Weak Leaders Pushing West to Destruction

Throughout the modern history of what the world calls the West, we have faced many enemies to our culture and way of life. We have set on the precipice of destruction many times. Each of those times, historians could point to weak leadership as the cause. That is, we would have never reached the point of destruction were it not for the assisting of our enemies by our weak leaders.

We have one perfect example in Neville Chamberlin, former Prime Minister of Great Britain. It was this dish rag that headed the strategy and negotiations against Adolf Hitler. In fact, he all but negotiated Europe into slavery. Having failed to listen to Hitler when he spoke on public radio, Chamberlin foolishly believed that concessions would win over the Nazi leader.

Strong, decisive, and unwavering leadership from men such as Churchill and FDR pulled the West back from the brink. Though I am not a fan of FDR’s politics, he did not waver in the understanding that Germany was the enemy. Until the plague of Nazi hatred and warmongering was erased, the world could not have peace.

Here we are again, rapidly racing toward the cliff; led by leaders either too stupid or afraid to offend our enemy in order to lead. It started with Bush, after the 9/11 attacks, saying in a speech that Islam was a religion of peace. This has been followed up by politicians who will not use the names our enemies give themselves, because they are afraid of offending.

We have the French government handing over whole towns and areas to the control of Islamists. These “no Go” areas are where their police and military are not allowed to enter. These people, just like Palestine, are allowed to govern themselves and plan the overthrow of the country which has provided them the freedom to exist as they do.

This has to be the epitome of stupidity! Who in their right minds would allow those seeking their destruction to continue live, unmolested, right next door? Why would you allow their existence?

The French President, François Hollande gave us the reason in his speech yesterday. He said that the French people were committed to peace and pluralism. What this means is that the French will see this work or kill themselves in the effort. This folks is the seeds of destruction for Western Culture.

This foolish understanding that if we do nothing or say nothing offensive to others. If we seek to accommodate their every whim, then we can live in peace. This notion is something that the Muslim is smart enough to use to his advantage, but does not believe. You will never see a Muslim with that stupid “Coexist” bumper sticker on his car. The reason is that only one philosophy can rule.

A nation’s laws are governed by its religion and this is where the West loses. Most of our leaders are, by what they confess or what they do, Godless. They have nothing from which to pull to give them the courage to resist. They have not learned that peace is not something you have, it is a person.

They dream of a secular peace, which includes all people. This peace cannot come outside of Jesus Christ. But, for those of you who think that peace comes through us being tolerant, Christ said: “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.”

Until we understand that truth divides and peace can only come through conversion, we will be at risk of giving in to Muslim culture. Christ did not come to set us under slavery, but to set the captives free. The West seems doomed by the idea that they can somehow concede enough. But as Islam is translated submission, they will except nothing less. This means that only strong Biblical Christianity and Christian leaders can save us from the Muslim.

God will bring peace, but never through submission to the murdering band or idolaters. Christ is the only One Who brings Peace; not just peace with God, but also peace with man. May the nations rejoice!