The End is Nigh: Another Democrat Leader thinks having a Socialist President Would be Just Fine

At an event hosted at George Washington University on Tuesday, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said something that everyone already knew — today’s Democrat Party might as well call itself the Socialist Party. While speaking with an interviewer in front of a small crowd at GWU, Pelosi opened up on the Democrat race for the presidential nomination and explained that she thought it would be “fabulous” if Bernie Sanders became the next President.

“It would be fabulous to have a woman president. You can’t ask somebody to vote for somebody because of their gender. Hillary Clinton is a very qualified person who happens to be a woman, now I haven’t endorsed in the race.

Bernie Sanders was my colleague in the House. We voted against DOMA, you know, against all of those things people are subjecting to scrutiny now. He’s fabulous, and he has a very important tonic for the country and for the Democratic Party because he has ideas. It’s not just, let me criticize immigrants or something, he has ideas…

He might win the nomination. I don’t know that because in terms of the demographics of how popular she is in the minority community.”

The interviewer then asked “Do you think it’s possible that Bernie Sanders wins the nomination?” Pelosi responded that she did think it was a definite possibility, “You never know. And I am a big fan of [former Maryland Governor] Martin O’Malley’s as well. He’s just fabulous.” She went on to praise O’Malley’s horrible record in Baltimore and Maryland in an attempt to make him seem like a qualified (he isn’t) candidate.

There you have it, folks. One of the most important leaders in the Democrat Party thinks that the socialists would be better at leading our nation than the Republican Party. Generations of dead Democrats are turning over in their graves as the modern Democrats continue to drive our nation towards ruin.