While Obama Concedes to Russia and Iran, Trump Voices Approval

One would never have thought that things would ever go back to the way the used to be before 1990.  There seemed to be little chance that we would have to face a real rival in world politics.  In the last eight years, we have not only seen this but worse.  We face a nuclear Russia, which clearly has opposing goals and ambitions from America.  Many of our allies have lost faith in our ability and willingness to lead on the world stage.  The Middle East is on fire, and most of Europe is either broke, swamped with Syrian refugees or both.

Amid this, we find that our military leaders and the current administration have no real plan to deal with ISIS.  As I reported, the plans they have had have gone wrong.  Lots of money has been thrown at a problem, but nothing has been accomplished.  And now, if we are to believe the polls, the front running Republican says that he would be open to Russia and Iran fighting the battle for us.

Reuters reports

Leading Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday said he supported Russian efforts to fight Islamic State militants in the Middle East, including Syria.

Asked whether he backed those like Russia who supported Syrian President Bashar al Assad or those who see him as the source of Syria’s current crisis, Trump told NBC’s “Today” program: “I side with the group that says if Russia wants to go and fight ISIS, you should let them as opposed to saying we’re jealous we don’t want you to do that.”

This is the famed businessman exposing his ignorance.  If we are going to remain a world power, which I am not sure that I am in favor of, but if we are, then this is a bad idea.  If Russia and Iran are given a larger role in Syria, Iraq and with the Kurds, then will they not become the savior of these people?  Will they not have larger amounts of influence over these people?

This is being said while our President demands that Assad is removed from power.  Something that Putin and Iran vow cannot happen.

Reuters reports

Russia and the United States agreed on Monday to look for a diplomatic end to the Syrian civil war but clashed over the central question of whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should retain power.

During a 90-minute meeting, U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed that their armed forces should hold talks to avoid coming into conflict in Syria after a Russian military buildup there over the last several weeks.

Once again our position in a region has been weakened by this administration.  With growing Russian influence in the region and Iran’s move to train and supply militia units to fight ISIS, the U.S. is continually being squeezed out.  And what would it be like to have a non-U.S. led coalition fighting ISIS?  This may be closer to reality than we could have imagined.

Reuter reports

In contrast, Putin said there was no alternative to cooperating with Assad’s military to fight Islamic State militants, and called for the creation of a broader international anti-terrorist coalition. This appeal may compete with the coalition that the United States has assembled to fight Islamic State.

Once again, we have allowed our enemies to be strengthened and our allies to be wooed away by our lack of real and decisive action.