Ted Cruz says Gay Marriage Rulings are a “Danger to our Liberty”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was making the rounds through Iowa earlier this week, and making waves as he went along. The point that most of the media seems to be focusing on from Iowa was Cruz’s arguments against Court mandated acceptance of gay marriage. In fact, on more than one stop in Iowa, Cruz touted his plan to push for a constitutional amendment that would allow states to ban same sex marriage.

Here he is on Iowa radio with talk show host Jan Mickelson talking about the options conservatives have when it comes to fighting for traditional marriage.



“We have seen judges, and especially the Supreme Court, ignoring the law.”

“If the courts were following the Constitution, we shouldn’t need a new amendment, but they are, as you put it quite rightly, ‘making it up’ right now and it’s a real danger to our liberty.”

Senator Cruz and Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) both had the opportunity to speak to a group of some 200 Iowa Pastors this week, and while Cruz’s remarks on gay marriage are getting him the most attention – Jindal ‘s remarks on Iran have been just as controversial.

During his speech on Monday Jindal made it clear that he believed any deal that President Obama worked out with Iran would be short term and not stand the test of time. “A bad deal is worse than no deal and I hope this Congress will let — and I hope that other folks thinking of running for president will let the Iranians know: They are negotiating with a lame duck president — any deal they sign with this president will not be binding with the next administration,” Jindal said. A day later he would come out in full support of the letter sent by 47 Republican Senators to the leaders of Iran, basically parroting his earlier comments from his speech.



Senator Cruz and Governor Jindal are two of my favorite GOP Presidential candidates, and I love that both men are actively and vocally supporting conservative ideas and principles. I would love to see a Cruz/Jindal or a Jindal/Cruz ticket come 2016… we could do a lot worse!