The Utterly Useless Obama Administration

Have you seen the wholly unbelievable video that is making the rounds across the Internet this week? The video shows an employee with the Department of Homeland Security being forced to sit through a House Hearing on the Refugees, even though she obviously has no clue what to say… ever. The committee had asked Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson to come and testify, but Mr. Johnson was apparently too busy to deal with Congress, so instead he sent his lackey in his place. The problem is that Read more […]

DHS Refused to Check the Social Media of Visa Applicants, and Such a Search Could have Prevented the San Bernardino Massacre

We have become a country that is bound to our devices. We have to check in wherever we go. We have to update our status or tweet a picture of where we are. It is what psychiatrist would call megalomania. This incessant need to be at the center of everyone’s attention. Always wanting everyone (even people we would not talk to in public) to know what we are doing. And we do not seem to care the consequences. Most colleges and businesses have begun to ask applicants for the password to all their Read more […]

There seems to be a Muslim Issue at Homeland Security

It has been rumored for years that Obama is a Muslim.  Many have believed that the president and some of his administration were at the very least sympathetic to the Islamist’s cause. They would point to the policies that have helped build the Islamic State. Military blunders that have wasted money and allowed ISIS to get stronger and further entrenched. And the whole time, that seemed to me to be madness. I have chalked it up as just one more conspiracy theory. But, there are signs that these conspiracy Read more […]

Immigrants Released by ICE Commits 121 Murders this Year

Our federal government wishes to be intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. They think they know best when it comes to health-care, insurance, and our earnings. The government has no problem with incarcerating thousands for petty crimes, but the immigrant cannot be held but for six months. As we reported, ICE is regularly releasing dangerous criminals. Now we have found out how dangerous. The Washington times reports More than 100 immigrants the Obama administration released back into Read more […]

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: Do not Have Situational Awareness at Border

Everyone has an opinion concerning the border with Mexico. It does not take much to get people to tell you what they would do and how they would fix the situation. But, there is a problem when the person tapped to fix the border situation, cannot even give you an accurate accounting of the situation as it stands. If the man in charge of protecting our border from illegal entry into the U.S. does not have the answers, how confident can we be that things are getting better? The Washington Times Read more […]

Congressman says the GOP must Stop the Lawless President Obama

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is becoming very popular with the grassroots of the GOP for his willingness to say the hard things that others in the establishment work to avoid. In his most recent newsletter to his supporters, the Congressman reminds us all that the President has no power to change our laws! Dear Friend– The President cannot change the law.  This is a central principle of our constitutional system.  When President Obama announced he was taking “executive action” regarding Read more […]

Homeland Security Head Asked if Four Alleged Islamic Terrorists were Deported: “Uh, No”

Since my friend CJ Roberson wrote about her ex-husband, an Iranian who came into the United States illegally, engaged in falsification of documents to make it appear he was legal and continues to reside in the US and work for defense contractors without being deported, I’m honestly not surprised by what is taking place with illegal aliens, including Islamic terrorists. However, I am outraged. In a hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) engaged Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson concerning Read more […]