Obama To Drop Gun Control Executive Order THIS WEEK

President Barack Obama is expected to unilaterally implement new gun control measures this week after months of deliberation over the legal and political implications of the move. The proposed executive order would reportedly require anyone who sells more than 50 guns a year to obtain a federal license and conduct background checks on potential buyers. Obama’s aides came up with the idea after Congress rejected legislation to similarly expand background checks to private sellers in 2013. Obama Read more […]

Executive Orders on Gun Laws Coming in the New Year

We must not begin to think that the Left cares one bit about the people killed in the gun violence this year. I know that we hear a lot from them on the topic, but this is no more than an attempt to use these tragedies as a means to accomplish the things that they want to get done. They wish to, as many European countries have done, relieve the citizenry of their firearms. And now, the Administration is once again seeking to do what they want by speaking law into existence. CNN Reports President Read more […]

Stabbing at California University Should Prove 2nd Amendment Argument

It is strange how people repeatedly miss the truth. Just as life proves over and over that God’s word is not wrong, we see that the people who have murder in their heart care little for the instrument. If you are planning to kill people, you do not break off plans because you cannot get a gun. And, so it is again in California. Fox reports A suspect stabbed four people on a university campus in central California Wednesday morning before police shot and killed him, authorities said Wednesday. Two Read more […]

Armed Robber Killed by Licensed Gun Owner in Chicago

There has been much made about the right to own and carry a gun. And as things seem to be getting worse for law-abiding citizens the more restrictions are placed on gun ownership, there seems to be more evidence that gun restrictions do not stop criminals. Now, there has been a rash of incidence where gun-owners have stopped crimes from happening. The latest occurred in Chicago. Fox reports A masked man, later identified as 55-year-old Reginald Gildersleeve, walked into the store and currency exchange Read more […]

Rogen Calls out Carson on Holocaust and Gun Control

I have never been one to take the comments or opinions of Hollywood actors to mean much.  I mean, after all, they are people pretending to be other people for money.  They have very little if any connection to real people or life in general.  But, it is especially hard when the opinion is one of such very classless fool as Seth Rogen.  He has to resort to crudité to gain laughs, so when he attacks Presidential Candidate Dr. Carson for his comments on guns and the Holocaust you would think that Read more […]

Executive Order on Stricter Gun Laws Soon to Come

When Obama was unable to get immigration laws passed through Congress, he simply spoke new laws into existence.  While that is tied up in court, he has basically commanded the DHS to stop arresting and deporting illegals.  Now, with the upcoming campaign for president just months away, there is talk of new executive orders. Fox reports Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday proposed tighter gun-control measures, including expanded background checks, and suggested that Read more […]

Another Shooting Will Most Likely Stir Up Another Round of Gun Ban Rants

Many of us, if not all of us, have things that we believe passionately; things that get us going and ready to fight.  And when we see things that seem to confirm to us that these beliefs are justified, we once again begin to “preach” this to those around us.  For political figures, it is much the same.  The difference is that they know that most of what they’re saying is hyperbole.  Well, the gun control advocates once again have their opportunity to rant. Fox reports Oregon police confirm Read more […]

Mothers of Murdered Teens Suing Chicago Villages for Civil-Rights violations

When we talk about the grief associated with the loss of a child, it is a pain that I could never imagine.  It would seem almost unbearable.  So as I write this, I want to be clear that these women seeking solutions and justice is not wrong.  I would want to take some kind of action to ensure that this kind of thing did not happen again.  But is suing the city the murder weapon was purchased in ethical? The Washington Post reports In an unusual lawsuit filed July 7, Bosley and Nance-Holt Read more […]

Obama Blames Republicans for Gun Violence in his Home Town

By now there should be a clear understanding among those who pay attention.  It is an easy pattern to discern.  When policies fail, the progressive points to his opponent.  The progressive will point to bills or laws that he has pushed and claim that they were not supported.  And now that the gun violence in Chicago has reached fictional proportions, it has to be the pro-gun Republicans’ fault. The Daily Caller reported Ten people died and 52 were injured in shootings over the holiday weekend Read more […]

Liam Neeson Guilty of Hypocrisy Concerning Gun Control

We should not be shocked when we hear liberals contradict themselves. It has literally become a common occurrence. Al Gore engaging in global warming efforts while having a bigger carbon footprint than Cleveland, Ohio. Obama standing against tobacco while enjoying a smoke on the White House balcony. Insert any liberal politician or actor and their hatred of the wealthy while they are millionaires. However, it seems excessively hypocritical for a man who has made his living, “Killin’ because it Read more […]