Will Obamacare be Replaced with GOPcare and what is the Difference?

Ever since the President began speaking on his plan to insure (tax) every American, Americans overwhelmingly have been saying no thanks. We all saw this as another expansion of power and a step deeper into slavery. Yet, while the public screamed no, the Democrats voted yes. This led to two voting cycles where Dems lost vast numbers of seats in the House and the Senate. In response to this, we have heard Republican politicians say that they wanted to repeal and/or defund Obamacare.

It had been hinted at by some in the Republican Party that they would replace the law with their own plan. Most of these people were your McCains and Romneys, moderately progressive Republicans pandering for votes. Most I spoke with never thought that this was a serious consideration. “Surely they see that Americans do not want nor need such laws.” We would say. Now, we see signs that there might actually be a GOPcare on the horizon.

The Washington Post reports:

With Obamacare again facing a major threat at the Supreme Court, an influential group of Republican lawmakers is offering a proposal that they see as a replacement to the president’s health-care law.

Who would want to do such a thing and why? It is reported.

The plan, presented by Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), is in part intended to help manage any potential chaos from a pivotal Supreme Court ruling expected later this year that could invalidate subsidies for federal-run health insurance exchanges across the country.

This would mean that there is still going to be an expansion of the deficit and the best heath care in the world is going to be driven into the ground. In the article there is a list of changes. Yet, it still is a grand giveaway plan that taxes the young and healthy to provide healthy care for the sick and aging.

The Post further reports:

There are no official estimates yet of what this would cost or how many people it would cover. But the plan’s authors claim it will be “competitive in terms of coverage” when compared to the ACA and cost less.

Do not be fooled, this will be as expensive if not more expensive than Obamacare. And there is one more thing that we need to notice. If the people could afford these new costs for health care, they would have it already. This is still the government working toward single payer.

Though GOPcare would eliminate the personal mandate and the employer mandate, no insurance company can compete with the printing press of the Federal government. Insurers will have to strip plans and hike premiums to compete. We already see this in the Obamacare era.

With almost 50% of the country receiving some kind of funding from the government, the only area left is housing. If taxes continue to rise, we will be forced to go to the government for that next. This is slavery. We will be beholden to the politicians for all we need. The GOP plan is no better. Same outcome, different masters.