Unions Grease Political Wheels by Pouring Millions into the Clinton Slush Foundation

Even if the work the Clintons claim they are doing was being done properly.  And even if I thought the stated progressive work was effective (which I do not). There has to be something wrong with a political leader taking donations from every country and special interest group in the world.  The thought that there is no Impropriety is foolish.  And like most of the Clinton scandals over the last twenty tears, the longer it is in the sun, the more it stinks.

Fox is now reporting

“U.S. Department of Labor’s union financial disclosure reports reveal that Big Labor gave at least $2,034,500 in union general treasury funds to Clinton Foundations. Union treasuries are funded mostly by compulsory union dues or fees collected from workers who would be fired for refusing to pay,” the NILRR report says. “As Mrs. Clinton became closer to her current run for president, donations amounts appear to have increased.”

The unions are hedging their bets.  They want to make sure that they are backing the right horse, and that they have chosen to back Clinton is not a real surprise.  Hillary is the only Democrat to have put her hat in that even remotely has a chance.  The problem may be that she is getting more and more weighed down by her scandals.  This news does not help.

Fox further tells us

The Clintons have turned their foundation into a lucrative “slush fund,” according to one charity watchdog group, and have received hundreds of millions of dollars from notable businesses, media personalities, and political luminaries. The family has maintained that none of those donations influenced her decisions as secretary of state and that the money is strictly philanthropic.

This is like a hidden un-monitored war chest that the Clintons can pull from at any time.  It is no longer the idea that she gave favors to countries while serving as Secretary of State.  The issue now is how she can and will use this “slush fund” to finance her campaign.  But this would fit what the foundation has said were their goals.

Since our founding, the Foundation has focused on tackling a number of the world’s greatest challenges: Global Health; Climate Change; Economic Development; Health and Wellness; and improving opportunity for Women and Girls.

You see, none of these goals are simple, non-political problems.  They are all connected in some way to Hillary’s political platform.  These are progressive goals or political sticks, with which to beat her opponents.  This is exactly why there has not been, nor will there be any compunction about using the money for political gains.  They, much like Obama, feel that the end justifies the means.  And apparently the Unions feel the same.

As Fox reports

The family has maintained that none of those donations influenced her decisions as secretary of state and that the money is strictly philanthropic.

However, unions did not necessarily agree about the apolitical nature of the donations, according to NILRR.

“Some of these ‘donations’ are categorized by the unions as ‘political’ on their financial disclosure report” to the Labor Department, the report says.

It seems that the Unions believe that these donations are producing political allies.