Relations Between Russia and Turkey getting Tense

For almost four hundred years, there has been conflicting between Turkey and Russia.  In the 18th Century, there was conflict over Crimea and the states of Georgia and Dagestan (Chechnya).  The conflict and political hedging between the two nations continued up until the end of the First World War.  The only thing that cooled the heated relations is that the Turkeys were ruled by Socialist leaning Kemal Ataturk. Over the last hundred years, the relationship has been further hampered by Turkey’s Read more […]

More Trouble With U.S. Backed Group in Syria

As with many nations in turmoil, Syria has several ethnic groups.  The largest minority is the Kurds.  And with many groups vying to have control of their own destiny, the Kurds have armed themselves against ISIS.  Much like the Kurds in Iraq, the Kurds in Northern Syria have forged for themselves an almost autonomous territory.  Unlike many of the groups in the failed Train and Equip program, the Kurds are not clashing with the Syrian Army.  But, this U.S. supported group has run into some Read more […]

The Shifting Game Plan in Syria

There is nothing wrong with recognizing when something is not or will not work.  It happens.  Plans fail to come to our desired ends.  It is a part of peace, and it is most assuredly a part of war.  So, the idea that America wasted time, resources and lives on a plan is not the issue.  The main issue is that there was never much hope that it would succeed from the beginning.  The question is whether or not there has been a significant enough shift in our game plan. Fox reports  The U.S. Read more […]

Why is the U.S. Aiding ISIS?

It sounds paranoid to say, but when we weigh all the facts, it is hard to avoid.  There seems to be a helping element to the ISIS strategy in U.S. policy making.  When we consider that the President belittled and downplayed the ISIS threat.  The lack of willingness to take any military action in the face of great gains by the Islamic State, all point to the possibility that there is an element in this administration that is pulling for the Caliphate.  Now, we have more evidence that points to Read more […]

Senate Kills Amendment To Directly Arm Anti-ISIS Force

As the Senate nears passing the annual defense policy bill, two key amendments were struck down on Tuesday. Amendments to directly arm Iraqi-Kurdish forces against the Islamic State and reform the military justice system failed to pass, reports Defense One. Sponsored by Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Joni Ernst, the amendment to arm Kurdish forces fell six votes short, amid criticisms from the White House and Iraqi government. “The Administration is not required to act, but the amendment Read more […]

150 Christians abducted as Kurd and Christian Forces Push ISIS Back

It should be no surprise that ISIS has been accused of abducting at least 150 Assyrian Christians from villages that they captured Monday. The villages are Assyrian Christian villages in the northern province of Hassakeh. After early success, the Islamic State is being pushed back by joint operations. Fox reports.  Kurdish and Christian militiamen battled Islamic State militants Wednesday in northeastern Syria, where the extremist group abducted at least 150 people from Assyrian Christian villages, Read more […]