‘RUN THEM OVER’ Read The Black Lives Matter Post That Landed A Minnesota Cop In Big Trouble

A Minnesota cop has been put on leave after allegedly writing a Facebook post that infuriated Black Lives Matter advocates and appalled local officials. Black Lives Matter activists blocked traffic Monday with one of their protests. In response, St. Paul Police Sgt. Jeffrey Roth allegedly wrote on Facebook that locals should run over the “idiots” and that they would probably get away with it, Fox9 reports. “Run them over,” the post reads. “Keep traffic flowing and don’t slow Read more […]

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shout Clinton Down

Hillary Clinton was temporarily drowned out by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters Friday as she was giving a speech calling for criminal justice system reforms to end racial profiling. Clinton was speaking to a rally of more than 2,000 people in Georgia when just under a dozen protesters yelled and sang “Black lives matter!” for close to 15 minutes, until the Democratic front-runner became almost inaudible. “Yes, black lives do matter,” Clinton said in an apparent attempt to appease Read more […]

Lt. Col. Allen West on Black Lives Matter: “All Lives Matter”

There are a few very good resons why conservatives LOVE Lt. Col. (and former Congressman) Allen West. He has always stood for us, even when it could hurt him, and he has always chosen to do what is right over what was easy. He is a man of honor and respect who has had to deal with undeserved attacks on his character from the liberal ad hominem machine, but he’s never lowered himself to their level. Recently West was asked about a question that came up during the first Democrat presidential debate Read more […]

Wesleyan University Students Demand Anti Liberal Opinion Censored

When Afghan Veteran sophomore Bryan Stascavage wrote his article against the movement Black Lives Matters in the school newspaper, he never dreamt he was about to unleash the storm that was about to come.  We know that there is an air of intolerance against those who do not agree with the Leftist movement.  We all have a right to free speech unless that speech says something that people do not want to hear.  But, the response from his fellow students was shocking. Fox reports The opinion piece Read more […]

Police Union Boycotts Obama’s Speech

When you are seeking to destroy all the institutions of a nation, you are bound to burn a bridge or two.  There is no way around angering someone that supported your rise to power.  When your stated goal is to fundamentally change America, those who safe guard America necessarily will be in your crosshairs.  And there are some police that have taken notice of the president’s callous attitude toward the recent police deaths in America. The Breitbart reports The New England Police Benevolent Read more […]

Three DC Teens Brutally Beat Another Teen ON TOP OF A FIRETRUCK

Firefighters in Washington, D.C were forced to call police for back-up Thursday after three boys started beating another boy on top of their firetruck. The firetruck was stopped at a stoplight when the boy, being chased by the three attackers, ran toward it, WUSA reports. The boy, apparently seeking help from the firefighters, climbed on top of the truck. The three attackers followed the other boy on top of the truck and started beating him with what appears to be a piece of wood. When Read more […]

Oh Boy. Donald Trump Mocks Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter!

This is why Trump continues to roll on despite his many electoral problems. He’s constantly stepping into new mistakes, saying the wrong things or even showing his liberal colors… but still he leads the GOP polls. His latest speech in Michigan is a little view into how he’s doing it… Donald Trump picked a fight with the Black Lives Matter racial-justice movement on Tuesday – telling reporters that Senator Bernie Sanders was ‘weak’ for allowing activists from the group to hijack an event Read more […]