Assad Claims Russian Support for Syria as they and Iran See Eye to Eye

It is hard going through this world without friends and especially if you have goals you would like to reach. Well, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claims that he and Russia are very close. This really is no surprise. The Russians have been one of Syria’s main weapon supplier for years. But, we now learn that the Russians have been supplying the Assad government forces the entire civil war.

Reuters reports

Russia is supplying weapons to Damascus under contracts signed since the conflict in Syria began in 2011, as well as under earlier deals, President Bashar al-Assad said.

This means that the Russian government has been working openly to support a government that the U.S. has been seeking to undermine. The American stance has been clear. If there is to be any political resolution in Syria, it cannot involve Assad. A leader they claim is a dictator and illegitimate. They claim that he has used chemical weapons on his own people. (Is it me or is all this starting to sound a little familiar?)

Assad says that these claims are false. But what is not false is the fact that the Syrian President is being backed by both the Iranians and the Russians. Both have found themselves at odds with the U.S. of late. It all seems as though we are picking sides here. But, this is not a game.

And the Russians do not seem to be shy about the arrangement.

Reuters continues

Asked about the interview, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not say whether Moscow was supplying arms to Damascus.

“In fact, Moscow has always highlighted that there have been and are no embargoes on military cooperation. There are no legal limitations on us,” he told reporters.

Yet with all his talk of arms deals with the Kremlin, Assad made clear that he does not have hard feelings for America.

Fox reports

“We didn’t attack the American population. We didn’t support terrorists who did anything in the United States,” Assad told CBS’ “60 Minutes.” “We always wanted to have good relation with the United States. We never thought in the other direction.”

Yet, we see that he continues to be a friend of Iran and Russia. These two countries have been at odds with American interests around the world. Friction between the U.S. and Russia is on the rise over Ukraine, and now it seems that the Russians are again backing Iran.

Assad made a very good point

When asked what Russia wants for Syria and the region, Assad said “stability.”

“Syria, and Iran and Russia, see eye-to-eye regarding these conflicts.”

Assad said Syria doesn’t have an obligation to any of those countries and that they “do it for the region, and for the world. Because stability is very important to them.”

These groups see eye to eye, but I dare say stability is not what they truly want.