Ann Coulter and the “Browning of America”

Can I be honest?

I really hate the way that Ann Coulter phrases things sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Ann Coulter – I usually agree with her analysis and her arguments.

But I think that sometimes she does more to harm our cause than to help. Her most recent interview on Fusion TV with Jorge Ramos is an example of what could have been an opportunity to help people understand where we are coming from, but ended up turning into a circus.

I believe that her arguments about illegal immigration hurting America are correct; I just don’t think she is helping our fight in the way she speaks of the problem. Yes, she is a satirist and almost everything she says is in tongue in cheek… but it’s just not very winsome.

In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, she tries to speak to this, going so far as to say that sometimes things that are attributed to her are not actually things that she has said.



Ann Coulter: The “browning of America” phrase. That isn’t my phrase, obviously these people aren’t reading liberal magazines, webpages, or watching MSNBC. This is something that is constantly celebrated on the left: ‘ha ha, white America, you’re dying off!’ And then that’s it, liberal policies win.

First of all, this was a specific plan to change the demographics in America, in a way that no country has ever been changed.

Megyn Kelly: Whose plan?

Ann Coulter: Well, Teddy Kennedy’s immigration Act. It was backed by a lot of Democrats…

They brag about it. This isn’t a fantasy of mine, I have them on record and being quoted in the book…

Ann CoulterIt is the culture of America that is being changed. It is the most successful culture on the face of the Earth, particularly for women, children, plants and animals. Minorities have never been treated better. De Toqueville talking about how women are treated in America.

American women are about to find out, you never had it so good as with American men, because no other cultures are like this.

You have in fact, one of the things I make fun of in the book, the media always plays hide the immigrants in this or that heinous crime story about incest rape, gang rape, child rape, whatever.

Even the New York Post did it, a gang rape of a 12 year old in England. The headline is “Schoolgirl Raped By 60 Men.”

Oh wow, men in England are terrible, and then even reading closely you will find perhaps that they are Asian. Oh, are they Chinese, Korean?

No of course they are Muslim men from Pakistan. Pakistanis going on and on and on raping these British girls, but you will not find it in the media.

You certainly won’t find it in the American media…

It is being hidden, it is being done intentionally to our country without checking with the American people. And the reason it was done was to get the Democrats 30, 40, 50, million new voters.

It is working. And then they have the audacity to act like their arguments are winning: ‘ha ha, we are vindicated!’

No, you changed the voter.