Washington State Forces Transgender Compliance for all Statewide

It was a stated concern for those who saw the rise of transgender rights. The idea that the transgender would demand the use of the facility of the sex they identified with rather than the one with which they were born. And now, it is not just the transgender but the state. Christian News reports The Washington Human Rights Commission has issued statewide rules requiring that public facilities allow males who identify as female and vice versa be allowed to use the restroom that is consistent Read more […]

Students and Parents Support Praying Coach

The areas that we are allowed to show our faith has begun to dwindle.  In America, freedom of religion will soon be restricted to the space between the believer’s ears.  People no longer wish to be exposed to prayer, praises or the gospel.  So, one should have guessed a coach’s personal act of thanksgiving for his student/athletes would not escape the attack levied on so many others. Christian News reports Joe Kennedy, the assistant head coach for the varsity team at Bremerton High School Read more […]

Washington State Lawmakers Seeking to take Pensions from Child-molesting Teachers

Most of us have a sense of fairness. It kicks in when we see things happening that just are not right. Paul explains this sense as the Law written on our hearts. We know that certain things should follow from other events. When we see the unjust wrongly rewarded or getting away with their evil, it should enrage us. It should cause us all to want to act. But there seems to be some who have had their consciences seared. Washington State Senator Barbra Bailey is one of the ones who feels compelled Read more […]

Washington Ruling to Ruin Christian for not Doing Sodomite Union’s Floral Arrangement

As I have reported  several times, the judges of our country are presenting Christians with a choice. Conform your thinking and participate or be ruined financially. This is the case with a Washington Florist. As I reported, Barronelle Stutzman of Richland Washington has been charged in a discrimination suit. She respectfully refused to provide flowers for a regular customer’s wedding when she discovered it was a sodomite union. Chriatiannews reports: Stutzman had been approached by one Read more […]

Colorado Set to Criminalize Welfare Benefits in Pot Shops

For those among the conservative community, there are few things that could anger you more that the thought of welfare benefits used for marijuana purchases. There have been rumors that this was happening on a regular basis in Colorado smoke shops since their legalization. There has been very little proof that this abuse of welfare was actually happening. But many still persist to believe that it was a major problem. In light of such rumors, aol.com is reporting: “. . . state lawmakers this Read more […]

Christian Set to Lose Everything for Refusing to Provide Flowers for Sodomite Union

It is sad to report when cities or states are forced to do or stop doing something based on a false understanding of religious freedom. It is even worse when we see states attacking their citizens for having religious convictions. Unfortunately, I have to report just such a case in Washington State. Baronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland Washington refused to provide flowers for a sodomite union. The customer, Robert Ingersoll, regularly used Stutzman for his floral needs. But, when Read more […]