Satanic Snake Does Not Force Removal Of Nativity

It is a dark day in a society when there are those so brazen in their hatred of good that they would send a statue of a snake to a state house for display. But a snake was what the Satanic Temple sent to Lansing Michigan. They did this in response to the announcement of the plans to display a nativity scene on the capital lawn.
Then there was the fear that the nativity scene would not be displayed. The reason was the regulation that every display on the capital lawn must be taken down each night before eleven. This would be impossible for the out of state group who was sponsoring the scene.
This would mean the ugly and anti-Christian display would be the only one seen this year. It looked as though those opposed to Christmas and any reminder of God or Christ was bound to win this round of, “If you can we will too, just to make you mad!” But the nativity scene was spared from cancelation.
State Sen. Rick Jones volunteered to remove and set up the nativity scene each day. This would mean that the scene would be allowed to remain. Though it would have to share space with the ugly red snake twisted around garland and displaying a sign that proclaims, “The greatest gift of all, knowledge.”
It almost feels as if the church could sue for plagiarism if not for pure stupidity. But the big victory is the fact that the good Senator can see through the snake and the ploy behind its display.
You see, the Satanic Temple is not people who worship the Devil, but rather are a bunch of people who have banded together to keep religious symbols off display in public places. Their point was not the display of the snake, but to make it too costly and ugly to keep the nativity scene.
Fox quoted one of the members of the Satanic Temple as saying. “Where there is obstinate refusal to keep religious iconography off of public spaces, the least we can do is ensure that the Government is remaining neutral, respecting a diversity of religious views, with preference for, and exclusion of, none,”
The problem with this idea, if that is truly what he wants, is that there is no place of neutrality on which to stand. Christ clearly said, you had to take a side. You are either for Him or against Him. This goes for people in government positions as well individuals. Those pretending to be neutral are against Christ.
Jones knows what they are trying to do and says that people should not even worry with the statue. “I recommend you simply ignore it,” he said. “They hope for attention. In other states they have won by getting all displays banned. We will not allow them to win in Michigan. They can have their snake and all the darkness it represents.”
Bravo Mr. Jones bravo!