Ted Cruz Gets It: ‘Stop Trying to Find Moderate Muslim Rebels’

GOP Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz was on Fox News Wednesday morning to speak (hard) truth to power on the debacle with Russia that continues to unfold in Syria.

Cruz argues that the Obama administration’s reticence to act and their weakness on foreign policy has made the world a more dangerous place, in part by creating a more powerful Russia. Cruz articulately draws direct lines between Vladimir Putin, Iran and Syria’s Bashar Assad. Instead of being weak-kneed and lily-livered as Obama has been over the last 7 years, Cruz argues that instead we should be putting our national interest first.

You ask what should we be doing? We should stop engaging in the fiction in trying to find these moderate rebels and support them. We should stop the fiction of trying to bring together the Sunnis and the Shias to put down their arms and embrace like brothers. Instead, we should defend U.S. national security interests and do what works to defeat ISIS.