Senate Fails to Replace Illegal NSA Phone Record-Keeping

For years the American people used their phones thinking that their privacy was secure.  Then came the news that they were being recorded.  They were monitored by their own government.  Who they called, how long they spoke and how often, all recorded and stored.  All this snooping without probable cause or proper vetting by judges.  And as I reported, these actions were judged to be illegal by a New York Appeals Court.  Now our representatives are seeking to replace this illegal operation with one that will pass Constitutional scrutiny.  But this is proving difficult as certain people find our liberty more important than our security.

The Washington Post reports

Senators left Capitol Hill early Saturday morning without taking action to extend or replace a controversial surveillance program set to expire at month’s end, paralyzed by a debate over the proper balance between civil liberties and national security.

The House has passed a bill that would replace the authority that the NSA portended gave them the right to monitor all Americans phone usage.  The problem is that this bill, The USA Freedom Act is basically a blank check to the NSA.  They will not have access to the phone records as they are being recorded, but will still have a quick and un-monitored access in certain circumstances.  This is still unwarranted access.

The rejection of the compromise legislation was the latest turn in a complex standoff over government surveillance authority that has pitted Democrats, House Republican leaders, Senate Republican leaders and Paul, a presidential candidate, against one another as members of Congress eyed a week-long holiday break.

Paul’s libertarian roots began to show, and he has stood strong on this point.  The question is how long can he maintain this position?  Many in the Republican party express a great need for such legislation.

“At a moment of elevated threat, it would be a mistake to take from our intelligence community any of the valuable tools needed to build a complete picture of terrorist networks and their plans,” McConnell said. “The intelligence community needs these tools to protect Americans.”

The choice that these fascists would have us make is between our liberty and our safety.  They use our fear to leverage from us our rights and freedoms.  It is this kind of thinking that has and continues to enslave people.  We must ask the question, when has this work to save us.  But even if they had a time when they could point to the thwarting of a terror attack, would it still be worth your freedom?

And when people who have a backbone stand up for our freedoms, then the old guard seeks to throw suspicion on them.

“There’s a new breed in the Senate, and we have seen the manifestation of it,” McCain said.” One or two or three are willing to stand up against the will of the majority. Some time ago, the Senate people would sit down and try to work things out. And obviously these individuals don’t believe in that. But I’m sure it’s a great revenue raiser.”

If this is not a reason to demand that this bill is stopped, then you might be a liberal.  That McCain, the chief RINO himself is throwing mud at Paul means that Paul is on the right side.  The big government cronies are the “people” McCain is speaking of, as they would sit and work out how they were going to divide the spoils as they sliced up the Constitution.

I am not a Rand Paul disciple, but I pray he wins this fight.  It is a fight for freedom and justice.  Even if he is fighting it for publicity, at least he’s fighting.