Senator John McCain says ‘No Republican should vote’ to Confirm Loretta Lynch

Senator John McCain surprised a few people on Friday when he chose to play hardball with the Obama administration and congressional Democrats. McCain usually takes pleasure in being known as a “Maverick” (which is just shorthand for voting with the Democrats), but this time he’s standing tall against Obama’s nominee for the next Attorney General.

Why is he choosing now to kick  against the reins? It may have to do with Dick Durbin’s offensive attack on Republicans this past week when he claimed that their reticence to confirm Loretta Lynch was akin to forcing her to sit on the back of the bus. McCain was not happy then and that anger may be carrying over to his decision to demand that all Republicans vote against Lynch.

That’s Loretta Lynch. Loretta Lynch has said that the President’s unconstitutional executive orders are “reasonable.” Then if that is the case, no Republican should vote for her confirmation, because she is going to implement what the President himself said 22 times would be unconstitutional actions. And by the way, I also believe that Mitch McConnell is right that we should not even bring it up until we get this human trafficking bill disposed of. Children are being mistreated in the worst possible ways while we dither over a provision in the bill which was long ago settled.