Two Latest Polls of GOP Voters Put Dr. Ben Carson in the Lead!

The two latest polls out, one from the New York Times and CBS News, the other from Reuters, have both placed Dr. Ben Carson in the lead for the GOP nomination! Carson has been slowly gaining on Trump for the last few weeks, and if these latest polls are to be believed, he has finally edged ahead. In the Reuters online poll Dr. Carson has moved ahead of Trump by 7 points (33 – 26), while in the NYT/CBS poll Dr. Carson has moved ahead by 4 points (26 – 22).

The New York Times analysis of their poll finds that the most striking fact might actually be just how few GOP voters have their minds made up.

Indeed, the new survey shows that the vast majority of Republicans have not firmly made up their minds: Seven in 10 of those who expressed support for a candidate said it was too early to say for sure who they would support. Just 28 percent indicated that their minds were made up.

More than half of the Republican primary voters surveyed said they were now paying “a lot” of attention to the campaign, essentially unchanged from a CBS News survey in early October.

The one thing we should expect from the next few weeks and months of campaigning is… the unexpected.

The graph below shows Trump (in Green) and Carson (in Gray) switching spots at the top of the tracking poll.

From Reuters:

Reuters Poll







However, none of this means that Trump is out of it. How do I know? Because Mike Tyson just endorsed the Real Estate mogul. Tyson told HuffPo Live “Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job.”