88 Refugees Kidnapped by ISIS – Many Christians Including 12 Women and Children

The terrorists known as ISIS in Libya have kidnapped another large group of non-Muslim foreigners, with the likelihood being that most are Christians. Current reports indicate that either 86 or 88 Eritrean refugees who were attempting to make their way to Europe via Libya were captured by ISIS on June 3rd. Most of those kidnapped come from Adi Keih in Eritrea.

A witness who was able to avoid the kidnapping says that, “IS militants asked everyone who is Muslim or not and everybody started saying they are Muslims. But you have to know the Koran, and they didn’t.” 

This is not the first time that ISIS has kidnapped Christians, and it likely won’t be the last. If this situation plays out in the same way that other ISIS kidnappings have, then there is little doubt that we will soon be seeing a video of these poor souls being executed by the ISIS barbarians. Sadly, the women and children may face a fate even worse than death, and something I’d rather not speak of now. But knowing the evil machinations of these Islamic terrorists, it is likely that they will be sold off as slaves to an ISIS ally willing to pay.

For anyone needing a reminder of the barbarous evil that is ISIS, CBS News reminds us of the fate of 21 Egyptian Christian men kidnapped by ISIS a few months ago.



Or from April, CNN reminds us of some 30 Ethiopian Christian men being slaughtered by the evil Islamic terrorists.



One day, possibly very soon, ISIS will be judged for their evil actions. Who knows, it may even be the American military that is the tool of judgment used to bring a harsh retribution to the infestation of ISIS thugs.