Ted Cruz’s 3-Step Plan to Stop Illegal Immigration is Genius

In recent days Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz has faced a variety of criticisms from his GOP competitors claiming that he once supported amnesty. This is patently untrue. Ted Cruz has NEVER supported amnesty, and he has always stood against the corrupt DC amnesty-mongers. Over at his website he recently revealed his 3-step plan to end illegal immigration and bring some sanity back to the immigration process.

“It’s not that we don’t know how to solve illegal immigration. What is missing is the political will to get it done. And, as president, I will get it done. We will secure the borders.” – Ted Cruz

We have a serious immigration problem in America. The American people understand that we must reverse the policies that invite criminals and terrorists to defy the law, allow manipulation of our generous immigration system, and reward illegal immigrants for their actions. Sadly, while the Obama Administration ignores our immigration laws and abuses its executive authority, the Washington Cartel refuses to stand up and insist that the law be followed.

We see proof of Washington’s immigration failure every day. Across this nation, there are roughly 340 sanctuary jurisdictions, each of which is led by politicians who ignore federal law and endanger our children. Their lawlessness has been encouraged over the last seven years by President Obama, who has repeatedly tried to amend our immigration laws by fiat. He has issued no fewer than 20 unilateral directives through his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to evade the law, often benefiting illegal immigrants at the expense of taxpayers and legal immigrants. Perhaps the only thing worse than President Obama’s dictatorial behavior is Congress’s utter failure to even try and stop him. This lawlessness must end, and it must end with the next President.

During my time in the United States Senate, I have consistently led the fight to stop President Obama’s unconstitutional immigration actions. When Establishment Republicans teamed up with Democrats to reward millions of illegal immigrants with amnesty, I engaged millions of men and women across the country. Together, we defeated President Obama’s attempt to pass amnesty, and we continue to lead the fight against congressional leadership each time it seeks to undermine the will of the American people.

A strong President can and must secure the border. Under current law, there is more than enough legal authority to do so; what is missing is the political will. In the Senate, I have stood consistently with the majority of Americans against amnesty and lawlessness, and I will do the same as President. I give you my solemn word that, if I am elected President, we will use that authority to secure the border, and to restore the value of American citizenship and the Rule of Law.

To strengthen national security, enhance the value of citizenship, and stop illegal immigration, we must take three steps:

First, secure the border, once and for all. No other reform is meaningful if we do not fix our porous southern border.

Second, strengthen and enforce our existing immigration laws. We must reverse President Obama’s enforcement “priorities,” which allow a large number of criminal aliens to unlawfully remain in the United States.

Third, pursue reforms to the legal-immigration system that will prioritize the interests and well-being of Americans. As a nation built by those fleeing persecution and seeking freedom, we must once against welcome and celebrate legal immigrants while at the same time protecting American jobs and interests.

The following outlines my plan to stop illegal immigration, restore the Rule of Law, and reform our legal immigration system to protect Americans.

“We stopped the Gang of Eight bill. Ted Cruz led the fight against the establishment. We would be living under amnesty right now if Cruz had not succeeded.” – Rush Limbaugh


Read the details of Cruz’s plan at his website.