Joe Biden says that Refusing to Accept Hundreds of Thousands of Refugees Means ISIS Wins

Joe Biden had the opportunity to give the White House’s weekly address to the nation and decided to use it to say some ridiculous things, while insinuating that anyone who wants to “pause” the intake of Muslim refugees is somehow siding with ISIS. So it’s clear. It’s clear what ISIL wants. They want to manufacture a clash between civilizations. They want frightened people to think in terms of “us versus them.” They want us to turn our backs on Muslims victimized by terrorism. Read more […]

Rubio Campaign Releases Brilliant “Back to the Future” Ad Knocking Hillary!

Marco Rubio (R-FL) campaign for president continues to brilliantly use his opponents’ words and actions against them. This time Rubio is capitalizing on the October 21, 2015 “Back to the Future” connection and reminding voters that both Joe Biden (not running) and Hillary Clinton (running) are holdovers from the past. In 1989, we went Back to the Future. Now that we’re here, It’s more like a blast from the past… The Future is Now! Yesterday is over and we’re never going back. Join Read more […]

Joe Biden says ‘No Thanks’ to Presidential Run

Vice President Joe Biden has finally made it all official and put the Democrat Party out of their misery… it’s Hillary Clinton or Bust! In what truly seemed like a speech that Biden DID NOT want to give, the VP explained that he felt the window had closed on his opportunity to mount a serious campaign. His words sounded like a calculated effort to explain that he is indeed the best Democrat option for the job of President, but that his recent personal tragedy and the realities of campaigning Read more […]

Polls: Biden On The Rise, Hillary Continues Slide

An increase of Americans are finding Joe Biden likable while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has seen her image ratings plummet since March, a new survey found. Forty-nine percent of those polled said they have a positive view of the vice president, up from 39 percent since last spring, while 37 percent gave him an unfavorable rating. Another recent poll shows more people viewed the former secretary of state in a negative light than not; 41 percent gave her a favorable rating Read more […]

Literally Everyone (in the Media) is Wondering if Joe Biden is Running for President

For whatever reason the media is far more interested in wondering if Joe Biden will get into the Democrat Presidential race than they ever were in any of President Obama or Hillary Clinton’s scandals. On Sunday it seemed that all of the major news networks spent copious amounts of time wringing their hands over a possible Biden run and the ramifications it would have for the other candidates. On ABC This Week Jon Karl said that if Biden plans on running he’s “got to get moving” soon. Then Read more […]

Vice President Joe Biden Messes things Up for the Obama Administration

  Nobody in the Obama administration has been willing to call the attack on the military men in Chattanooga last month an Islamic attack. Until Joe Biden, that is… Biden has once again thrown a big wrench into the Obama team’s talking points by saying something no one wanted him to. “These perverse ideologues, warped theocrats, they may be able to inspire a single lone wolf to commit a savage act, but they can never, never threaten who we are. When this perverted jihadist struck, Read more […]

To Run or Not to Run: Will Joe Biden Jump In?

For months Democrat activists have been begging someone, anyone, to jump into the Democrat race for President and to offer them a “viable” alternative to Hillary Clinton. Thus far they’ve gotten Bernie Sanders (a committed socialist), Martin O’Malley (a disaster of a Governor from Maryland), Jim Webb (too conservative for the Democrat base), Lincoln Chafee (no one cares); but none of these candidates are anything close to “viable.” Which is why Joe Biden’s name keeps popping up. Sure, Read more […]

Beau Biden, Son of Joe Biden, has Passed Away

Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, has passed away of brain cancer at the age of 46. The Vice President has suffered much tragedy throughout his life, and this latest tragedy is no doubt yet another crushing blow for VP Biden and his family. Beau Biden was a father of two young children and husband to a wife who loved him… our hearts break for his family and his friends. Our politics and our philosophies may often be at odds, but tragedy and pain does not discriminate, and we are Read more […]

Joe Biden Proves that Conservatives Were Right to Stand Against Loretta Lynch – says She’s “Cut from the Exact Same Cloth” as Eric Holder!

Joe Biden Proves that Conservatives Were Right to Stand Against Loretta Lynch – says She’s “Cut from the Exact Same Cloth” as Eric Holder! This is why conservatives were against her appointment in the first place, but did the RINO’s like Lindsey Graham (R-SC) listen? NO. New Attorney General Loretta Lynch was sworn in on Monday, and that’s when Vice President Joe Biden basically admitted that conservatives were right about her, all along. I have absolute confidence that Loretta Read more […]

Harry Reid Calls Republican Presidential Hopefuls “Losers”

On Wednesday Nevada Senator Harry Reid said something that all Republicans can understand. When asked about the Republican Presidential field, Reid said that he thinks “they’re all losers.” Interestingly enough, at about the same time, every Republican in America would have said the same thing of Harry Reid had they been asked. The curmudgeonly senior Senator from Nevada has long been a thorn in the side of conservatives and his penchant for saying rude, wrong and abrasive things doesn’t Read more […]

Questions so Idiotic They Can Only be Heard on MSNBC

I love the Washington Free Beacon. Not only are they a great source for news but they also have some very talented people working in their video editing department. Over the years they’ve developed some brilliant Al Sharpton, Joe Biden and President Obama supercuts videos, highlighting the idiocy of these liberal icons. Their most recent efforts may be one of my very favorite ever though, entitled “Questions So Stupid Only MSNBC Would Ask Them” this latest supercut gives great evidence as to Read more […]

Biden says of Obama Move Against Coal – “A Lot of People are Going to Get Hurt”

Remember when then candidate Obama and his choice for VP, Joe Biden, travelled coal country telling all those nice people how they weren’t going to hurt their jobs or their futures? Well, they may have misspoken. At least that’s the case if we are to believe what Joe Biden is NOW saying. “Us moving away from coal because it’s such a polluter, there’s a lot of people going to get hurt, good people who worked their whole life,” Biden told VICE, a documentary series that premiered on Read more […]

Conservative Senator Tom Cotton Thrashes Joe Biden

“Joe Biden, as Barack Obama’s own secretary of defense has said, has been wrong about nearly every major foreign policy and national security decision in the last 40 years,” — Tom Cotton on Morning Joe on MSNBC. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) went behind enemy lines on Tuesday morning to discuss foreign policy with the Joe Scarborough and a few other panelists on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The consensus from the group was that they did not like this letter that the majority of GOP Senators just Read more […]

Axelrod Details Obama’s Alleged Sodomite “Marriage” Ruse During ’08 Campaign

President Obama lied about his position on same-sex “marriage” in order to win votes in the 2008 election, his former chief campaign adviser political David Axelrod writes in a new book, “Believer: My Forty Years in Politics.” Obama supported same-sex “marriages” then, but begrudgingly took the counsel of his advisers and said publicly he opposed same-sex “marriage” for religious reasons, according to excerpts of Axelrod’s book obtained by Time. “Opposition to gay ‘marriage’ was particularly strong Read more […]