As ISIS Attacks Increase on US Soil, Justice Department Targets “Far-Right” Social Media Use

ISIS is here. They tried to kill us all in Garland, Texas. And the jihadi who was taken out today was part of an ISIS jihad terror network. The FBI has not revealed what it was they were plotting, but it must have been quite serious, as the Boston Muslim was under 24-hour surveillance.

So what is the traitorous President and his perfidious Department of Justice doing? Targeting those of us who are standing in defense of freedom, opposing jihad terror and sharia.

“About That DOJ “Right-Wing” Violence and Extremism Grant Story….”, By Sundance, The Last Refuge, June 2, 2015.

Right is right even if nobody does it.
Wrong is wrong, even if everybody does it.

Several months ago we busted CNN using bombastic claims about the Dept. of Homeland Security declaring “right-wing” extremism as dangerous as Islamic Jihad. Actually, it was far more than bombastic claims, it was straight up lying. Now it appears something within yesterday’s Washington Free Beacon story is not passing a similar sniff test.

It stems from this:

WFB 2The WFB outline has been shared on numerous sites, including ours. However, similar to the CNN story, a little digging into the source documents and something appears amiss. I can’t find where the Washington Free Beacon is getting the quote “right wing” or “far-right” in the outline.

The hyper-link within the WFB article takes you HERE and the expanded summary is HERE.

In addition we have downloaded the 28 page DOJ/NIJ bid proposal (embed below) and we can’t find anything within the grant construct itself that states a study of “right wing“, or “far right“, or actually “politically” anything.

DOJ Violence and Extremism Study – Bid Proposal

What gives?

I did send the author a message via Twitter Social Media and have yet to hear any response.

We still want to extend as much benefit of the doubt to WFB as possible. However, similar to the previous CNN report:

CNN propaganda right-wing


…..this WFB report could potentially be much ado about nothing, albeit for the opposite effecst:




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