U.N. to Decide if Outside Help Will Come for Libya While Italy Prepares for Possible Invasion by ISIS

I hate the cyclical view of history that says that it repeats itself. History is not a repetitive cycle. What occurs is that men and women are sinful. We as Nietzsche put it over a century ago. Men have a “will to Power.” This will to power causes us to be driven to obtain this power in similar ways. And conversely those around us react to these actions in the same way as their counterparts in history. Thus, it seems that when a Napoleon seeks ever expanding power, he is the repeat of Alexander. When in actuality, instead of repeating history, they have the same hunger or drive and seek its fulfillment, in the same way.

The same can be of the Nazis and other 20th-century fascists and the present Islamists. They seek to gain power in any way necessary. And we in the West have reacted to their push to power as we did the many before them. We have hesitated and hoped that they would not be strong enough. But they have proven to be more than the JV team. And the more they fight, the better they have become. Much like Napoleon warned, “Do not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him your art of war.”

Now, once again, we have another country on the verge of being engulfed into the new ISIS Caliphate. ISIS has gained ground in Lybia as several rebel factions have come under their sway. This while the two competing governments have put most of its efforts toward defeating each other.

The Washington Times reports:

Islamic State has established a foothold in Libya by acquiring the allegiance of several Islamist organizations within the country. The strategy in Libya differed from Islamic State’s actions in Syria; the militant organization sent envoys to Libyan Islamist rebels to enlist their aid in the creation of a new caliphate. Islamic State had aggressively sought recruitment efforts in Libya and courted jihadist groups such as al Qaeda-linked Ansar al-Shariah in neighboring states under pressure from anti-terrorist initiatives, first gaining their aid in Syria before turning their focus back toward Libya. As the two opposing Libyan governments fought each other, they neglected to confront the common Islamic State threat.

This neglect has caused the U.N. recognized government in the east to seek for foreign military aid.

The Washington Post reports:

Libyan officials intensified their appeal this week for international help to confront a growing extremist threat, but Western countries’ insistence that Libya must first end political feuds underscores their reluctance to wade back into this North African nation.

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohamed Dayri, who was in Washington this week for the White House’s summit on countering violent extremism, said in an interview that Western nations cannot wait on the sidelines while militants expand their activities across the country.

While Western countries are hesitant, Italy has taken the threats coming from the ISIS video of the Coptic Christians being beheaded seriously.

The Times further reports:

The Italian government has already taken actions to ensure the nation’s security in the face of the threat from Islamic State. Security in Rome has been tightened greatly after Islamic State directly threatened the Italian capital. The Italian Parliament was scheduled to be briefed on Libya Thursday, and there is already considerable support for possible military action against Islamic State in Libya. Italian Defense Minister Robert Panotti stated that 5,000 troops could be deployed to Libya if necessary, though Prime Minster Matteo Renzi confirms that the position of the Italian government for the time being is to wait until the U.N. Security Council reaches an agreement.

Unfortunately, because of massive cuts in military funding; Italy may be ill-prepared to face an attack. If Libya falls to the Islamists, it is a short 300 miles to Sicily.