Ted Cruz Blasts ‘Cynical” Democrats for Badmouthing Legal Immigrants!

Senator Ted Cruz has become one of my favorite politicians to watch. He has proven himself unafraid of the limelight and uncowed by the pressures of the liberal media. Cruz has chosen to take stands on spending, immigration, taxes, healthcare, liberty and the war on terror, and he does not waver, even when the squishes in his own party urges him to do so. Cruz has humbly accepted the mantle of Enemy #1 for both the liberal left and the GOP establishment, and he has crusaded for conservative principles Read more […]

Senator Ben Sasse Calls His First Year in the Senate ‘the Least Productive Year of My Life’

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) is a conservative from the Cornhusker state and he wants everyone to know just how dysfunctional Congress really is. Sasse appeared as a guest on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss what is going on in Congress and how we might see things improve, but things got really interesting when Sasse tried to explain to the show’s hosts just how messed up Congress really is. Joe Scarborough: So — it’s had to be frustrating for you over the past year not speaking on the floor at Read more […]

Rand Paul says Donald Trump is a “Fake Conservative” and “Has an Authoritarian Concept of Government”

GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul made an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity show to discuss his Presidential aspirations and the current state of the race. During the discussion host Sean Hannity asked Senator Paul about his confrontation with Donald Trump during the first GOP debate and what he thought of Trump’s amazing rise in the polls. Senator Paul responded by telling the story of Vera Coking, a woman who didn’t want to sell her home to Trump, so he tried to take it using the force Read more […]

Liberal Lie – Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Hurt Women

“Here we are once again, faced with another Republican attempt to limit women’s access to health care… The Republican Party has lost its moral compass.” — Harry Reid Harry Reid is a member of the Party that has for 40+ years supported the wholesale slaughter of the most innocent among us and he himself has been a strong advocate of abortion for years… but it’s the Republicans who are trying to stop the murder of children that have lost their moral compass? Ridiculous. Senator Joni Read more […]

Democrats Looking for New Ways to Blame Republicans for Problems Democrats Created!

It seems like the Democrats are up to their dirty little tricks again. The liberals in Congress haven’t had many successes to crow about in recent days, what with GOP domination of both Houses of Congress, so it seems that they’ve turned to more underhanded measures in an effort to get some positive (or negative for Republicans) press. In a just released report from Politico, the mood on the budget is growing pessimistic on Capitol Hill as Democrats continue to stand in the way of getting Read more […]

Harry Reid Admits the Democrat Party has No Good Presidential Contenders

The corrupt and decrepit leader of the Democrat Party in the Senate, Harry Reid (D-NV), is on his last legs in politics (hold down the cheering folks), and that’s a good thing for America. But until he finally does walk away from Washington for good, we’ll have to deal with his interviews with the media where he does his level best to spin the prevailing story into good news for the Democrats. For example, back in 2008, he tired to argue that having a viciously contentious primary between Barack Read more […]

Harry Reid is an “Absolutely Poisonous Figure” and a “Disaster for the Country”

As we get closer to the official date of Harry Reid’s retirement, it seems that more and more people are opening up about just how despicable the man really is. (And folks, he is really despicable.) While many Congressional leaders are lauded with parties, parades and long speeches filled with praise – it is very likely that when Reid finally leaves the hallowed halls in DC it will be dead silent, because no one will have remained behind to say goodbye. Fox News personality and former White Read more […]

Harry Reid Calls Republican Presidential Hopefuls “Losers”

On Wednesday Nevada Senator Harry Reid said something that all Republicans can understand. When asked about the Republican Presidential field, Reid said that he thinks “they’re all losers.” Interestingly enough, at about the same time, every Republican in America would have said the same thing of Harry Reid had they been asked. The curmudgeonly senior Senator from Nevada has long been a thorn in the side of conservatives and his penchant for saying rude, wrong and abrasive things doesn’t Read more […]

Reporter says Article Against Harry Reid was Killed for Political Reasons!

This gives a whole new definition to the idea of bias in the media, doesn’t it? Jon Ralston is a well-known and respected news man. On Wednesday he finally published an article that had been more than two years in waiting. It was a piece about Senator Harry (D-NV) that Ralston had written two years earlier, after Reid stood up and told bold-faced lies about Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Here’s what Ralston said about the article before posting it: Now that CNN’s Dana Read more […]

In One Short Interview Harry Reid Proves He is a Perfect Example of Everything that is Wrong with Washington Politics

Sometimes when a long-serving politician retires people on both sides of the aisle line up to sing their praise and wish them a fond farewell. I really hope that doesn’t happen for Harry Reid (D-NV). Harry Reid is a grotesque and contemptible individual, who is actually a prime example of everything that is wrong with Washington politics. He is a man who has put himself and his party before his constituents or his country. He is a man who has lied, cheated and slandered – all in an effort to Read more […]

The Funniest Harry Reid Bit You’ll Ever See

I’m not sure if you saw this a few years ago but it was from the minds of the very funny folks at Right Change. I thought it would be a nice way for us all to remember the very terrible legacy of Harry Reid, as well as a way to give thanks that his employment will soon be coming to an end. Watch Harry Reid’s Office … Episode One: Blunder Miffed   Harry Reid's Office – Blunder Miffed from RightChange on Vimeo.   Episode 2: Blunder Miffed Again   Read more […]

Harry Reid is Retiring and One Conservative Couldn’t Be Happier

Oh boy. Charles Krauthammer of Fox News held nothing back in his recent analysis of the news that Democrat Harry Reid (D-NV) would be retiring from the Senate soon. The revered conservative pundit was brought on the air this past Friday to comment on Reid’s announcement that he would be retiring, and apparently Krauthammer had a few things he really wanted to get off his chest. The proverbial dam broke and a flood of negativity flowed from the brilliant conservative’s mouth. Reid’s lackluster Read more […]

Woo-Hoo! Harry Reid is Retiring!!!

It is a beautiful day in America. Harry Reid (D-NV) has announced that he will not be seeking reelection in 2016, which means that Harry Reid will soon be out of Congress and American politics… forever. Woo-Hooo! Here’s the basic gist of what he said… I won’t be running again for re-election. My life’s work has been to make Nevada and our nation better. I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve done my best. Thank you for giving me that wonderful opportunity.   Read more […]

The Republicans Fail to Stop Tyranny once Again, Are They Even Trying?

Over and over, we have seen the same results. Every time this president has been faced with a fight with Republicans in Congress, he wins. He does this simply by being able to stand his ground and winning the P.R. game. It also has to do with the way the Democrats decide policy. It matters little to them what the law is or what the Constitution says; they seek to use felt needs to remake this country. Now, once again, the Republican leadership has been unable to stick to their guns. Fox reports: After Read more […]