Student Persecuted for not giving Humanist Answers

When we send our children off to secular colleges and university, we should expect some measure of attack on their faith.  Not every one of their fellow students will share their faith nor will they live as Christians.  In addition to this, there is or should be an expectation that their professors are not Christian.  This does not necessarily mean that they will be antithetical to the faith.  But, there should be at the very least an understanding that the professor will not teach from a purely Christian perspective.  But nothing could prepare one student for what she encountered.

Christian News reports

A Christian student in Florida has obtained legal assistance after her humanities professor gave her four zeroes for refusing to conform to assignments that she believed to be anti-Christian indoctrination.

I know you might be thinking that this was a student just overwhelmed.  She just was not able to cut the mustard in a new environment.  But Grace Lewis seems to be anything but a struggling student.  Her grade point average is 3.9, and she is a 16-year-old dual student attending high school and college courses.  Besides, even a bad student would have received some grade.  The work was not lacking, or not turned in; the work was not what the professor wanted.  He wanted to turn Lewis and all Christian students from their faith.  He actually said as much.

Christian News further reports

“[T]he questions assigned are not open-minded questions,” one of the assignments explained. “They instead are designed to lead course participants decisively to accept that Christianity is false and oppressive of women.”

But because his teaching and the works given to read did not accomplish this goal with Lewis, he gave her zeros on her papers.  But she did not immediately turn to legal action, she sought to discuss the matter with her Professor, L.J. Russum.

But he told her

“This course in no way is a challenge to anyone religious ‘faith’ because it never addresses religion from the standpoint of faith, only from philosophical/political/historical perspectives,” Rossum responded. “What you hold as a faith system is your personal belief about the gods and goddesses.”

“When you write from a faith position your writing is contrary to the BCI (Basic Course Information Catalog),” he continued. “The BCI is what I am obligated to grade you on. Your answers make it impossible for me to grade when you refuse to follow the course objectives.”

Now the problem with Russum’s thinking is apparent, if Lewis is not allowed to reason from her faith position, neither is he.  This leaves us with no place to stand and nothing on which we can believe.  The problem is that academia calls Russum’s faith free thinking and Lewis’s is close minded.

The school informed her and her lawyers of their position

“The overall fallacy of your position rests singly on the premise that an instructor should not require a student to consider, discuss or present arguments that are contrary to his/her personal beliefs,” a response to Liberty Counsel from the law firm, Boswell and Dunlap of Bartow reads. “Such a position shows apparent ignorance of long-standing academic practice.”

So according to Polk State, making students lie is a “long-standing academic practice.”  We have to remember that this is not a science or math class.  He teaches the Humanities, and they are anything but empirically based information. This once again shows the closed minded bigotry of the so-called intelligentsia.  They conform through indoctrination, pressure, and fear.  This is why Christians should abandon their slaughter houses and set up their own centers of learning.

May God bring this brave young woman victory over those who seek to destroy her and her faith.