10 Killed in Terrorist Attack in Turkey

The confusion in the Middle East makes the war in Vietnam look clean cut and strait forward. Many of the players are both allies with a group and enemies of that group’s allies all at the same time. Russia’s involvement has not made things clearer, but murkier. And no one really knows what the Turks are doing. They are a partner of the U.S. lead coalition against ISIS, but their actions can be seen as counter intuitive.

They have attacked Kurdish fighters inside of Syria. The Kurds are one of the only successful military groups fighting ISIS in Northern Syria. Yet, the Turks count them as a terrorist organization.

Then the Turks shot down a Russian bomber operating near their border. They claimed it was violating their air space, but this seems unlikely. As a result, Russia claimed that the Turks were buying oil from ISIS and shot the plane down to save its oil shipment.

But, now, it seems that the Turks are the latest target of ISIS terror attacks.

Sky News reports

Ten people killed in a suicide bomb attack in the Turkish city of Istanbul were all foreign nationals, officials have said.

Nine Germans and a Peruvian man have been confirmed as the victims of the blast in Sultanahmet Square, next to the city’s famous Blue Mosque landmark.

Another 15 people are reported to have been injured during the attack, which occurred at 10.20am local time (8.20am UK time).

The deadly attack has not been claimed by any group as of yet, but has the ear marks of Islamic State. It was a person of Syrian nationality, and they seemed to be working alone.

Sky News continued

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the bomber, a 28-year-old Syrian national, was a suspected member of Islamic State.

The individual is thought to have recently crossed from Syria but was not on Turkey’s watch list.

He was identified from body parts at the scene.

The trend seems to be undeniable. The terror group has scaled its operations to be almost undetectable and unforeseeable. With no more than one or two perpetrators the police of any country have little hope of catching them until their murderous plot has begun to play out. And though this happened in a Muslim country, non-Muslims were clearly their target.

Fox reports

Turkey’s Dogan news agency reported that at least six Germans, one Norwegian and one Peruvian were among the wounded, and Seoul’s Foreign Ministry told reporters via text message that one South Korean had a finger injury. The Norwegian Foreign Ministry told Norway’s news agency NTB that the Norwegian tourist was slightly hurt and was being treated in a local hospital.

Sultanahmet is Istanbul’s main sightseeing area and includes the Topkapi Palace and the Haghia Sophia museum.

This would have been a place of the highest concentration of foreigners. European tourists would be the most likely casualties here. Though Turkey would suffer from this attack, the Muslim was not the one under attack.

Just as the Qur’an tells them, “Kill the infidel wherever he is found.”