TPP is the Republican Version of Obamacare

Remember how angry you were when the Democrats shoved government run healthcare down the throats of the American people? Well, prepare to get that angry again. There is a move in Congress, led by Republicans to pass “Fast Track.” This bill will allow Congress to give a simple up or down vote on trade deals. The reason that they want to pass such a bill into law is that they want to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

So, what is TPP exactly? It is an expansion of NAFTA. That’s right, that job black hole that has caused a steady loss of jobs for Americans and almost no trade in the partner countries is now going to be expanded to include nine more sub-par industrial countries. says

In one fell swoop, this secretive deal could:

offshore American jobs and increase income inequality,

jack up the cost of medicines,

sneak in SOPA-like threats to Internet freedom,

and empower corporations to attack our environmental and health safeguards.

expose the U.S. to unsafe food and products,

roll back Wall Street reforms,

ban Buy American policies needed to create green jobs,

And this points to the reason that the Republicans in Congress want to pass “Fast Track” first. It would mean that there would be little or no chance for labor pushback on this deal. Now, let me be clear, I am not a fan of Unions or organized labor, but they actually might have a point here. We see that this deal benefits only those who want cheap labor. This is a move to enslave the people of these nations, so their profit margins increase.

Vincent Gentile wrote this in the Huffington Post

The Trans-Pacific Partnership countries claim that their deal will “enhance trade and investment, promote innovation, economic growth and development, and support the creation and retention of jobs,” when in reality all signs point to the deal doing the exact opposite. But it doesn’t end there. Now the same corporations who would benefit from the TPP feel these clandestine negotiations aren’t moving fast enough. So in order to ram their deal through Congress, its proponents require a special voting procedure called “fast track,” which calls for a rapid vote on the deal with no possible amendments and extremely limited debate and deliberation.

Here is the issue. If you did not like the way the Democrats handled the healthcare vote, this should bother you as well. If you thought NAFTA was a bad deal, then you are going to hate this treaty. But what is worse, this treaty will concede American sovereignty. continues

The TPP would even elevate individual foreign firms to equal status with sovereign nations, empowering them to privately enforce new rights and privileges, provided by the pact, by dragging governments to foreign tribunals to challenge public interest policies that they claim frustrate their expectations. The tribunals would be authorized to order taxpayer compensation to the foreign corporations for the “expected future profits” they surmise would be inhibited by the challenged policies.

The idea that our tax money would be paid to foreign corporations as penalty for our elected officials making laws is outrageous. I hate to use the term, but one world government seems appropriate. We should never tie our economic and lawmaking futures to those of other countries. Our first president warned that this kind of treaty was dangerous. But I doubt that even Washington would ever have guessed that things would have come to such a low point.

This is a Republican version of Obamacare.  We have to vote it in to see what is in it.  Thanks, but no thanks.