Scott Walker Tears His “Friend” Jeb Bush Apart!

Governor Scott Walker was in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday when he sat down with the Tampa Bay Times to talk politics. Of course, being a Florida paper, the Times focused on Florida’s favorite sons – Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. While Walker is competing against both men, it was easy to see that he preferred Rubio to Jeb.

While attempting to distinguish himself from Rubio, Walker could not point to any specific policy ideas that separated the two men. Instead he chose to say that his experiences as Governor make him a more prepared candidate for President and that, basically, Rubio still has some learning to do.

But When it came to Jeb Bush… Walker pulled no punches.

When asked about Jeb Bush’s fundraising, Walker threw out this painful zinger.

“Yeah, he’ll have by far the biggest report. There’s a lot of people who are loyal to that family because of an ambassadorship or an appointment or something like that, so those people are going to show up big on his first report. What we’re hoping going forward are not donors of obligation but donors of passion, people who are passionate about the reforms we bring to the table.”

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. That one hurt. In fact, it might still be hurting tomorrow!

On Jeb Bush having the support of the GOP establishment, Walker softened his tone, but still made sure that everyone knew Jeb is the past and Walker is the future.

“We had Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney. If it’s just whoever’s next up, that hasn’t worked so well for the Republican party in the past. … Jeb’s a good man. You’re not going to hear me speak ill will of Jeb. He’s a friend of mine, He called me two days before (announcing) his PAC, I think highly of him. I just think voters are going to look at this and say, ‘If we’re running against Hillary Clinton, we’ll need a name from the future – not a name from the past –  to win.’ “

Walker may consider Jeb Bush a friend… but that short interview with the Tampa Bay Times had some very unfriendly highlights. It’s obvious that Walker isn’t going to be pulling any punches for his fellow GOP candidates. Now the question is, will this fierce attack find its mark and deal Bush some damage?