Texas Sheriff Nails Obama’s Illegal Immigration Stance Perfectly!

This past Wednesday many of our nations sheriffs joined together to express their opposition to President Obama’s plan to push an Executive Amnesty plan that would legalize almost 5 million lawbreakers.

Jackson County, Texas Sheriff Andy Louderback gave the perfect analogy to describe president Obama’s disastrous perspective on border security and illegal immigration. He said that the President’s plan to give amnesty to some 5 Million illegal aliens was basically “a large welcome sign and a saloon door mentality on our border!”

“What we’re facing in Texas and in this nation is a large welcome sign and a saloon door mentality on our border. Sheriffs in this country support the rule of law. Everybody here, behind me, to my left, to my right, supports the rule of law.”

“We do not support this amnesty. We cannot support this amnesty.”

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu agreed saying;

“Instead of putting illegals first and their rights, what about putting Americans and our rights and our security once first – put our security first? We ask Congress to stand up to this president and to enforce all of the laws and to secure our border.”



Sadly, it does not seem that the current crop of GOP leaders has the intestinal fortitude (or even the basic desire) to stand up to President Obama on this (or any other important) issue. It seems that only our conservative stalwarts are willing to take a stand for us… and that should speak volumes to us about the GOP in general. The establishment has decided that we conservatives just don’t matter.