Donald Trump says “Ted Cruz is Worse than Hillary” Clinton!

This is a surprising turn of events. Just two or three months ago Donald Trump was praising Ted Cruz and calling him the best that the GOP had to offer, now Trump is arguing that Cruz is terrible. In fact, Trump argues that Cruz isn’t just bad… he’s even “worse than Hillary”! It’s an amazing line of attack and one that doesn’t seem likely to stick… They own him, and what he did was wrong, because he didn’t want you to know that he’s borrowing money with banks, he’s personally guaranteeing Read more […]

MSNBC Liberals Mock the Democrat Party on their Debate Mess!

The folks on MSNBC’s Morning Joe seemed absolutely gleeful as they mocked the Democrat National Committee as their (primarily Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz) decision to limit the number of debates among the Democrat candidates continued to backfire. With Hillary Clinton’s campaign continuing to falter and socialist Bernie Sanders continuing to gain on her paltry lead the DNC is beginning to get nervous and has started openly discussing the idea of adding debates to the schedule! “The DNC Read more […]

Left Using Flint Water Crisis as a Political Club

There is a clear indication that Clinton has not slowed her thug mob tactics, even in the face of possible indictment. She and several other liberal politicians have sought to make the suffering of Flint Michigan a political issue. They do this completely ignoring the facts. Their call is very much a reversal of the way in which they have view the countries crisis in the past. Fox reports Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the latest to go after Snyder. During Sunday Read more […]

SOTU: Obama Bemoans the Plight of the Muslim in America

It is blatantly obvious that Obama has been pulling for the Muslim immigrant. He wants to see as many as possible come and prosper in this country. Now, I am not in any way suggesting that he or any of us should be pulling against them, or seeking to hinder their success once they are here. Rather, I wish to see Obama be honest about the Muslim and his situation here in America. Rather than call out the Muslim community for their silence in the face of horrible terror attacks here and abroad, Read more […]

Ethics Complaint Says Big Clinton Donors Got State Dept Access

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton violated federal ethics statutes by giving “preferential treatment” to wealthy political campaign donors and financial supporters of the Clinton Foundation, according to a formal complaint filed Friday by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust. The non-profit government watchdog group filed the complaint with the Office of Government Ethics, asking it to conduct a “full investigation” into Clinton’s “apparent breach of ethics rules.” Read more […]

Will Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Lies Finally Catch Up to Her?

In just over a week, a new movie, based on the events from September 11, 2012 will be releasing in theaters across the country, and it will spark new debate over what Hillary Clinton knew about the attack on Benghazi and when she knew it. Simultaneously, the House Hearings on Benghazi are turning up new (and controversial) evidence about what was going on in the Obama administration during this time. These two factors, plus the recent comments form Hillary Clinton implying that the families of the Read more […]

Cyber Expert Testifies: Clinton’s Server Exposed Classified Material

Home-brew servers located at personal residences holding sensitive or classified information – like that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – are extremely vulnerable to hackers, a cyber expert told two congressional subcommittees Friday. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith asked Telos Corporation CEO and Chairman John Wood if private servers and email accounts identical to those used by the Democratic presidential frontrunner create a security Read more […]

Hillary Ordered Staffers to Break Law with Classified Documents

This long drawn out process of checking Hillary’s emails continues. It seems to be the most divisive of topics. Those on the Left herald her as a hero and those on the Right as a crook. I have reported that at the very least she has been guilty of bad judgement and that most likely she has broken the law. And now it seems that there is a smoking gun to prove this is the case. Breitbart reports The latest Hillary Clinton document dump occurred in the wee hours of Friday morning, and contains what Read more […]

Donald Trump Argues that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Created ISIS

On this, we can find some agreement with Donald Trump. During a recent campaign speech in Biloxi, Mississippi, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump argued that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were to blame for the rise of ISIS. “You see out there, it just happened today. In Tehran they’re burning down the Saudi embassy. What that is, is Iran wants to take over Saudi Arabia, they always have, the oil, they always wanted it… There is no country, they have a bunch of dishonest people [referring Read more […]

Donald Trump says the Democrat Debate was Boring and Bernie Let Hillary “Off the Hook”

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday morning to talk about his initial reaction the Tuesday night’s Democrat debate. Let’s just say that Trump was less than impressed with the Democrat field and he thought that Hillary Clinton did enough to hold on to her lead over the rest of the Democrat field. “I think she did what she had to do, frankly. And I was surprised that the other potential candidates, a couple of those shouldn’t have been up there, Read more […]

Donald Trump Hammers Hillary Clinton – Notices Something Missing from Her Recent Speech

Wanna’ know what’s nice? 6 minutes of Donald Trump lambasting Hillary Clinton and her campaign for the White House. It’s so much fun. Even for those of us who don’t support Trump’s campaign for the presidency, it sure is nice to watch him beat the ever-loving stuffing out of the Clinton team. Watch and enjoy. Hillary is a disaster. Hillary is controlled by her money. So is Jeb, by the way. I’m the only one self-funding my campaign… She’s always so theatrical. Trump said this Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Finally Comes Out And Says It: ISIS Is Committing Genocide Against Christians

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came out Tuesday and proclaimed that the systemic attacks against Christians by the Islamic State constitute genocide. Clinton’s off the cuff remarks distances her from the Obama administration, which infamously has refused to classify the brutal attacks as genocide, The Washington Post reports. Such a classification could place legal obligations on the White House to take action to prevent the genocide. While in New Hampshire at a town hall Read more […]

American Insanity: Hillary Clinton Most Admired Woman in America

I don’t know which is worse — the fact that Hillary Clinton is apparently the most admired woman in America, or the fact that she has made this list of admired folks 24 Different Times! I guess they can be equally upsetting… In early December Gallup asked some 800+ Americans, “What [woman/man] that you have heard or read about, living today in any part of the world, do you admire most? And who is your second choice?” Some 13% of those who responded said that Hillary Clinton was Read more […]

Democratic Candidates Turn on Obama over Deportations

In a race to see who could give away more to people who have not earned their way, we should not be surprised at this reaction. The three primary candidates for the DNC nomination have shown themselves to be more than willing to hand out our money. It has reached a point of madness in the debates. They sound like divorced parents seeking to buy the affection of their children. So that they are upset Obama is finally going to follow the law is hardly a shock. The Washington Post reported The Department Read more […]