people, all you need do is demonize them. Make that group look less valuable in the eyes of the general public. This has worked several times just since the turn of the Twentieth Century.

First, we have the Armenian Christians in Turkey. Next came the Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals in Nazi Germany.  Of course, there are at least five cases of African tribes seeking the extinction of a rival.

In each case, there is one connected factor. The genocidal labeled their victims “Sub-human.” Either by using religious reason, “evolutionary” theory or tribal folklore, the victim was shown not to be as humanly valuable.

It is now happening in America.

Heat Street reports:

A Black Lives Matter leader has come under fire after arguing on social media that white people are “sub-human” and suffer from “recessive genetic defects,” and musing about how the race could be wiped out.

In a Facebook post, Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali went on a rant, arguing that black people are the superior race because white people posses “genetic defects” that make them lesser humans, according to the Toronto Sun.

Hopefully, most people can see through this silly rhetoric.  Enough is remaining of our Christian heritage to ward off such false thinking, but in Lutheran Germany, there was not.

The best way to answer such false “science” is by attacking this lie with the truth. We are all made in the image of God.  We know this for two reasons. First, of course, is the fact that this is what the Scriptures teach (Gen. 1:27, Acts 17:26).

However, we also have the technology to show that we all came from one woman. In 1987, a group discovered “Mitochondrial Eve.” The common mother of all living on earth today.

It is these truths that can combat such foolish thinking.

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DOJ Drops Appeal on Obama’s Bathroom Policy

We have all hoped with the departure of Obama, our “Activist King,” there would be a slight step back from the cliffs of Loonville. The first sign of this occurred today. The Department Of Justice has decided not to pursue the stay of the order to block Obama’s bathroom regulations.

This stay was sought after the DOJ lost in the appeals courts following a suit brought by several states. This suit was successful and shot down the administration’s attempt to bully states into accommodating transgender students.

Now, Trump may be showing that he does not intend to take such a radical course.

Christian News reports:

In what appears to some as being a signal that the Trump administration is not going to defend the Obama administration’s directives requiring public schools to allow male students who identify as female—and vice versa—to use the restroom that correlates with their “internal sense of gender,” the U.S. Department of Justice has withdrawn the previous administration’s request for a stay of an injunction against the Obama-era restroom policy.

“Defendants-appellants hereby withdraw their pending November 23, 2016 motion for partial stay pending appeal. The parties jointly move to remove from the court’s calendar the February 14, 2017 oral argument currently scheduled for that motion,” it reads. “The parties are currently considering how best to proceed in this appeal.”

This may be taken as evidence what Trump is going to do with such hot-button issues, as he said he would. Trump is effectively pushing these matters back to the states. It will be up to each state to decide what is best for their own students.

Though this is Constitutionally a win for the states, the true battle now begins. It will now be up to the citizens of each state to push their representatives and judges to abide by God’s Word and law.

Let’s pray that they will.

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Virginia Bill Seeks to Protect Christians Who Hold to Biblical View of Marriage

For many Christians, the question has never been about whether people can marry the same sex. The idea has nothing to do with legal language. It has to do with the definition of marriage. Two people of the same sex cannot marry because what they do is not marriage. Marriage is a union created by God, and the government cannot change what God instituted.

This was not the legal standing of the U.S. Supreme Court. According to their ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, the government determines what the definition of marriage. This, for Christians clearly places the government in an idolatrous position. They can believe and operate as God tells them or they can obey the government, but there can only be one authority on this issue.  This is why this authority should never be conceded to the government in the first place.

But for many, this Christian understanding was becoming financially impossible to hold. At least in the public legal sense, the Christian was being forced into financial and practical assent to this variant view of marriage and the authority over its administration.

Now, this might be changing, at least in Virginia.

Christian News reports:

Lawmakers in Virginia have passed a bill that prohibits the government from punishing those who believe in biblical marriage and conduct their public lives in accordance with that conviction.

S.B. 1324 passed the Senate on Tuesday 21-19, and now moves on to the House for consideration. The vote was along party lines.

“No person shall be required to participate in the solemnization of any marriage, or subject to any penalty by the Commonwealth, or its political subdivisions or representatives or agents, notwithstanding any other provision of law, solely on account of such person’s belief, speech, or action in accordance with a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman,” the legislation reads.

If this bill becomes law, it will provide a protection of Christians from being legally obliged to accommodate what they consider sin.

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Why the Left Has Ignored Christian Persecution and Genocide

Several months ago, I did a series of articles concerning the failure of the Obama administration to recognize the Christian genocide occurring in Syria and other places. ISIS was executing many who did not agree with their religious view, including other Muslims, but there was an especially rigorous attempt to rid the area of Christians.

Finally, the Secretary of State John Kerry announced the recognition of the Christian Genocide, several months behind the listing of other groups. It seemed strange as to why it would take so long. It would almost appear to be a reluctance to help Christians. And we are beginning to see why that is.

The Washington Times reports:

Advocates who work to protect persecuted groups say there is a “blind spot” in the West concerning the plight faced by Christians around the world — a shortsightedness evident in the overwhelmingly negative reaction to President Trump’s executive order granting preferred refugee status to persecuted religious minorities.

So, where has this “blind spot” come from? What in the West makes it so hard for us to recognize the suffering and death of a whole group of people? According to some, it has to do with the way Christians are viewed in the West and especially in America.

The Times continues:

Mr. Doran (Andrew Doran, vice president of In Defense of Christians) pointed to the Obama administration’s lethargic response to the Islamic State’s Christian genocide, saying people who see Christians as domestic enemies have trouble shifting gears when atrocities are committed against the faith group on the global stage.

“Christians in the West have been somehow identified as the oppressor class, and that view seems to be extended to Christians in the Middle East,” he said. “But the fact is that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

What many poles have discovered is the problem of belief. The Left believes that the Christian is the suppressors of rights; therefore, this makes them less than sympathetic. That Christians are being killed in other places is because, in a Leftist mind, they are being overthrown by the oppressed. This mindset holds true even though in the Islamic world the very opposite is true.

Beliefs have consequences. What we hold to be true about a group of people will carry to all who have that label or belief. This will temper or destroy our empathy for them when we see them suffer.

This is why Christ told us that we are to love our enemy. Love does not see an enemy rightly suffering, but a fellow image-bearer treated unjustly. Love will force us to act.

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School Teachers: Stalin Was Not That Bad

You do not have to have an extensive knowledge of history to be acquainted with the terror that was Soviet Russia under the tyrant Joseph Stalin. But like most horrible ideologies, communists are seeking to whitewash their bloody history.

In Western schools, we are seeing a trend of this kind of propaganda to our children. We wonder why our children are being poisoned against their parents and their past, while we continue to hand them over to their socialist school masters.

Breitbart reports:

Stalin wasn’t all bad, you know.

But let’s not forget the upsides: he “ended the exploitation of peasants by greedy landlords and to rid of the greedy and troublesome kulaks”‘ and he “helped peasants work together”.

This, amazingly, is what children are being taught in British schools. The quotations come from the GCP GCSE Modern World History revision guide and indicate the kind of answers kids are expected to give in their history exams when talking about Stalin’s collectivisation of farms.

How could such an outrageous falsehood be allowed to be taught to our children? As James Delingpole so aptly points out, it is because there is nothing to prohibit this kind of thing. And parents have little to no choice in the matter.

Delingpole continues:

Partly because in Britain – as in the U.S., where Betsy DeVos has arrived as Education Secretary not a moment too soon – schools have been skewed by the values of the public sector which, like those of public sectors everywhere, are unerringly left wing.

Very few parents would wish their child to be taught that Stalin had his upsides. But few get much choice in the matter because there is no competitive market in schools: bad teachers are rarely sacked (as they would be in private sector industries, but not in the heavily unionised state sector) and if the school in your area is failing and teaching your children badly there’s probably nowhere else nearby you can move them.

As R. J. Rushdoony pointed out many decades ago, the government school has to promote left-wing values out of a desire for self-preservation. It is an understanding that is statist and socialist that keeps such people employed.

Compounding this problem is the monopoly that the government has on the education of the children. Again, many years ago, Rushdoony pointed out the need for an open market for education. It is not Christian education per se that is going to save education in our country, but the right and ability to compete for students.

Let the product and quality of education determine. But, this will leave the “free educators” out on their bums for in a truly competitive market the ineptitude of current academia would be exposed, and no one would stand or pay for such nonsense.

This is a near impossible dream, but, we must continue to fight for it is the only hope to save our children.

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“Bias Response Teams” – Are They Destroying Free Speech on College Campuses?

No one likes to be silenced. No one wants to be told what they can or cannot talk about. However, this is what is beginning to happen on college campuses all across America. It is an end-around free speech, rather than blatantly removing the rights of the students.

At least this is the apparent result, according to a recent study.

Heat Street reports:

So-called “Bias Response Teams” are creeping onto university campuses across the country. This was the conclusion of the first national survey of Bias Response Teams done by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

The report identified 232 public and private American colleges and universities that had bias response teams on their campuses in 2016, affecting around 2.8 million students.

BRTs encourage students to formally report on other students and faculty members whenever they perceive that someone’s speech is “biased,” which threatens free speech.

These Bias Response Teams are run by administrators and volunteer police personnel. And they are encouraging students to report those who may have or are expressing a biased opinion on a subject. It also includes the way people dress for Halloween and the things they share on social media.

Heat Street continues:

Most universities receive a variety of complaints from students, including students who encounter “offensive” yet legally protected speech, but rather than responding to these incidents fairly if there’s an actual threat, campuses with Bias Response Teams conduct an investigation and if the “respondent” is found “guilty”, invite them for a “hearing”.

FIRE Senior Progam Officer Adam Steinbaugh said: “Inviting students to report a broad range of speech to campus authorities casts a chilling pall over free speech rights.

“Bias response teams solicit reports of a wide range of constitutionally protected speech, including speech about politics and social issues. These sometimes-anonymous bias reports can result in interventions by conflict-wary administrators who then provide ‘education,’ often in the form of a verbal reprimand, or even explicit punishment.”

Rather than encourage students to confront ideas they do not agree with, they are teaching them to run to the governing authority. Let “Big Brother” curtail speech that we find offensive or unpleasant; another step in the destruction of free thought and open debate.

This fear tactic also destroys free speech, as it makes the consequences too high to speak out.

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Hamas Bomber Kills Himself While Setting Up Bomb

Usually, when we hear reports of a terrorist bomb going off, it brings feelings of dread and anger. Even if the attack is not perpetrated on U.S. soil, we know the fear and anguish such attacks cause. Besides this, we hate anytime innocent civilians are murdered. Today is different.

Today, I get to report that the bomber was killed while making the bomb. For you liberals who will mourn this killer’s death, stop reading and go to your safe space. This might have a few trigger words.

Fox reports:

Hamas field commander Muhammad Walid al-Quqa, 37, died Sunday from injuries sustained while “setting up” something, according to a news release from Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigade obtained by The Times of Israel. Apparently, when you’re a bomb maker for the militant group, accidentally blowing yourself up before you can blow other people up is just an accepted hazard of the job

Haaretz identified al-Quqa as a Gaza explosives expert and reported the deadly blast occurred at a warehouse used to assemble bombs.

It is very likely that this bomb was being built to be used against Israel. It is as likely that the bomb was going to be used against citizens. This means that by God’s grace, this man was killed making a murder device.

No oppression can justify the murder of the innocent. No amount of revenge can explain the killing of children or the killing of mothers.

We are told that these monsters are doing what they are doing because of the atrocities committed by Western military. Maybe, but, how is it any better to commit even more heinous crimes in response?

Murder is murder, no matter the purpose.

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UN To Treat Religious Freedoms As Privileges Rather Than Rights

So often, we fail to recognize the real implication of the things our leaders do. When we sign treaties with organizations such as the United Nations, we are not only entangling ourselves with the defense and security of others, but we are also opening ourselves up to their values.

So, if we think that something should be illegal, they may want to bring sanctions against us. So, to avoid this, we might compromise on our values to save money.  Is this how a nation should determine their laws?

Now, we are seeing that there may be a collision between the UN and their members, who believe that religious freedom and expression are rights.

Breitbart reports:

The United Nations envoy for gay rights has declared that when there is a clash between homosexual rights and religious liberty it must be recalled that “freedom of expression and religious freedom are not absolute rights and may be limited if necessary.”

In a recent public consultation, the UN’s newly appointed “independent expert” on the defense of LGTB rights, Vitit Muntarbhorn, said that negative moral judgments on homosexual activity were a recent phenomenon, stemming from “colonial law.”

When challenged about the clash between LGBT rights and religious freedom by Henk Jan van Schothorst of the Transatlantic Christian Council, Muntarbhorn said that religious freedom is not absolute and must yield to homosexual rights.

“There are some absolute rights,” he said in apparent reference to LGBT rights, “but there are some that are not absolute.” He went on to explain that “freedom of expression and expression of religion” are not absolute rights and that they can be curtailed when necessary.

This simply means that Vitit wants to continue to move in the direction that the U.S. has already begun to move, and that is the notion that freedom of religious expression is a privilege and not a right. If you say something against sodomites, based on your religion, then the sodomite’s sexual preference trumps your religious freedom.  You are only free to exercise your religion as long as you say nothing against anyone.

If this is not dealt with now, while in its infancy, this will be something else the UN is going to be shoving down our throats.

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Was Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban Really Unconstitutional?

It has become an overused trigger word nowadays. People, who want to get rid of a law or regulation that they do not like, will throw around the word “unconstitutional” to get others to join in their opposition.

Such tactics are very effective in our over-emoting illogical culture. People hear that it is unconstitutional and they are ready to oppose it, even if they have no understanding of why it is so. This is the case with Trump’s immigration ban.

ABCNews reports:

A federal judge in Seattle has issued a nationwide restraining order halting parts of the executive action signed by President Donald Trump that temporarily bars some immigrants and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries — a move that the Washington state attorney general called “historic” and indicated that “no one is above the law.”

The ban temporarily halted immigration from terrorist hotbeds in an effort to improve the vetting process. This has, of course, raised the ire of the Left as unconstitutional. This caused a lawsuit and the subsequent decision mentioned above. But what we have to ask is, in what way was this order illegal or unconstitutional?

Did Trump overstep his bounds as president? Well, it is clear that the Constitution rests most the power of enforcement of immigration laws in the president.  We can also say that Trump worked in a similar way as Obama did in 2011. But more importantly, and most disturbing to the Left, Trump violated no one’s Constitutional rights.

The Constitution does not guarantee any person or state the right to have or accept refugees, immigrants or asylum seekers. Nowhere in the Bill of Rights is there a promise of the right to import workers, refugee or otherwise.

This means the only Constitutional rights that could even remotely be mentioned in this case would be that of the Immigrants themselves. The problem is that the rights recognized by the Constitution are not applicable to everyone everywhere.

They may in their broadest sense be claimed for everyone as they are given by God, but the protection of the Constitution, even in its most general sense can only apply to citizens and those living within our borders.

Only the globalist, in his borderless Utopian dream, could imagine that the asylum seeker’s Constitutional rights were violated here.

This will shortly be overturned.

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Washington Post Claims White House Will Impose “Christian” Sharia Law

Editor’s Note:  The column in The Washington Post cited below demonstrates that people have no clue about how our laws in America were based on the Bible and no clue of the distinction between Christianity and Islam, nor Biblical Law and Sharia law.

When having public discussions with people, we many times find that the real reason that people oppose our ideas is that they have no real understanding of those ideas. As they begin to tear down their “straw man” form of your logic, it becomes apparent they have no clue what you believe.

The problem is easily fixed if you can get them to shut up long enough to tell them that those things they so easily destroyed were not your views. We can forgive the misinformed or mistaken, but what we cannot forgive is the ignorant and malicious.

Such people as Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post have the time and the resources to know better. This makes clear that such mistakes are intentional and nefarious. She wants to use her place in the news as a propagandist. So what has Rampell said to earn such a conclusion? She has compared Christian with Islamic law to scare the populous into opposing President Donald Trump.

Rampell writes:

Much-dreaded “sharia law,” or something resembling it, may well be coming to the United States.

That is, the religiously motivated laws creeping into public policymaking aren’t based on the Koran, and they aren’t coming from mythical hard-line Islamists in, say, Dearborn, Mich. They’re coming from the White House, which wants to make it easier for hard-line Christians to impose their beliefs and practices on the rest of us.

Let’s forget for a second the issue that has brought such a stinging and impossible accusation. Let’s deal with the fact that there has and never could be such a thing as a Christian Sharia. As Bojidar Marinov pointed out to James White, this is an ontological impossibility. The two sources are irreconcilably different.

The laws themselves are completely different not just in what they propose as the standard of God for the people, but in their structure and content. In the first place, the Law of God found in the Bible is a comprehensive and intentional moral code to be followed and is presented as the moral attributes of God Himself. It is codified and easy to discern, whereas Sharia scattered and compiled by inference and speculation from events and sayings about an unknowable god.

But most importantly, what we have to point out to Catherine is the fact that this Law she hates is the Law placed over every person by their Creator. She hates this Law because she is in rebellion against her Creator.  The evidence that she gives that Trump wants to impose this Law is no more than the political banter of an anti-Constitutionist.

She wishes to silence the Church and prevent the oppressed Christians of the Middle East from entering the country. Her tactics are that of fear, and her motivations are those of hate.

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“Peaceful” Muslims Retaliate Against Christians – Rape 15 Women in Attack

We are being asked to overlook what is clear and right in front of us. The media seeks to downplay the evidence or will simply ignore the incidents altogether.  However, it is more than clear that the Muslim religion is anything but peaceful.

Once again, we have evidence that Muslims cannot live in a diverse society. This time, it is Christians in Uganda that bear the brunt of their aggression.

Breitbart reports:

In a recent attack, some 90 Muslims stormed a Christian church in eastern Uganda, beating and tying up the men present before raping 15 of the Christian women.

The assault was reportedly a “revenge attack” against the pastor of the Katira church for allegedly converting Muslims to Christianity. Along with the violence perpetrated against the congregation, the mob also carried off the pastor, the Rev. Moses Mutasa, and severely damaged the church property.

According to a member of the congregation who escaped from the church, one of the attackers shouted, “Away with the pastor who is converting our Muslims to Christianity.” After the attack, church members also found leaflets accusing the pastor of converting Muslims and threatening more attacks.

This means that innocent people, living out their faith and seeking to worship in peace were attacked. The men were beaten, the women raped and the pastor kidnapped. Why? Simply put, Muslims converted and became Christians.

This is the thinking of these people. You cannot win a religious argument, so you beat down and rape those who oppose you. This is very familiar behavior, much like what we are seeing happen in Europe.

Hopefully, it will not happen here.

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NY Governor Seeks to Make Abortion a Constitutional Right

So, now we see the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction. We have the conservatives in power and the liberals running for cover. It proves what I have said since George W. Bush was president: be careful the club you fashion, it may be turned on you.

This seems to be the case for the liberals. They finally had all the power and a flaming liberal in the White House to wield it for them. They pushed through social healthcare. They pushed through gross spending and the massive expansion of the welfare state. They pushed through sodomite unions. Now, the stick has switched hands, and they are ready to panic.

The Christian News reports:

The Democratic governor of New York is calling for lawmakers to pass a bill enshrining abortion as a right in the state Constitution in the event that the U.S. Supreme Court ever overturns Roe v. Wade.

“As they threaten this nation with a potential Supreme Court nomination that will reverse Roe v. Wade, I want them to know today: If that’s what they do, we’re going to protect Roe v. Wade in the state of New York,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared at a “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” rally on Monday.

“I propose today a constitutional amendment to write Roe v. Wade into the New York State Constitution so that nobody can change it—no Supreme Court nominee [can undo it],” he proclaimed to cheers and applause. “We will not allow the progress of the women’s movement to be stopped, and we must seize this opportunity to bring the state and the nation forward and stand up for women’s health.

Cuomo has failed to recognize one small problem with his plan; this has been tried. This is the same kind of thing that multiple Southern states did to combat abortion. The result was the federal courts knocking it down.

The stick is now in the other hand.  If the SCOTUS rules that the unborn are people, he can have a unanimous vote for keeping their murder factories, it will not change the fact that it will be seen as state sanctioned and sponsored murder.

Surely, he does not think that they will just overlook such a thing.

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Democrat Loser Tim Kaine: Fight Against Trump in Congress, the Streets, Online & the Ballot Box

I know exactly how it feels to see all that you think is good about your country being dismantled. It is hard to watch as someone you believe to be unqualified leads the nation in what you feel is the wrong direction. Yet, never did I feel that the Right should take this fight to the street and harm people.

Though this was not the Senator’s intended meaning, it seems that Tim Kaine was at the least a little irresponsible with his choice of words recently.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said Democrats must “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,” against the administration of President Donald Trump.

Tens of thousands of people rallied to save our health care. Then, the Women’s March that was organized at a grassroots level. Then, people coming out in protest of these orders. So, the way we get outside the bubble is we take advantage of this tremendous public outcry against the administration. What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there’s the momentum to be able to do this. And we’re not afraid of the popular outcry, we’re energized by it and that’s going to help us do our job and do it better.

The reason that these words were so irresponsible is that there are already Leftists literally fighting in the streets. There is, as I reported today, the call by the Leftist group Black Lives Matter for the killing of those in the White House and white people in general.

Rather than try and defuse some of this violence, Kaine is seeking to stir it up all the more. But, this is not a surprise. What is a surprise is that these nuts are not being placed on the terror watch list as Christians were just a few years ago?

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