What would Rand Paul’s Presidential Agenda Look Like?

So Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is running for President… what does that mean for America?

Rand Paul is the first libertarian leaning candidate to have a real chance at winning the White House since arch-conservative Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) made his run some 50+ years ago. There are more than a few connections we can draw between Goldwater’s 1964 run and Paul’s 2016 run… including the importance of the candidate as a figure in a greater movement. When Barry Goldwater ran for office, the Republican Party was a far more liberal (and ugly) picture of what we see today. They were liberal on big government, liberal on economics, and the country was suffering from having two major political parties who were trying to spend money like water.

Rand PaulSadly, though, while today’s Republicans may not be as liberal as some of the GOP in 1964, the establishment of our party has returned to embracing freewheeling spending and government growth. However, instead of spending on welfare and social services, today’s GOP spends our money on nation building abroad.

Rand Paul (and several of his fellow candidates from the GOP) stands against such reckless government spending and hopes to rekindle the GOP’s passion for smaller government. In a recent email out to his supporters he reiterated some of his main points from his speech announcing his candidacy. Here’s some of what Paul says he wants to do:

Passing term-limits to end career politicians’ iron grip on our government;

Forcing Congress to actually read the bills they vote on – and delay legislation one day for every 20 pages of language before passage to help eliminate cronyism and insider funny business;

Overhauling our tax code and cutting spending to get government out of the way, unleash prosperity and tackle our $18.1 TRILLION debt;

Auditing the Fed and ending the “print-now, ask-questions-later” policies that cause destructive boom-bust economic cycles;

Stopping unconstitutional spying on American citizens that has resulted in our federal government collecting BILLIONS of innocent Americans’ phone records, texts, emails and Internet searches every day.

My question is this – are you, the conservative grass roots, ready to support a self-styled “libertarian-Republican,” or will you likely be supporting a more “mainstream” Republican?