10 Reasons to Dump Trump and Vote Paul

The Libertarian Shaman has produced a list of ten solid reasons that he believes GOP voters should end their romance with Donald Trump and get behind Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) candidacy.

Now to be sure, the Libertarian Shaman is a libertarian, so some of his views are not going to be popular with the mainstream GOP voter… but the ten reasons he lists should all be winners with the party faithful.

Here are just a few (you can read the others for yourself at Libertarian Shaman):

Reason #7 – 10:

  1. Rand Paul has a detailed plan to reduce the national debt that is now close to $19 trillion dollars. Donald Trump offers no comprehensive plan to deal with the national debt or any other major issue that faces America.
  1. While Rand Paul wants to abolish Obamacare, Donald Trump is down on record supporting his own version of single payer health insurance that greatly increases the size and reach of the federal government.
  1. Donald Trump is down on record as supporting abortion rights, gun control, single payer health insurance and a wide variety of liberal candidates such as Hillary Clinton and gun control liberal Senator Chuck Schumer. How do we know Trump will not resort and return to liberalism if elected President? Trump has no track record of supporting conservative causes and has left the Republican Party for many years and voted as a Democrat in liberal NYC. Rand Paul on the other hand, has been a Republican all his life and has fought big government liberalism since the 1980’s.
  1. Donald Trump’s record on the protection of our civil liberties is non-existent but Senator Rand Paul has led the charge in adamant support of our right to privacy and independence from government intervention and intrusion. Rand Paul has been at the forefront of the political discussion in the U.S. Senate on abolishing the TSA, NSA, IRS and the bulk collection of our personal data.


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