Seriously? Toddler Bypasses White House Security

Security at the White House has been pretty lackluster lately, but it was breached yet again Sunday when a 4-year-old managed to bypass a security fence and get on the property.

The Washington Post reported that security guards noticed the young intruder and rushed to the area with their weapons out to see what was going on.

No one was exactly sure how the child got past security, but it appeared he somehow got through a secured area by crawling under a bike rack on Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House gate. The child was later reunited with the parents and was not injured during the incident.

This is just the latest in a series of recent physical security breaches at the White House. In September of last year, a man jumped over the White House fence and pushed his way past a female Secret Service agent, making his way in to the building, before being taken down by another Secret Service agent.

In January, a drunk government spy crashed a drone into the White House lawn causing massive concern about the danger of similar drones being used to attack the White House.

In early March, two high-level Secret Service agents were arrested after they drunkenly plowed their car into security barricades at the White House after a long night of drinking and driving.

Editor’s Note: For the record, I’m not buying this as a security breach, especially in light of the fact that Obama wants to barricade himself in the White House with the aid of tax dollars. This is to push an agenda to fortify the White House against the people.