Rubio and Paul’s Exchange Expose Republican Troubles

And so it begins. As is usually the case in our sound bite world, there was a quick move and gab between two potential presidential candidates. Sunday, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, took shots at fellow republican Rand Paul. Rubio told ABC’s “This Week” that he was not pleased with the president’s policy shift concerning Cuba. In doing so, he got an early gab in on Paul, stating: Paul was, “The chief cheerleader of Obama’s foreign policy.” And that he was going to continue to oppose, “Obama-Paul foreign policy.
Paul shot back through an adviser Doug Stafford, who said, “With all due respect, Senator Marco Rubio was captain of the GOP cheerleading team for Obama’s arming of Syrian rebels, bombing Libya resulting in a jihadist wonderland, and illegally giving foreign aid to Egypt’s military government,” Stafford wrote in an email to on Sunday night. “The Rubio-Obama foreign policy has made the Middle East and North Africa less safe.”
We should be used to this manner of politics by now. One candidate throws the other under the bus and then gets dragged under as well. Why is that they spend all their time pointing fingers at one another? It should be simple enough to show why the Democrats do not deserve to go back into the White House.
I think the reason for the Republican bloodbath every four years is simple. They want to do a bait and switch on us. They do not want us to see that they have had their hand in the jar with the Democrats and so they point out that their opponents do.
These men are already making connections for the voters with the policy makers they supposedly oppose. The Democrats simply have sit back and watch as the Republicans show them their weaknesses.
Worse, the GOP has as many Rinos than ever. This leaves us with “weak, what’s the difference” candidates. Just like we saw in 2012. What choice did we have? A communist and a Rino. Now, to no ones surprise, there is talk of Romney 3.0. With the void of candidates to take on Hilary why not?
With all the backbiting and name calling, there is no wonder that the independents are seeking a third party choice. The Republican party is disorganized, poorly led, and divided over issues that should be easy to agree on for true conservatives.
And the understanding of a true conservative is the issue it seems. There seems to be the lack of a Reagan in our day. In fact, though these imposters want to throw his name around, they would be hard pressed to agree on many issues with Reagan. The reason is that Reagan had something that these men do not have; true convictions.
We do not need someone who opposes abortion because it will win the Christian vote, but because the candidate opposes murder. The candidate should oppose higher taxes because it is theft to tax any people excessively. We do not need someone who is politically prudent, but someone who actually is what he stands for and not a fish.
As of yet, we have not seen such a man in many years and I have never had the privilege to vote for such a man. I am afraid it is possible that I never will. I am beginning to believe that we are now void of such men in our society who have the will or the money to run for political of