Author, Humorist and Radio Show Host Calls Donald Trump a “Joke”

I will admit to something that will doubtless make me a bit less popular – I am a big fan of public radio’s most famous and creative son, Garrison Keillor. I have thoroughly enjoyed much of his work, even when its colored with his liberal political leanings, but his most recent dalliance outside of radio may hurt his image across the country.

In an op-ed for USA Today, Keillor compared Trump to former Minnesota Governor (and Wrestling bad guy) Jesse “the Body” Ventura as equally egotistical and clownish political oafs. In fact, Keillor seems to think that Ventura is actually a less threatening version of Donald Trump – check out the colorful language Keillor uses to describe Trump.

From USA Today:

As demagogues go, Donald Trump is not a very good one.

I’ve been studying his speeches on YouTube, and what a sloppy orator he is. He can blow for an entire hour in a loose oleaginous confabulation of detached sentences drifting toward crescendo and then swerving away, non-sequiturs segueing into non-sequiturs as his audience waits for the message (They are stupid, we are smart, let’s be great again) as he brags about his numbers, his success, coasting, camping, posing, lounging against the lectern, scowling, hands outstretched in his trademark “What gives?” gesture. Sloppy. As he himself would say, “Unbelievable!” His audience expects him to be yuuuuuge, and instead he comes off as the most irritating cabdriver you ever had to listen to…

Trump is already a joke in most of the rest of the world. Onward he goes, leaning on his podium like a big old mud turtle, leering, grimacing, bragging about his poll numbers and attendance figures and his net worth and his alma mater, and I expect he will do respectably well in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina. 

Of course it’s no surprise when a liberal media personality speaks out against a Republican politician. What is interesting is that Keillor happily excoriates Trump in such a public manner. Interestingly, Keillor also just announced that he would soon be retiring. While the two issues may not be connected, it sure seems like an odd coincidence. Was Keillor willing to take such a hard stance against the most popular political candidate in the race for President because he’ll soon be retiring? Or would he have written the op-ed either way?