Saturday Night Live Reminds America How Bad the Clintons Really Are

This past week’s episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL) spoofed the upcoming Hillary Clinton Presidential announcement, but may have accidentally been more accurate than they meant to be. In a funny, if overly obsequious skit, the folks at SNL reminded America about the best of the worst of the Clinton family. One scene shows the famous Clinton family feeling of entitlement when Hillary demands that America elect her as our leader. Another scene shows Bill Clinton admit that if cell phone cameras existed during his tenure, he’d likely be in prison. But the most insightful moment comes at the end when SNL seems to imply that a Clinton return to the White House is somehow a return to an era of good feelings. Sadly, the truth of the skit is that returning the Clinton’s to the White House would actually mean a return to the worst of what America has become – corruption, immorality, and excess.