Conservative Icon Mark Levin Destroys Fox News for their Attacks on Trump and Cruz!

Conservative radio icon Mark Levin has been on a tear of late. Like many of us, he has watched establishment forces work to undermine both the outsiders in the GOP presidential campaign as well as the conservatives, and you can tell that “the Great One” has grown tired of it all. In a recent show Levin spent a little time excoriating Charles Krauthammer, Brit Hume and Fox News for their efforts at destroying the character and the campaigns of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and billionaire businessman Read more […]

Ted Cruz and Mark Levin Destroy President Obama’s Response on the Paris Attacks and on “un-American” Republicans

Senator and presidential candidate, Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined “the Great One” Mark Levin on his radio talk show earlier this week to discuss the wave of Muslim refugees that threaten to swamp the Western world. Cruz and Levin both point out that the rhetoric coming out of the Obama administration stands in stark contrast to what the intelligence community and homeland security are telling us. Cruz also mocks the President for daring to attack Republicans for wanting to protect the nation. Read more […]

Ted Cruz Slams Obama for Turning our World into “Lord of the Flies”

Presidential candidate and Senator, Ted Cruz (R-TX) was a guest on popular conservative radio host Mark Levin’s show this past week when he used a brilliant analogy to describe the world that President Obama has helped to craft. “America has retreated from the world. Every bad actor on earth has taken the measure of President Obama and determined that he is no credible threat whatsoever. For the next sixteen months, we are in a Hobbesian state of nature, it is like Lord of the Flies, where the Read more […]

Playing Down Carly Fiorina’s Debate Performance

I want to assure everyone that I am not a part of the “establishment” media. See, yesterday I published a post at Eagle Rising giving my opinion of what happened during Wednesday nights’ GOP debate. My take was that Carly Fiorina was the clear victor in the debate, a stance which is now being pooh-poohed by several candidates and some conservative pundits. For example, one of my favorite radio hosts, “the Great One,” Mark Levin now argues that Fiorina has clearly become a darling of Read more […]

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Rally to Stop the Iran Deal

In Washington, D.C. on Wednesday hundreds of people gathered to protest against the Iran Nuclear Deal. Over several hours and in sweltering heat, the crowds stood alternately, cheering and jeering — cheering for the speakers and jeering President Obama and the Democrats (and RINOs) who support the Iran Nuclear Deal. The keynote speeches of the day came from GOP Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Ted Cruz: Right now today 42 Senate Democrats have come out in support of this Read more […]

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Holding Rally to Stop the Iran Deal Today!

Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are joining forces today at 1pm in Washington, D.C. in their continued efforts to stop the horrible Iran Deal. Joining the two GOP Presidential candidates will be Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and other leaders. Tomorrow in DC: 1 PM West Front Lawn of the Capitol. Not even believable that we would do this deal with Iran.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 8, 2015 TOMORROW at 1 pm: Join @realDonaldTrump, @SarahPalinUSA, Read more […]

Mark Levin and Sean Hannity Decry Liberal Hatred of Israel

  On Wednesday Mark Levin was a guest on Fox News’ Hannity Show with Sean Hannity where both men vociferously attacked President Obama and the “clapping seal” media for their apparent anti-Semitism. Most of the day Wednesday and Thursday liberals in both politics and the media spent their time grinding their teeth about the recent election in Israel. Shortly into the interview Hannity asked Levin about why the President hadn’t yet called him to congratulate him for his party’s Read more […]

“The Great One” Mark Levin Tears into Both Parties!

Mark Levin is one of the few voices that we can consistently count on to support the Constitution and defend liberty. He speaks from the heart using logic and sound reasoning and is always prepared to speak up for truth. So it was no surprise when he stood tall at CPAC and gave the crowded room, full of conservatives, a speech they could really sink their teeth into. See, we on the right aren’t just angry with liberals. We fully expect liberals to support liberal values, philosophies and practices Read more […]

Conservative says Obama “Seeks to Destroy Israel”!

Conservative radio scion Mark Levin has finally had it with Obama and he’s not pulling any punches anymore. In a recent episode of his very popular radio show Levin denounced Obama’s protectionism of Islam and all out war on Israel. He’s trying to protect the Muslim faith. Do you know why he trashes Christians over the weekend, the National Prayer Breakfast? He’s trying to protect the Muslim faith. Do you know why they censor themselves and change the language in describing the enemy? Read more […]