Washington State Lawmakers Seeking to take Pensions from Child-molesting Teachers

Most of us have a sense of fairness. It kicks in when we see things happening that just are not right. Paul explains this sense as the Law written on our hearts. We know that certain things should follow from other events. When we see the unjust wrongly rewarded or getting away with their evil, it should enrage us. It should cause us all to want to act. But there seems to be some who have had their consciences seared.

Washington State Senator Barbra Bailey is one of the ones who feels compelled to act.

Fox News reports 

Bailey, a Republican, has introduced a bill that would add Washington to the list of states penalizing those who violate the public trust, by taking away their pension.

Now, what this means it that those who commit crimes while serving the public in Washington State will lose their pensions.

According to Fox

“For them to now be in prison, a felony charge against them, and still be eligible to collect a state pension that the taxpayers also pay into, is not satisfactory,” Washington state Sen. Barbara Bailey said.

The “them” she is referring to is pedophile teachers. Men trusted to teach and guide the young people of Washington, who used that trust to fulfill their sexually perverse desires. These people have been tried and sentenced. They were found guilty and have or are serving time for their crimes.

People such as

Laurence Hill is a convicted rapist. His victims were 10- and 11-year-old girls he taught in a Seattle school. He served five years in prison for his crimes, and the Seattle School District paid his victims a $3 million settlement.

There are others, but this is not the worst of this situation. Yes, these law-breakers are still getting paid as if they had retired with honor. But the kicker in all this is, there are those who think that these people are getting exactly what they deserve.

The Washington Education Association has defended the pension payments, arguing that the criminal justice system should have no bearing on a public employee’s retirement benefits. Some state lawmakers are reluctant to take pensions away.

What do you know? A union is supporting a member’s sin, who would have thought such a thing could happen. Again we find that a union is a bed of corruption. Unions will say anything in the hopes of gaining and maintaining dues. These dues are no more than bribes. It is the payment to save the member’s job and pension. The union cares little for justice or those harmed by their members.

This would never be an issue if these men were punished according to the justice of God. These men would be treated as rapist and face the death penalty (Lev. 20:13). They, having committed crimes worthy of death, could not collect a pension.