Obama Adviser: If El Chapo Comes To US, Hardened Gitmo Detainees Should Come Too

Ben Rhodes, a top national security adviser to President Barack Obama, said Friday if a U.S. prison is good enough for El Chapo, it’s good enough for Guantanamo Bay detainees who require indefinite detention. Rhodes noted that bipartisan support exists for extraditing El Chapo, a notorious drug kingpin in Mexico, to the U.S., though that same support is absent when discussing the move of Gitmo detainees to U.S. facilities. “If our prison system is good enough for El Chapo, and good enough, Read more […]

White House Insists It’s Still Going To Close Gitmo No Matter What

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough reiterated Sunday President Barack Obama is absolutely committed to closing down Guantanamo Bay before the end of his term. Appearing on Fox News on Sunday, McDonough said Obama will soon present a closure plan to Congress, hoping for approval, The Hill reports. The arguments for closing the facility is that terrorists successfully recruit based on its existence and additionally that it is incredibly expensive. Obama has promised since the start of Read more […]

Report Shows Increase in Suspected Ex-Gitmo Detainees Rejoining Militant Activity

New statistics show 196 former Guantanamo detainees are suspected or confirmed to have returned to insurgent or terrorist activities, a report released Thursday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence confirms. The percent of those suspected in re-engaging with militants, since statistics were last released in March, rose to 12.1 percent, — a 1.4 percent increase — while the percent of confirmed recidivists remained level at 17.9 percent. Since 2009, a total of 653 detainees Read more […]

Do More Detainee Releases Equal More Enemies To Fight?

As we continue to fight this largely unprecedented war with Muslim terrorists, we continue to treat the enemy as if they had political ambitions. We have seen that they are like no other enemy we have faced. The Islamists do not want just to gain political power. They do not want to make us meet some agenda. The failure of our foreign policy and especially in the Middle East is our lack of comprehension of our enemy. We are not fighting people that will be beaten back or give in because of the Read more […]

Reward For Former Gitmo Detainee

We all know what it feels like. We have all been through the feeling of missing out on something. We could have had it for half the price three days ago. Now when we need it the most, the price goes up. What if you were told that you could have had it for free? What if you had it, but then gave it away only to discover you needed it after all? Well, that’s how the State Department must feel about Ibrahim al-Rubaysh. Ibrahim is an Al Qaeda leader they released from Gitmo in 2006. He was Read more […]

Without Law, We are left with Racist Lynch Mobs marching in the Streets

Did you bury a teenage girl alive after shooting her? Are you on death row after a string of crimes too gruesome to describe? Or you just a member of Al Qaeda dedicated to destroying America?If so, progressives will fight for you. Just dial 1-800-IAM-VICTIM and the left waiting to take your call will insist on your presumption of innocence. Its activists, reporters and lawyers will exploit every pretext to get you off the hook and they will call that justice.The judicial process, they will say, matters Read more […]