Mike Rowe Hammers Liberal Media on Calling Hard Work “Racist”

A couple of weeks ago, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry was having a conversation about Paul Ryan (R-WI) becoming Speaker of the House when her guest, Alfonso Aguilar, happened to mention that Ryan was a “hard worker.” It was here that Harris Perry stepped in and told her audience that calling someone a “hard worker” was racist. Yes, racist. Well, the brilliant (and hard working) Mike Rowe (formerly of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs) took exception to this weird statement and did his Read more […]

MSNBC Liberals Whine that Some People Seek to Demonize their Opposition!

Hypocrisy thy name is MSNBC! On Tuesday night, former Vermont Governor (and one time Presidential candidate) Howard Dean (D-VT) was a guest on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes discussing the current political climate in America. It was an interesting conversation, and of all the hosts on MSNBC, Chris Hayes (while still very liberal) is quite often one of the more reasonable folks on the network. But things took an ironic and hypocritical turn when Hayes asked Howard Dean this question – “Do Read more […]

MSNBC Liberal Attacks Republicans for Lowering Taxes but Doesn’t Pay Her Own Taxes!

Melissa Harris-Perry has made a career for herself as an anchor on MSNBC. Though helming an extremely low-rated show, she wields the power of her own bully pulpit, a position that she has routinely used to mock and deride Republicans and conservatives for our beliefs – economic, social and otherwise. She even recently attacked Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS) for his efforts at running Kansas as an economic conservative (mostly).   Remember when you used your very first state-of-the-state Read more […]