Tammy Bruce says If You Want Amnesty or Common Core, Vote for Hillary or Jeb

Conservative talk radio host appeared along side liberal news host Alan Colmes on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss the Presidential campaign. Bruce pointed out that liberals (and maybe even larger – the establishment of both parties) are hoping that Jeb Bush comes out on top in the nominating race. In fact, Jeb is the only GOP candidate that anyone on the liberal side of the aisle will ever say anything nice about… and there is a reason for that. He’s the only one who comes close to meeting their prerequisites for office – meaning he blows the right (or should I say the LEFT) way on certain policy issues.


TAMMY BRUCE: He thinks and he reads. Isn’t that the standard? Because no other Republicans really do. It proves my point. It proves my point. Look, you’re not going to hear that about any other candidate. You’re going to hear it about the one that they want and we’ve seen that.
ALAN COLMES: Who is “they” that wants Jeb Bush? I think Jeb Bush has probably good a chance of anybody as beating Hillary Clinton if he is the nominee. So, I don’t know who “they” is that you think wants Jeb Bush to be nominee.

BRUCE: If you want an amnesty candidate who likes Common Core you can vote for Hillary or Jeb. People are going to want to vote for the person who really embraces those issues and who maybe they see with a decent economic past which is the Clintons versus the Bush history.