The Media is Simply Aghast at the Clinton Foundation Scandal – But They’re Not Doing Anything About It

I will admit to being surprised by the furor that has been stirred up in liberal media circles over the depth and breadth of the Clinton Corruption Scandal. I mean, I knew conservatives would be upset – this is one of the most egregious and blatant corruption scandals we our nation has seen in the last hundred years. Conservatives were always going to look suspiciously upon the millions the Clinton’s made by catering to the worst nations, corporations and people in this world. However, I just assumed that the main stream media would do what they always do and sweep the Clinton’s sins under the nearest rug.

At this point, I was only half right.

The media has stirred up some righteous anger – for which I applaud them – but at the same time, they haven’t actually pushed for any sort of change or punishment. I know this is a time-worn thought process for conservatives but… imagine that the Clinton’s had been conservative Republicans, what do you think might have been the media’s response? I’ll tell you, along with all of this righteous indignation would have come cries from across the networks for the conservative to drop out of the Presidential race and for the Department of Justice to look seriously into charging them with a crime.

Not so for the Clinton family. At least not yet. The angry media has not yet subsided and there may still be a moment when the tide begins to turn against the Clinton family. There may still be a moment when our media wakes up and says, ‘enough is enough, something must be done’ and begins the investigative work that will lay the foundation for criminal charges. At least, I hope that this still may happen. At this point, all of America realizes that the Clinton’s should probably have gone to prison a few times over, and this latest sin should be the last straw. (If you haven’t realized this then you’re probably a liberal Democrat who also happens to be a hypocrite.)

On Sunday a trio of important pundit voices again announced their complete disgust and amazement with the Clinton family’s record of corruption and their utter lack of concern for what the American people think.

On ABC, Mark Halperin appeared with former Clinton crony George Stephanopolous to speak some truth to Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Namely, he said anyone else would have been fired for the mistakes she made at the State Department.



Mark Halperin: Imagine if an Assistant Secretary of State had done what Hillary Clinton– what we know Hillary did. They would be out of the State Dept.

George Stephanopolous: What things?

Mark Halperin: Co-mingling of a family foundation, donations from foreign governments, increased speech fees, and government actions.

We know there were government actions taken, what we don’t know –and this goes to the deleted emails– is what kind of interaction did Hillary Clinton have on her private email account regarding her husband’s speeches and Foundation activities involving foreign donations.

If they hadn’t been so careless at the Foundation, if she hadn’t deleted the emails, if they put somebody out on this show today to answer these questions, I think a lot of this could be put to rest, but none of those things are true.

Chuck Todd was on MSNBC with Steve Kornacki when he sounded an incredulous note – seemingly unable to believe that anyone could be as naïve (or perhaps foolish) as the Clinton’s were in their preparations for Hillary’s 2016 campaign.



I think [the Clintons] handled this awfully. This is the single most predictable issue that this campaign was going to have to deal with, and they seemed completely flat footed, totally unaware of what was coming. It is a reminder that they probably didn’t do their own self-vetting on this. I can’t tell you– the number of Democratic operatives, some of whom are actually working from within the Clinton campaign, some are not, who all have the same reaction: Shaking their head going why are they still accepting foreign donations? It is a total head scratcher why they ever did in the first place, but why are they still doing it? Remember the new policy still has them taking foreign donations. From a smaller group of countries, mostly Western allies, but why are they doing it at all? 

There are a whole bunch of Democrats shaking their heads. If there was a real challenger, to Hillary Clinton that some in the party were comfortable rally around, I think you would hear more Democrats openly criticizing this relationship, frankly the way Barack Obama did eight years ago.


And lastly, Kim Strassel from the Wall Street Journal was on CBS’ Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer when she made the issue as plain as she could saying that the Clinton’s seem to think that the “Rules don’t apply to them.”



With so much outrage coursing through the main stream mediam it’s a wonder that Hillary Clinton is still the frontrunner in the Democrat race for the nomination. It’s also a wonder and probably a testament to how terribly uninformed and partisan our nation has become that she still leads the way in Presidential polling. The fact that more Americans would choose her over any given Republican candidate is simply disgusting and disheartening. I think it’s safe to say though that today Hillary Clinton is far more likely to lose a race for the White House than to win, and much of it has to do with the recent discoveries of the scandalous behavior at the Clinton Foundation.